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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Mjölnir Thor Hammer

by TheBrokenNerd83 Nov 4, 2017
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Do you use supports for the main hammer parts, like the two the big ones?

Combined Pomel & Handle for those with enuff Z axis.

Here's mine. Still missing the leather strap, but really happy how it turned out.

Had to split the handle in two parts due to my printer not being large enough for the entire thing.
I also added a PVC pipe inside the handle, making it a lot sturdier and I'm able to swing it around without it breaking :)

Did you use supports for the two big main hammer parts?

I need to split the handle as well, but I'm worried about the glue-up with such a small glue surface. PVC pipe sounds like a good solution, but I printed out a small test piece and the 1/2" pipe I have is way too small and the 3/4" is just a hair too big. How did you end up fitting the PVC inside the handle?

What a Beautiful model!!! I will print it very soon. But is there anyway you could add that detail on the handle tip? (see attached). Many thanks in advance for your time on that!!!

Thanks for your work on this, It's going to be a fun project, I found your youtube videos about a month ago, those are really great too, keep up the good work sir

I love this design! I reduced it to 30% of its original size, filled the hammer head with a hex pattern to give it some weight and then hollowed out the Top Disc of the hammer head so it would take a magnet. Makes for a great little fridge magnet, and is a gift for my Marvel loving son.
Lost some of the detail in the decoration plates and all of the lettering in the Top Disc at this scale, bit it still looks really good.
My original idea was to make a bottle opener in the head, but I didn't want to distort the surface of it at all. Still bouncing the idea around in my mind though, how to make a fridge magnet/bottle opener from it? Might have to try it with Captain America's Shield maybe. LOL

Great design! It should print on my CR-10 with no problem. For everyone complaining about the handle being hallow, I plan to fill it with a wooden dowl or even with fiberglass resin inside the hammerhead. It should add a real nice weight to it and make it even more solid. Hope that helps.

To increase weight, you can also put some sand. I did it for several objects I printed and works well. Will probably do the same when will print this very promising design :-)

https://youtu.be/r8QXHTEFo9k Heres mine! Thanks for the design. I had fun building it

First of all, super work thank you,
but could you please give a little more info
Infil, bottom, top, walls etc. Simplyfy3D

Love the model but would love to see the handle separated into sections of some kind. I don't mind it being hollow as you can put something in the middle. Just need it to be printable for a smaller printer

I'm remixing the handle to fit on my Anet A8. I'll comment a link after I test print it. Hopefully the next couple days.

I actually used Netfab to slice the handle in half and then printed it out in 2 sections. It came out really good on my printer. I will have little clean up work to do come fabrication time. It is not glued here, just sitting on top of the other handle. Being that it's hollow I am going to run a bit of PVC pipe through the middle and then look at adding some expanding foam into the PVC pipe to add a bit of weight.


I made one! :)

One thing, if you can edit the holes on second half that we can print 2 side wall around it.
There no room for second line, thats why surface on these corners are not smooth.

I do not want to seem like a pain but could you make the handle solid? and break it in half and add pegs so someone so someone with a smaller printer..cough (prusa) could print it out on their printer? Asking for a friend.

I agree with S SgtFig,

I made the mistake of printing most of the parts already. I have the Anycubic i3 Mega Ultrabase, I can not print the Handle, it is to long for my print bed. Can someone please email me or contact me if they have made a mod of the hand that can be printed in two parts?