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by 3Dadicto Nov 5, 2017
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Hello. Need some help with how to connect the middle gear on this project, which parts are needed for that single middle gear to stay on. I am talking about the gear that it's by itself, not the axle, not the handle gears. thank you very much. I put the blades in order, all the other gears, using the handle one for now. maybe a sugestion on the size or model on the gear motor too. thank you very much.

Love the design and idea. My eyes are not so great any chance you could or would make up some clearer or more detailed on how the blades are to be assembled? I have got all the parts printed (just need my female jack to complete items but I just can't put it together.)

Did you manually make each part in your cad software or did you use an extension/addon? I'd like to make my own version.

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Can I get the cad files?
I will like to modify it to adapt it to my bar/bearings/motor.


The hand crank is great, but if it's for a desktop, how about using a USB powered motor Swoop? I'm definitely going to have to try this - I can't stop watching it.

With 5 volts it will not work. You need 12 volts

AH! Thank you! Well, plans for world domination by USB are thwarted, but still going to try this out!

have a nice day. Are the Blades missing? I got it but it's missing. Will each one be printed?


They are all. These are the quantities:

Blade_2_1-5 (1 unit)
Blade_2_6-9 (1 unit)
Blade_2_10-13 (1 unit)
Blade_2_14-17 (1 unit)
Blade_2_18-22 (1 unit)
Blade_2_23-27 (1 unit)

Blade_1-1 (1 unit)
Blade_1-14 (1 unit)
Blade_1_2-8 (2 units)
Blade_1_9-13 (2 units)

How do you attach the blades? I got the gear box assembled but cant figure out how the blades go together.

Please do not attach montage videos. I did not understand how to place blades. Best regards.


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Beautiful design and I would really like to print/create one. I printed the gears and the base parts and I already have the other stuff like mini gear motor and the bearings, but I just can't figure out correctly how to build it.
Would it be possible to provide some kind building instructions that would make this easier?
Also I have a mini gearmotor with a flattened gearwheel, but both big gears in your design have rounded holes, so how does it turn?
Any help is much appreciated.


Hello Alex, I'm glad you build it.

I have added some photos to clarify the assembly. The gearmotor has an axis with a plane and there is an interface piece to hold the gearmotor.



Thanks for all the additional photos, makes it much more clear how to build this. I've printed all the parts and today I hope to receive the short m2 screws needed to build it so I can hopefully show a completed build this weekend.
Is it correct that it's necessary to print each of the blade_1_xx parts twice?

Blade_1-1 (1 unit)
Blade_1-14 (1 unit)
Blade_1_2-8 (2 units)
Blade_1_9-13 (2 units)

How much Filament does it take?

I'm not sure, I think more or less 0.5 kg.

Can a hand crank be added instead of hooking it up to a motor? Thinking this would make a fun gift for someones work desk if it had a manual hand crank. Thanks!

Yes, it's something I want to do later. Thanks for the idea.

very beautiful art that somehow reminds me of the 70s. i really like this but i need to order more filament to make it. great job!

any chance of getting some assembly instructions as the video is really not that helpful

I will add some photos to clarify the assembly

do i have to print every stl ones?
or is there a stl that i have to print multiple times?
i'm insecured about the shaft 6-4 stl

Is prepared to print every stl once

Comments deleted.

I think you should probably credit Jennifer Townsley, since you made a desktop version of her "Asinas" sculpture.

Other than that, this is pretty sweet.

Yes, I mention that it is based on a YouTube video. If you see the video, it is mentioned that the work is by Jennifer Townsley.

Fixed the YouTube link

I like the idea but the first YouTube link is not valid. It seems to be a internal link on your account and not a public link.

Thanks for reporting

I solve it later