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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Iron Man Mark III Life-size Helmet

by MIPRESIDENTE Feb 28, 2014
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How might it be possible to make this helmets faceplate open and close? Is there another similar Thing that does?

Check out these hinges, made specifcally for this helmet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2030176 Good luck. Trying looking up "Iron Man Hinges" and looking around in the images for some good reference and help.

Servo Hinge for Iron Man Helmet

Most people use their own designs in regards to that, hinges and things. You can google it (especially motorized face plate) and get some idea. I've definitely seen at least 2-3 different ways using hinges on YouTube.

what material is everybody using for the eye pieces?

What software did you use to design this?

I have been looking at printing this, and it seems that file three isn't level with the bed. I put a raft on it and it only half the ear pieces have a raft below them. I have looked at it in cura, and S3D...both with the same issue, anyone else?

Some of the remixes have the files all flattened out, I suggest trying some out. Best of luck.

Use 3D builder installed on Windows to level it with the Level tool. You can also move the pieces around individually to suit your printer's needs.

Can you print all of these parts in photo 2? the surface of contact with the table is not too small to hold the piece

Does anyone have tried to put some servos inside to make it open and close by itself (with an Arduino or a Rasp ?)

can be different the weight in fill in

Can someone help me on how to put this thing together? I haven't yet printed it, but I am soon, I just want to know how to put it together.

After long recordings and editing here is my video for how to assemble it: https://youtu.be/KvgGk3-o00g I hope you guys enjoy it !!!

I am preparing a video for how to put it together, will post it here!

Also would be interested in seeing this!

I am making the magnet connection sections for the chin! it will be out in two weeks, I will post the link here

Looking forward to it

There you go: https://youtu.be/KvgGk3-o00g I hope you like it

I am making the magnet connection sections for the chin! it will be out in two weeks, I will post the link here

I have a big head. Anyone recommend how much I should scale it by?

Is it fitted tight to your head? Or more universal to all adult head size?

file 5 is corrupted, I m stuck for days, any idea? cf pic

Everything is fine in cura

please post them as individual files. eg helmet 3 is not possible to lay flat properly

Just use slic3r. I've never done ANYTHING in regards to 3d printing until this week and it took a 5 minute google, and 5 minute download install to figure out how to pull each one from helmet 3 individually.

Okay okay...slic3r took more like 15-20 mins to figure out how to slice/remove things. BUT, it works very well and is very easy. ;)

Any chance the pieces could be separated out into individual files?

Can someone clarify this, is it me or are there much gap for anyone else between the jaw and the sides? I seem to have a good bit of gap there on printed part as well as on screen, so just put together and fill the holes? Or sand it to shape then put together?

Thanks for the awesome model ,had fun making this with my little one.

there are too many problems with that print.....

Amazing file! but hmm is it only me that have problem printing helmet5? My prusa control seems not to slice everthing in a proper way.. standing it just print out a lot of support material (to the right) and if I lay it down 45degree it will print mostly support, but little of the print? just me?

Thank you for the file upload. I had a ton of fun building this model. I really appreciate everyone who uploads these files. Looks like youve had quite a lot of makes of this particular helmet and its quite popular. I really appreciated the fact that you split up the files to fit a small printer. that was awesome. I made this on the Anycubic I3 Mega and hardly had to separate anything. I did separate one for time purposes but like that I didnt have to. If you wand to check out my build or add it to your file feel free. some people on Thingiverse add my videos to their page. Either way, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this build even though I almost screwd it up haha.

What color red did you use.

Hey can you send me the Files where the parts are not combined in One fi le
I Need every Part One file

Combine/ separate them in tinker cad or meshmixer it’s not rocket science buddy....

which is the head size of the model? not sure if I have to scale or not

Is there a possibility of getting the helmet as a complete file and the faceplate as a complete file? I have a rather large print bed and was hoping to print this all in one shot.

same question aswell, do you think we could get an uncut file?

Just resurrecting this from the dead. Is it possible to get the helmet as a complete file with the face plate as another file for larger printers?

i printed this helmet but ended up being to small. my head is 24inches and it didn't fit. did anyone else have this problem. what would be the correct resize for this. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is it possible to get the helmet2.stl broken out into individual pieces?

How did you guys print file 4? It doesn't touch the floor a lot, has a lot of support before parts start and I had my first plastic part snap from the print ever.

I am having a huge issue with the top face meeting the top helmet. they dont fit in together well at all. i feel like it has to be sanded. am i the only one with this problem? May the size of the top helmet has to be increased. can anyone help on this?

I am running into the same issue.

Looking now for another helmet this o e is a dud. Since it won't fit it's pretty much usless.

Others say that it fits. How can that be?

does the front of the mask open like in the movies

Comments deleted.

en tu carpeta de descarga pones dos modelos uno que se extrae al descargarlo y el otro que despues que se extraerse pones mas carpetas para extraerlas cual de las dos tiene la dimencion de un ser humano

just wondering the best way to finish this? is it better to print in the actual colours or better to print in a bland colour and then paint?

You'll never get what I would call an "acceptable" finish by just printing it out in red and yellow. Proper prop making requires sanding priming and painting. It's not fun work but it's absolutely necessary for a good looking final product. Personally, I'd recommend even laying a layer of fiberglass on the inside to make it durable.

Comments deleted.

Any chance i can get you to split Helmet 2 file into two prints? i have a big flaw in the lower jaw and need to reprint it but when i try to split the parts in cura it blows the lower jaw section into like 20 pieces.

I'm having the same issue. Does the same thing in Slic3r. Also - when I do a split and then only delete the faceplate file (part 1 after the split) the jaw portion does not print correctly. The left side (wearing it) is missing several pieces in the print. All of the pieces are there in the rendering but they don't make it into the slice... Another question - there are a lot of .thing files in the download... neither cura nor slic3r can open them. Are these parts that need printing? I've not printed all parts successfully except for the jaw section of Part 2, and am anxious to get this thing assembled :) Thanks!

Just answered my own questions - reading below in the comments I found an awesome remix here with the parts split:

Iron Man MK3 Helmet Remix

Hello to all Iron Man fans,

actually i print this. For the comments i have one simple question, fits the helmet for a normal adult or i have to rescale the given download STL files?

Thanks in advance!

So I tried to print the forehead section and got a tangled mess of plastic when it started the forward curve. Any ideas how to prevent this?

Comments deleted.

Does anyone have advice on how to connect the pieces? I'm printing this white hatchbox PLA and spray painting it. What you recommend using (epoxy, hot glue, 3D pen wielding, super glue)? I also plan on bringing this to school for a spirit day so I need to make it sturdy enough to survive that ordeal. Thank You

Comments deleted.

Hi, any chance to get all parts separated? so i can put them in my slicer how i want to?

How much filament/spools will i need to print this?

Can this print on an m3d?

Could you split it into more pieces? like have the ear pieces be one file and have the sides be a few files?

I've just posted a remix separating all the parts

Thanks for doing that, for some reason I couldn't find the backplate stl in the original and it was driving me nuts because I can't use the .thing files.

Does the face mask part actually rotate up?

Awesome work!! Thanks for sharing

Comments deleted.

Can post a pic of the supports?

For some reason the 4th stl file with the parts the "ears" attatch too is scaled way of.
When I add them in repetier they end up being tiny, how do I know what scale to put them in so they are scaled the same way as the other parts?

Can you post a full helmet please? Thanks!

This is too small to fit an adult head once fully assembled with the rear pieces, the aperture is too tight. Did you scale up or did you have hinge the back?

ABS or PLA? I am about to buy a 3d printer and I want to print this one

Hi, which parts did you print in gold and what did you print in red?

Hi! Does it need painting or can I print each part in its color and sand it? Thank you so much! If you upload it to My Mini factory I will tip you :D

what do you use to connect the pieces I printed them in pla

Very nice, almost perfect fit too. :)

What size head are you to give a scale please ? Thanks

Was support needed for any of the STL files? This is a great print....

I want to print this object, but i would like to know one thing, Just I have to print the .stl files or the .thing too?


only the stl ;)

did you print all the parts bunched together as they are in the pics?

Comments deleted.

do you need to rescale this for the average head or is the size fine?

You dont need to scale....

awesome, thanks ! I'm gonna start printing this right away ;). One question: what colors did you use for painting? I've tried to find the right red online but there's kind of a big debate about this. yours looks really good though

In the movies its HotRod Red..not sure the gold color. Its the shade most american fire trucks are painted.

To get a metallic smooth finish on ABS or PLA use any emmery based wet/dry sandpaper. Autobody sandpapers tend to work best.
Do one go with 200ish grit dry, then a 2nd go wetsanding with 400-600grit.

Great tip with the sandpaper, thanks very much!
I've almost finished printing my helmet but was wondering if you have any tips on actually connecting them?
Should I use Epoxy? Superglue?
Also, how did you hold the pieces together whilst drying?


Did you print as is with supports? How well does it fit your head?

You have done a very good paint job.. what is your secret, sandpaper? acrylic paint? varnish? And how should we scale it to fit our head? Thank you in advence.

Did you print these files as-is? Or did you scale them?