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RamjetX Logitech G25/G27/G29 70mm Hub Adaptor Kit (Updated June 2019)

by RamjetX Nov 4, 2017
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Awesome work! @sve1afor wrote that is some problem with adaptation to G29. I also saw some June 2019 updates. This version of zip now available can fix that problem?


I haven't yet fixed that issue. I'd need more information about the shape I need to modify to fit that part. Most people would replace the whole button plate with a new one with the Stubby adapter and put a better fitting after market rim on the wheel base.

I can make the necessary mod to keep the G29 button plate. But there are better options out there than just the spacer plate. Ideally, if you're going to the trouble of replacing the wheel... build a good button plate to go with it too. That way you can swap out the rims easily to your liking.


first of thanks RamjetX. But what bolts and nuts are required when fitting a new wheel without the g25 shifter paddles?

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5mm bolts and nuts for the Wheel, and you can reuse the original 3 self taping screws from the original hub to attach the stubby mount.

Thank you for the reply!

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Hi, do you have the original model files still available? Trying to make a remix of this to incorporate the DIY magnetic paddle shifters.

Can I use the Thrustmaster F1 Wheel with this Adapter on my Logitech 920?


The 70mm pcd is intended for real steering wheels. The Thrustmaster could be fitted with a small change to the model. But since you'd be hacking the rim to work as a standalone rim with an Arduino anyway, it'll not look like a native fit. I can make a mount to do that if you like. But the intention was to allow people to mount osw or real wheels to the Logitech base.

Seems like it will not fit Logitech G29 wheel.

This thing in red will prevent you from fitting adapter:

I printed one and tested.

Oh really. Thanks for the heads up. I don't have that wheel and no-one else has raised it as an issue lol. I'll check it out in a store somewhere and see what I can do. If you have a few pictures that can help me see what I need to do for you, I'll whip up a fix for a G29 rim. I think most people are putting aftermarket rims on it anyway and aren't keeping the original button plate.

i just made an account to say that this is an awesome design! i was impressed with how well the "stubby" fit into the G920. Great job and thank you for making it available , cheers mate! ill post a photo when i get a solid print

Hi drift1,

Thank you for the kind comment. I used Pla at 50% infill and 4 or 5 wall perimeter. It holds up to some abuse. A mate of mine has ran it on the g27 for a year now and no problems at all.

If you make up a wheel rig. Please do send a picture. Would love to see how it comes out :)

Is this a complete set to mount a custom wheel to my g29? Or do I need to buy some other adapter to fit your adapters to be able to mount the wheel.

It's a complete kit. It has the basic puck adaptor for fitting on top of your stock shifter paddles. It has the stubby adaptor which removes the shifter paddles if your using a wheel plate with it's own shifters. It also has the quick release adaptor if you want to fit one of those as seen in the pictures too.

Is the stubby hub for removing the buttons? As in either mounting an aftermarket quick release or straight to the wheel with no buttons/paddles?

Yeah that's right. You can see how long the shafts can get with some quick release kits. Typically when modding an aftermarket wheel, people tend to put their own wheel plate and shifter kit on it. The stubby mount shortens the length and keeps it 'reasonable' without looking too long. You'll see some people have put their own wheels on but their adaptor only matches the stock hub which means your stuck with the original shifter paddles.

There isn't any reason why you can't take the electronics out of the original wheel and put it into a new wheel plate with your own shifter mechanism.

It's all standard 70mm pcd so any modded wheel plate should work fine.

I also have 2 more questions. Im going to use a 3d printing service to print this. https://www.3dhubs.com/3dprint what would you recommend pla or abs and what should the layer height be? Thanks.

hey mate which material did you end up using? the ABS or PLA?

Since your not taking the time to print it... I'd recommend 0.2mm layer height. 2mm walls/top/bottom as a minimum. Slow print speed gives best layer adhesion, and 30-50% infill for sheer strength.

I made mine out of PLA... mate has been running it for 10 months straight on his G27 for iRacing and had no issues. PLA is fine, ABS is okay too if they don't have lifting or warping of the part. PLA might be a little stiffer as ABS can flex a little.

how to print this flat?

Just rotate the model 90 degrees in your slicer.

I use Cura ... It's pretty easy to lay it flat for printing.