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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Modular X-carriage for ANET A8 / AM8 / BLV

by fantasmag0ria Oct 22, 2017
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Anyone have the best orientation to print the MGN12 adapter? It by default is standing up on the angled surfaces and it has bumpy parts or angles on almost every way your turn it. Anyone have any luck printing it yet?

to have 'indexing' holes as precise as possible (and round) I would recommend like that. With supports!

Can you add a Screenshot of a assembly of the titan aero extruder. Have Problems.

thx. helps. but i think there is a "bug". should this here the right position for the BlTouch ?

Yeah, no, you're right. It is not the right position of BLTouch.

Hi! I really appreciate your great job, but, finally... how does it works in titan aero for am8 blv, with bl touch?? Thank you so much!!

There is full fusion archive added to the thing files.

How can I attach the x belt tensioner (anet version) if the screw hit the Titan module in the other side of the plate?

Is the BL-touch mount missing from the fusion360 package or am I just too stupid to find it?

UPDATE: I found it. it is found in the Bodies folder of the BLTouch assembly, not the BLTouch subassembly.

Uhmm yes, sorry. I tried to clean the assembly before posting (and it is a lot tidier, trust me) but I must have missed it ;)

Just to be sure... currently there is no way to use a BL touch with the titan aero, right?
I'll probably make an overhang on the side of the titan extruder, opposite to the backplate, and reprint that part if no other solution is available.

My Slicer is dividing the inside of the interior shaft of the Bushings into many extrusion/travel operations. I am attaching the gcode and Cura project for preview.

The consequence is many jerky motions of the bed and X carriage, leading to filament breakdown and a failed print. I have tried my custom configurations and also the recommended ones but the outcome is the same.

Can someone open my eyes to an alternative? I haven't tried other slicers yet.

first of all, wrong thread?
second, try other slicers.

Ah, sorry, I've had this tab opened for so long I forgot this wasn't the correct thread. Thanks anyway for the answer.

Any chance of getting an .stl of the backplate? I can't seem to convert it.

Hi, there is a stl added. https://www.thingiverse.com/download:4236863
Also you can open step or fusion files of the assembly and extract is from there.

Thanks. That file existed, however, if you try to go to that items project page, you get a 404 error - not sure why, but I got the file now.

Would this work with a BMG Extruder ?

Design is open-source. YOU can make it work with whatever you like :)

Thanks fantasmag0ria for a excellent piece of design! Works really nice

Here's a tip: If your running a bondtech extruder and e3d v6, this is an excellent fan solution

Print theese:

Print theese:

Perfect fit with the original e3d v6 and it performs awesome! Did an overhang test and it had minor hangs on the 75 degree overhang running at 100% fan. At 100% fan with PETG I had some layer separation so don't even need to run the fan at full power to get excellent cooling.

E3D V6 improved fan adapter with modded Prusa MK3 Layer Cooling
Prusa Mk3 fan duct (Includes double mount adaptor)

Do you have some pictures/drawings for the X belt clamp? cannot seem to get it right? What parts do you need to print for this?

Which one? if the ANET one look at the reply to deeps7 questions below,
if MGN/BLV I can make some photos tomorrow and show you.

Yes the anet one, the comment on deeps7 answer is deleted.

It's not but whatever, here you go:

I don't have photos because i'm running BLV but this picture should help:
in yellow is drawn how to wrap the timing belt around,
in green threaded brass inserts
in red M3 bolts (rather long).
it works by changing distance between the ends of the timing belt when bolts are screwed in. Don't forget the cover otherwise everything will fell apart.

nice job!!

But i have a piezo sensor. do you have a solution for that?

Sure, I know a solution:
Use you favourite CAD software and design a mount for your piezo sensor. :)
glad I could help :)

Hi I really like your design and trying to figure out how to apply my Titan aero into it but I could not install the turbo fan properly. Do you have the picture of how you set up the Titan aero?

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

see my comment to die4it from Dec 4, 2018, there's a diagram and some photos. Should help. If not, let me know.

Anyway to modify this for the dual extruder Anet A8-M?

No, not really. Sorry.

I used the direct titan extruder carriage bellow are the changes I made in the Marlin code to get my hotend back to printing central (X is off by less than .3 of a mm I stopped there as I couldn't be bothered to redo it) I used a centring target file and a set of digital verniers to take my measurements

// Travel limits (mm) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.

define X_MIN_POS -18.36

define Y_MIN_POS -25

define Z_MIN_POS 0



define Z_MAX_POS 240

Possible you could do up a part for the ANET inductive bed sensor (the square one)? Some of us use it for the simplicity of connection, price and such.

Doubt it. I never ever seen one. But you can always design something yourself. Backplate only waits for ideas to attach to ;)

I'm attaching a dxf of the backplate so you will have a easier job.

do you have a picture of how you mounted it with the aero?
I don't seem to figure out how to mount my aero on the backplate with the titan aero adapter. I'm probably overseeing something obvious but it would be really helpfull if you could share how to do it. because I can't just put it on the top of the plate then the backplate will hit the bed before the nozzle will

Here you go. That's my current setup. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hello, I love this design but I need to use a cable chain; anyone can suggest a chain holder for this modular carriage ? I would use it on a tatara steel frame A8 with a direct MK8 extruder and a bltouch.

My first impression is that there is no place to add it on the backplate.

Any ideas ? I'm thinking about something similar to this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3089530

Thanks for your support

(3D Slash) Kettenhalter chain holder
by raf1110

I have quickly mocked one up. I am in the process of printing and mounting this, so currently it is a WIP.


Cable Chain Mount for Modular X-carriage

Hi, I personally never used a drag chain on the X-axis. I like my x-carriage as light and agile as possible.

Hi, Thanks for your work.

There is one thing that I don't understand in the attachment of the backplate and the mgn backplate adapter,

why the wall (where you put the screw) in the hole to attach them together is only one layer thickness?

Thanks again

Hi, this extra layer is there for printing counterbore holes without support. You have to manually remove it after printing.

Is there an X-Axis chain that can go with this by chance?

No, not a fan of drag-chains in this application.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Well I got my setup all built but have an issue with my X axis not being able to home because my fan hits before my endstop. Any suggestions?

Oh, haven't foreseen that. I gradually moved from AM8-rods to BLVs-rails and at the end to titan aero so I wasn't able to check all of the configurations...

Have you lost much travel on X bacause of this? The simplest solution would be to move the x-endstop to the right OR glue/screw something to the back of the backplate to engage the endstop. Ghetto solution: use a wood-screw directly into plastic at the right spot.

Yeah I'm waiting for my rails to get here for my blv setup. The main issue is the fan hits the x brace and I can't get my bed to center. I'm going to setup some gcode to center Prior to prints so I can get my blv parts done.

Do you have the bed max min values for this mount? Seems my hotend is trying to print off the bed now.

Using the Titan Direct mount.

No sorry, you'll have to measure it yourself.

Ok I've set up my Titan direct with BLTouch and all good on the front.

What's the method for mounting the x carriage smooth rod blocks? The holes printed with fill, and are much larger than the of the holes.

Will post photos of my make once it's all mounted and ready!

Also, even with the fan extender block, the vent is still a tiny bit behind the nozzle - is that how it's supposed to be? Cheers

Comments deleted.

So on the ninja fan setup. My fan clip (the parts that hold the fan together) hits the top holder... Should there be a notch cut for it or am I missing something.

Yeah it's tight there. Do you mean hotend fan?
What type of fan are you using? I have noctua NF-A4x10 which has rubbery ends so I was kinda able to force it in.
or the part cooling fan? The top part which should keep the fan securely between ninja and backplate. Maybe you have a bit different fan there...
can you make a photo?
Maybe this will help:

So i've gotten my Titan Aero installed and this setup built. Do you have the BLTouch on your setup? or are you using micro switch endstops?

Its the stock Anet A8 blower fan. I'm building the titan aero setup.

I replaced mine like twice already... Maybe there are some differences.

Ahh that's probably it. I'll just notch the holder for the clip. If anything it will help secure it. Thanks for this setup, excellent work.

Any chance of an inductive sensor mount?

Nope, not right now.

Also - can't work out how the Tensioners work/fit together? Any photo's to show this better please?

MGN or 8mm rod?

8mm rod - thanks

I don't have photos because i'm running BLV but this picture should help:
in yellow is drawn how to wrap the timing belt around,
in green threaded brass inserts
in red M3 bolts (rather long).
it works by changing distance between the ends of the timing belt when bolts are screwed in. Don't forget the cover otherwise everything will fell apart.

Makes perfect sense! Thankyou!

Any further info on the electronics decoupler?

Where did you get the PCB from?

What additional info do you need? :)
It's a standard double layer universal THT PCB with male goldpins (2,54 raseter) soldered on one side and wires on the other side.

Ah right - and did you run a specific single multicore cable back to the electronics box? Or still ran individual cables? Is this simply meant to be a way to disconnect everything at one point easily?


Exactly. Partly original anet wires, partly cat5 Ethernet cable. All bundled together and strain relieved using piece of nylon filament and zip-ties.
The gold-pins are colour-coded:
first column - motor connection,
second fans x2,
third fan and thermistor,
fourth heater,
fifth, sixth - reserved/btouch.
with this approach you can unscrew one hot-end assembly and replace with another in minutes.

Understood! Love the idea! Thanks

Hi, first of all, thanks by your project, it's very usefull...
Can you give me some explanations about how to use the X belt tensioner with de MGN12 backplate adapter??
Thanks in advance!

You mean this green one on the first picture? You don't.
BLV has x-belt tensioning on the right x/z coupler.

it seems you have a mirrored version of the Titan (motor on the right side - seen on https://e3d-online.com/titan-extruder).
Mine is standard (motor on left side) : if I make a mirrored version of the mount with 3dTouch, will everything fits?

Ehm no? Standard version has motor on the right with big gear pointing in your face and tension adjustment in the back. I have standard titan (clone) and an aero (original) and both of them are like that...

This is totally what I was looking for! I was close to either create my own carriage or remix some other existing designs, so thanks for sharing!

One little thing could be improved though, that is AFAICT when Titan is mounted it is not possible to access the tensioning screw. Do you see any way to incorporate that?

Standard Titan or Aero? I recently bought aero and working on something (nice) with an integrated part cooling fan.
For standard Titan, I can design an extender. Do you have a thumbscrew or hex bolt?

It is a standard Titan (clone). It is still somewhere between China and me but AFAIK I have both options.
Usually I do not need access to the tensioning very often. So it would be totally OK for me to just have a hole in the backplate at the right spot so I could poke a hex key in to do the adjustment.

A totally fancy solution would be to mount the titan either with motor pointing to the front or mirrored - but the latter would then require some space for the large gear wheel in the backplate which would probably not be easier then my idea above.

Anyway, don't get me wrong, I will accept any solution, whatever you think is best for your design. ;-)

Any chance a Titan Aero would be adapted using BlTouch?

As a matter of fact I did have one. Never added it because I'm not using Titan atm. Read the latest update.

Any chance you could include step files (or other importable cad files) in order for other people to simply design additions and other stuff?

just asking, i would understand if you would like your design to stay just that, YOURS. :)

Hi, I was planning on doing just that. But after it got finished. Right now the source files are a mess.

Perfect! I'm just teaching myself some fusion 360 magic and by the time you'll publish the files i'll be a bit mor proficient in editing designs

Was position do you recommend to print the MGN12 adapter?

Hi, I printed it like on the picture below. With supports below whole surface and two additional supports where the MGN12H block is placed.

I'm desperate for a good titan extruder mount.

Any idea if this can handle it?

Titan extruder mount added. Let me know what do you think.

Any idea if a bltouch mount is possible?

I'm using something like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2595525

3DTouch mount added:)

Comments deleted.

You got a Titan then? The BLTouch i got is a clone from Ali, pretty cheap and works wonders

Got titan (cheap clone from ali) but it turned out crap. I prefer using the original ANET extruder. I have bad luck with cloned stuff. It was the same with V6.
Can you provide me with the link of the BLTouch you're using?

I algo got a cheap clone, from Tevo. It's working just fine with my original E3D V6. Although the TriangleLab clone is better.
My clone is a 3DTouch from Geeetech, you can find them pretty easily :)

Here's some of my benchys after Titan and original E3D https://imgur.com/gallery/BJZy8

Comments deleted.