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Google Home Mini Wall/Surface Mount

by maxr525 Oct 22, 2017
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Really cool. I made one from remix. Here is a vide if someone interested: https://youtu.be/rrHhwcfAXLM

Very visually pleasing design, BUT, I really struggle to get a good print. The overhangs is quite a bit for a good print. I redesigned the base for less overhang but there's not much that I can do about the clips. Additionally the the clips is really thin. Maybe with some post processing it will look better.
Beautiful and Good Design, though somewhat difficult to print.

there's a ton to like about this design. First, it doesn't need supports but has awesome visual gaps. Secondly, it prints in such a short time compared almost all functional designs that are an inch tall or more. 3rdly, it serves its purpose while looking sleek and modern. I'm back after a 6 months at least to print another as we got more minis and and are so pleased with this holder. Thank you again Maxr525 :)

printed great on a cr10s at .2 and 20% infill. Had some slight catching when finishing the arches but it still completed well. Fits the mini perfectly

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love the simplicity of this design. I am new to printing and don't know if its my printer or 'the norm' but I was shocked that it took all day to print. I started it before going to work early this morning and it finished somewhere around 13 hours later. The supports were useless and didn't even really print, but they weren't needed, the print came out just fine without them. Vince_3dprint is correct, you really should lightly sand the print before inserting your GHM into it as the fabric on them is super delicate. There is a little extra space in the mount as in, it's not really snug, but that is perfectly fine, as I think the mount would break trying to get the GHM into it if it didn't have that extra play. I am overall, super pleased and about to print mounts for my other 7 GHMs. Great work!

Shouldn't take that long to print (1-2 hours), are you putting a solid infill? You only really need about 3-4 perimeter layers to get the job done, with a 10-20% infill for the rest. As far as the fit, there shouldn't be very much of a gap at all, as the arms are relatively flexible, so you should be able to get the unit into the holder (maybe a scaling issue or printer tuning?). This was designed to not need the support material in most cases. As far as finish, most FDM prints will need to be sanded a bit to get that smooth contour on the top to prevent damage to the fabric. Hope that helps speed things along for the other 7!

Thanks for the great feedback. I’m new to 3D printing. The infill was set to 75, maybe that was the reason it took so long and feels so rigid?
As far as scaling goes, I didn’t change anything, but had moved a test file off the bed and put this on. Perhaps the test print has scaled settings and this print adopted them? So much to learn.

Such a beautiful design! One thing to note - be careful to gently sand down any burrs before inserting the Home Mini... I didn't, and actually snagged and ripped the fabric on mine. This isn't a design flaw, but something to keep in mind for post finishing.

very nice design, but unfortunately, too fragile with PLA :(
I broke mine when trying to install the mini.
PETG might be better than PLA for this.

I believe most people print this in a PLA. Make sure to make the arms solid by printing at least 4 perimeter layers. I initially had some trouble when I printed with just 2 layers using ABs.

Should it be printed with flexible material?

doubtful. those arms wouldn't hold the weight if they were flex. PLA will flex a bit to allow the mini to fit in, but still hold it's shape and the weight.

Hi, first time 3d printer here. Just wondering what dimensions to use for a snug fit. Thanks!

Very elegant design, I like it very much, thanks for sharing!
You may want to be aware of someone is selling a very-very similar design on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/587614010/wall-mount-bracket-for-google-home-mini
I don't know whether it's you or not, whether you care or not, just an FYI.

Hi Balassy, glad you like the design. As far as people making money off of the design, I do not mind, since I do not intend to print for distribution, myself. Thanks for the heads up though!

Awesome design, printed quickly and perfectly on a HicTop CR-10. This mounts nicely to the wall with a few drywall anchors, and the design looks very professional and sleek. THANK YOU!

I'm very impressed with this -- fit is amazing, and printed without supports! I do have a question about the through-holes on the bottom of v1.1: both slicers I use (slic3r and icesl) rendered the holes as if they were almost slightly detached from the rest of the base, ie. as separate round objects that don't quite touch the rest of the solid base. I was curious if it was intentional, for strength or aesthetics or anything like that. I've attached photos, icesl created the one that is clearly more separate. I'm planning to run the design through a couple of different meshers to try to remove the affect, if possible; just curious about your thoughts.

In CAD, it is connected as a solid object. Not sure why it would be giving you those results. The only thing I can think of is if the nozzle on you printer isn’t quite the same diameter as your settings in the slicer, but it appears that the rest of the print has the proper spacing, so not too sure. Have you tried printing other objects with holes in them? Did it give better results?

It must be something subtle, I think... I've printed objects with holes before without seeing that kind of effect; and I've seen similar things happen on straight sections too. I ran it through meshmixer (I think just the 'make solid' function), and the resulting STL printed without a similar effect... I've attached the file here too, in case it helps in any way!

Great design! Printed in PLA, which proved to be a little too brittle and couldn't handle the flex of inserting the Mini. Will try again when I get more forgiving material.

How did you source the dimensions for the Mini? Your design is so spot-on, I was wondering how you got such a precise fit!

Thank you! Seems like a majority of the people use PLA, double check that there's 4 perimeter lines, when printing; Should be enough flex with it.

I found a side profile image online and took some reference measurements to scale the image accordingly. Then I traced the outline and created a solid.

Hey there! Looking to print this, but as the other comment says, it's in a strange position and I'm not sure it'll hold while printing. What should I do? Maybe a stupid question, sorry about that, it's my third print hehe

I'm guessing this would be better :P I suggest you update the file to position it like that (if you can, for noob like me)

I am working on printing this and it seems to have a pretty stiff angle/overhang to the sides.from the base going up a ways. It is having a hard time printing.
What orientation do you print in? I am trying with it sitting flat on the bottom.

Thanks for thoughts.

Hi Wirlybird,

Sitting on its bottom should be the best orientation. Are you printing version 1.1 (without the hole in the center)? That one should be easier to print without supports, as the overhangs are more gradual. V1.0 (with the hole) is more challenging due to a fillet near the bottom.

Yea, I was doing the v1.1 and the V1.0. I actually ended up smoothing the transition some more at the base. There is a point just up from the base where it has a sharp change and the printer just doesn't like that! Once it got past that point it prints pretty nice.
What I did was take the STEP file and modify just at the bottom a bit to smooth it then I made a new solid bottom one from that. Worked pretty good.

Comments deleted.

Just ordered a print of this from shapeways. I'm super excited. Great design, dude

Next time check out treatstock.com

I really love the work you did with this mount - very clean and elegant!

Thank you! Would love to see some mounting pics if you made it!

I want to order this printed, as I don't have a printer. How much infill should I choose?

Since all of the structural features are thin, a 15% infill is plenty. However do make sure that there is at least 3-4 layers of perimeter on the print to ensure strength of the arms and screw mounting holes.

Great design, but new to this... can you please explain a little bit more about the 3-4 layers of the perimeter? Not sure exactly which setting in Cura that I need to make this change. The first one I printed, one of the arms broke pretty easily. Thanks :)

Looks like the shell thickness setting is what cura calls the perimeter layer. It creates a ring (shell) for a certain thickness before making the inside mostly hollow. Try setting that to 2mm.

Beautiful design

Could you make one with a solid back for more surface area for tape etc?

Made a solid backed version. See updated STL file.

Yes, I am looking for that too :)

I love the graceful shape. With what application did you make it?

Thank you! It was designed in Solidworks using surface modeling.