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Giant Lego Minifigure : Néo Iron man

by SxCo Oct 27, 2017
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Hi there - great model. Are the parts orientated for best print quality? Cheers


Most of parts have good orientation... So you must use support.

  • Helmett_bottom must be reoriented (on the top)
  • Ring_lens must be reoriented
  • Visor_guide must be reriented

Good prints! ;)

Comments deleted.

A couple of questions:
How are the hands attached to the servo in the arm? Long screw ? Or the disc from the servo mounted on the "back" of the hand, and then mounted on the servo ?
Mounting order for the servos in the arms - mount alu-bracket in arm, mount servo on body, add arm on body and then tighten the screw on the alu-backet in the arm ?
Mounting of the servo/head - mount servo "disc" in head, mount head servo, then mount head and then secure "servo disc" from the inside of the head ?


Here is a file that explains a little more attachements : https://a360.co/2KswRcB

For the hand : first, servo arm (or disc) is fixed on the hand. Servomotor is fixed inside the arm. Then, there is a little hole in the hand to screw arm+hand on the servomotor.

For the arm : first servo+alu-arm is fixed to the back of the body. Then rotate the servo arm to 80-90° to be able to screw servo alu-arm to the arm (front must be removed to do this).

For the head : first, servo disc is fixed on the head. Servomotor is fixed on the neck. Then there is a little hole in the head to screw disc+head on the servomotor.

That's all :) Regards

Really awesome - but as pointed out by another user, an assembly guide could be usefull.
I might consider creating this - but I am not quite sure about how to wire things, and get everything assembled. Pictures of the electronics, wires, motors, assembly and so on would be extremely useful.
If I decide to start printing and assembling, I can probably offer to write some sort of assembly instruction - but it will most likely require input & support by the creator of this wonderful thing :-)
Also, one of the used servos seem relatively expensive (Hitec HS5645MG) - would https://www.ebay.com/itm/323239678029 be an usable alternative (check https://servodatabase.com/servo/hitec/hs-5645mg vs https://servodatabase.com/servo/towerpro/mg996r - MG996R is a bit larger, but how much - http://klinikrobot.com/images/stories/tower%20pro%20servo%20motor%20mg996r.jpg / https://www.makerstore.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/ELEC-MG996R-1.png)? And maybe https://www.ebay.com/itm/141975884979 could be used for the PWM instead of the adafruit shield (looks like the same PWM chip, the question is whether the EEPROM on the adafruit shield is being used).
I have been looking at Github for the code - but honestly I am in doubt about what exactly is required to be loaded onto the raspberry pi to control the figure.
If the figure is created in Fusion360, having access to the F3D file would probably ease the assembly - as it would be easier to see where the different parts belong.
If interested in getting a guide created, feel free to contact me by private message.

Hi! I don't know for the servomotors : torque is similar but the formfactor is a little bit different. So you have to measure to be sure...
Be careful for the shield : you can make an Arduino version of Ironman but our python code works on RPi with Adafruit RPi shield and of course don't works on Arduino.

I was more thinking of using the arduino shield instead of the Adafruit - and just connect it using wires... Seems like a more simple solution.

Face tracking - I assume this can/is achieved by using OpenCV or similar on the Raspberry ?

How do you print and stick the stickers?
I run out of PLA but my Ironman is almost complete

Good job!

Stickers are printed with deskjet printer on vinyl paper (https://www.photopaperdirect.com/products/A4-Gloss-Vinyl-Self-Adhesive-Sticker-Paper.html). Before cutting, prints are protected from scratches by varnish spray (https://www.photopaperdirect.com/products/Inkjet-Fixative-Varnish-Spray-Glossy-400ml.html).

The result is very good !

For the head, cut stickers and place the rest of paper on the head to mark face elements like on the picture.

I don't understand how does the visor guide works.
The hole on the right side of the visor seems not aligned with helmet top.
The visor guide seems is out of scale.


Here is a picture for the guide placement. I Hope it will help you !

The small part of the guide is freely moving in that giant hole?

Yes this is the good placement. The hole on the visor is big to pass the wires from the neopixels strips of the eyes.

How much kg of plastc do you need?

Comments deleted.

Total weight is 4 Kg with hardware (electronic, servos, etc.). So you need at least 5 Kg with temp PLA supports needed

Any change I get read a build guide and see a hardware list?

Can you provide any details on the servos you are using?

Great job


Thanks a lot. it will be a bit difficult to write a documentation but I invite you to ask me any questions you want! ;)

For hardware, here is the list :

I hope it will help you!