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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Collecting Eevee and Eevolutions (On Hold)

by 7Fish Nov 5, 2017
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I love the detail on your models! I know this has been on hold for a long time, but any chance of posting some (specifically jolteon) without the built in supports?

Just wanna say great job on these, umbreon, sylveon and glaceon printed awesome for me, love them will be doing eevee and leafeon soon. Any chance of doing espeon. Again great work very well done.

Anyone else have issues with the neck joints breaking?

What kinda paint you used?

Thought you should know... Simplify3D reports parts of the Jolteon have non-manifold segments and "self-intersecting surfaces." The joints do not print attached the to the mane although I'm not sure they wouldn't break during assembly anyway. Eh, that's what glue is for.

That's what I'm experiencing too

Comments deleted.

Any chance you could do Leafeon, Vaporeon and Sylveon to go with them ?


Can i inquire back which what will you like the Size of Syleveon and Leafeon model to be?

and i am sorry that i will not trying Vaporeon because personal preference as i think it's ugly even for pokemon.

i was were prioritize to build ball jointed model but as light practice i will consider take your suggests.

Thank you your suggests and sorry for Vaporeon!

thats ok, theres probably more vaporeon models around than any other than eevee anyway.
I've been printing your other models at 75% size to go with the previous eevee i had done.


i leave you notice that Leafeon just has been available as i test printed it at 80%. i will leave another notice when i get ready Syleveon.

Sylveon Added, Sorry as it's too late to added; Point out error if you found out it

Thank you.

Successfully printed the Umbreon, though the first try one of the ears came away from the plate (I printed them all together). Second time I slicked it with some brims, and it worked perfectly. The custom supports came away incredibly easily and didn't destroy the surfaces.

Great job!

Hey, those look awesome.
Would you make a Dragonite model sometimes ? I'd love to make one as a present for a friend of mine (but i'm very new at 3d design :p)

I know you've put this project on hold, but I would love if you could make Flareon next. :)

Flareon was unlike Eevee it's body and head was too deeply buried inside it's neck fur therefore unable to properly mod it into head turnable like rest of Eevolutions modified models i made. then make fixed posed model will be possible but i am unable to pick good pose from many of pictures. sadly :S
i will love it if you suggest pokemon with link of Picture of posed pokemon you want.

Thank you. and sorry i was could not make pokemon you want.

what type of paint did you use for the glaceon?

It was Acryli paint with brushes.

why is the glaceon tail and head things bent in the photo but not in the .stl?

also, why is only one glaceon ear provided? shouldn't they be mirrored?

Glacieon's tail and side hair was hand bended. hair thing was pretty easy to bended but bending tail was a bit hard. i was do this for some reasons 1) i like to put new poseable trick if i seem it possible. 2) said parts was too thin for print vertically especially shall not in that scale. 3) i am bad at set good pose so make them at least poseable.

if you want pre-bended tails for print then i will work on them right away.

as for ear, i was expect tham to be mirrored in slicer.

plus) i am ready to resume this eevolutions project but i can't not decide who build next time.

Thank you

Thanks for the bent tail, although i would recommend rotating the bending axis about the tail, so it doesn't just bend down, but a bit off to the side too. a suggestion to help it look more natural. I wouldn't suggest the same with the hair part B since its so thin and fragile, it would work better just to heat it up instead. i ended up printing the unbent tail with infill unknowingly, so i had to use heat to bend it anyway.

Also, is the glaceon in the picture colored with the shiny color scheme? what did you use to color it too? im thinking if i can find some colored sharpies they might work.

Glaceon in the picture was normal ones. i painted with mixture a bit of Celurean blue a lot of titanium white for main body color , then said the blue for hair and inner ear then mixture of cobalt blue and white.
taged image was ones which i find on google image's first page that i used for paint i hope it help you too

hi, i figured out why i had an issue with the color of the glaceon looking off. it turns out the generation 4 and 5 glaceons had a different color pallet than the generation 6 and newer glaceons. the body of the older ones have a hint of blue, while the newer ones are more of an off-white.

i thought the feet and tips of the tail and hair were supposed to be a gray, the hair was supposed to be a lightish blue, and i couldn't tell if the ears were supposed to be a mix because it seems to change from picture to picture.

either that or im just half colorblind.

could you make versions with your custom supports that are the entire pokemon in one piece?

i think that i will not make one piece model Unless you link me certain specific posed reference imeage.

currently i work on my own articulated dragon project. i am not sure i can give model you want.

i think he meant just take each one of these parts and put them together like the final assembly, so that each piece can still be rotated, and just consolidated into one single printed part instead of multiple ones.

what i meant was, if you could make a model that is all one peice. no assembly, just one solid eevee. if youre working on something though i understand if you cant.

i am still confused what you mean. now what i am understand is like file:Eevee_Solid that i add but is need to with my support structure?, only eevee or all pokemon treat same as one model?

i am sorry if i made irritated you for not can't understand your mean clearly.

Yes I think that the solid version is exactly what he wanted, but for all of them, not just eevee