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Lasercut micro ITX case

by NielsYeah Nov 2, 2017
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I really like your project, I have made it and have been using it for more than six months now.
I would like you to consider my proposals for the further development of the project.

  1. Add two 92 mm fans to draw hot air out of the chassis.
  2. Move the port for the power cable under the graphics card, that would be practical.

This looks interesting to say the least. I am looking to do this with 3mm acrylic since I had a bunch of it lying around. I was wondering if you used any standoffs with the motherboard installation, or did you mount it directly to the spine?

Hey Mulikuhnuri, Sounds awesome, send me a picture when it is done. I used standoffs to mount the motherboard. You can see them in some of the foto's i think. Good luck.

Will do. It might take a while, as I'm still figuring some things out and making the necessary adjustments to the file.

out of curiosity what secures the gpu in place?

is it something to do with the wholes near the psu

Hi Chris, A small piece of lasercut material is screwed to metal bracket of the GPU with two screws. The GPU hangs from that. But in my current config i have the case on its side so the GPU is just laying on its back.
Kind regards, Niels

any chance you could adjust for 6mm, if posiible that would be awesome as the only 4mm i can get wont cut very well at all

Hi Chris,

I am afraid i dont have the time to make a 6mm version. Maybe be later but I doubt it.
When I do a new pc case design in the future I'll do it in 6mm aswell.

Regards, Niels

Ok thanks for the reply and I look forward to seeing future designs

Guys, don't use the 240mm Pci Extensor, it's too short for some graphics card. I've had some problems with it. The best way to go, it's using a 300mm.

Hi Purgatory, So sorry to hear the 240mm did not work out with your setup. Did the wire management go oke with the extra 60 mm?

I'll only be able to say that after 3 monts, because i've brought from Aliexpress now, and it takes a lot of time to arrive in Brazil. When i get it, i'll say for sure. And i've made some tests and the results shows that only 30mm more would be enough.

Hi there, Niels. I noticed there are these holes in the middle sheet where the motherboard is fixed (attached image file), but they don't seem to be used for anything. They're not the smaller holes you use for screwing the motherboard, neither the cuts you use to fit the mounting sheet of the PSU. They're at the 3 corners of this middle sheet. Hope you can answer this (or anybody else here in the comments section). Thanks for the design, btw.

Hi, have added two foto's. In it you see that the boys go through these holes to the other side of the case. Good luck

Got it. Thanks again!

No problem :D

Hi Niels, can you post some photos of the screws, i'm pretty confused about it. Thanks.

Hi, I have added two pictures of the bolts.

Good luck

Amazing design bro, but isnt that gpu going to burn this thing?

The direct connection to the outside of the case makes sure the card can loose its heat.

Could you possibly upload the SVG or PDF version. Or what do you use to convert the .DXF to an .SVG?

I can't find 4mm mdf, would 3mm plywood work the same?

will probably leave some gaps that you could fill where the tabs meet.
I would love to see a fusion 360 file of this with user defined variable to change the material thickness

do you think 4mm acrylic will be strong enough for this case or will it be too brittle

Strenght should be fine but the laser cutting tolerances might be different.

Could you share AI (Illustrator) files? I've try take this files and put there but the proportion is wrong. Can you help me?

Hi Barretobob,

I'm no illustrator expert but could it be that your import settings are set to Inches instead of milimeters?
Let me know if you solved the issue otherwise i'll upload a AI file asap.

Regards, Niels

Did you get inspiration from cases like the m1? Also, love the design and will be making one soon!

How much cpu cooler and ram clearance does it have?

Hi L_1234,

About 55mm inc processor. I just a Noctua NH-L9i just to be sure.

Regards, Niels

I can't load the file, can you see if it's still intact?
i use RdWorks...Thx

Hi BastianBorchert,

I openend the file in Illustrator and it works fine. I could upload a different format if you like.

Regards, Niels

Hi CrossfireMachines,

The image is just a jpg but the board size of the file is 900 x 600mm.

Regards, Niels

Hi, any idea how to add additional 3.5 HDD inside the case?

Hi, with this design it is probably not possible because the parts are close together.
But if you change the height of the case by adding 30mm you could stack two drives on top of each other.