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Zipper/zip slider

by amrbekhit Feb 28, 2014
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Just printed the batch of small slot and they turned out very well, thanks!

I printed the first slider from PLA but it did not work well. I made the second print out of PETG and now it works great.


First of all, great design this seems to work very well.

It is possible to have more opensource frendly file for editing ? STEP or OpenSCAD file should be great instead SLDPRT.

I would like to edit to put the original keyring of my jacket but it's actually too thick.

Printed this at 97% with alloy 910. Works great and stays tight.

Thank you for this model.
My jacket somehow lost its zipper.
This work great printed it in some petg. Looks great and works great.

Hi and thank you for posting. I am interested in creating a massive Zip for a students wood work project. We want to make it as authentic as possible. Any idea if there is a design of the Teeth around?


Try to update your slider with this enhancement and your slider will be perfect!



O yes excellent idea Thanks for sharing

Awesome, u really help me with that :) ( printed on da vinci mini w.)

Awesome. Thank you. Printing now.

The top part is a bit thin and keeps breaking. I'm wondering if you can make a hole just big enough for a large paper clip so it can rotate up/down.

Do you mean the slot for the handle?

I'm not sure what you mean, can you elaborate more? A picture?

Yes, sorry, the slot for the handle. I've gone through 3 so far, trying various print settings and angles to try to strengthen. I tried editing it myself but apparently I've got a lot to learn to do modelling heh. I'd like to just slide a paper clip through then wrap it with electrical tape (works as a very nice durable pull, until the slider slot handle breaks)

="thingiverse-dca335bee55d1f0276097a83802953e3:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-dca335bee55d1f0276097a83802953e3/gallwapa I've uploaded a new STL file: Zipper with small slot.stl. Please give that a go.

Awesome! Will start print after my current one is done in about 4 hours :) Thanks! (Even broken, this thing has been awesome. Someone at work asked me to print one too hehe)

How did you put it on? The other end of the zip seems to be blocked on my coat.

Yes, my coat is the same. There's a plastic bit at the top that stops the slider from being pulled out. I ended up getting a set of wire cutters and just cutting off enough plastic to allow me to slide the slider on. You may need to look at your jacket and see if you need to remove/cut off something at the top.

My favorite jacket had the zipper break. Cleaners wanted $60 to replace the whole zipper. When my printer arrives( just ordered tonight!) this will be the first thing I print!

Good luck! I'd love to hear how you get on.

Wasn't quite the first thing I printed but I just installed it. This thing works BEAUTIFULLY. THANK YOU!

Fantastic! And congrats on the new printer!

Things like this are what move this community forward and make owning a 3D printer worth it for the masses. Nice work.

Nice, i would expect it to be to fragile to last tough. Have you had any problems with durability? Which plastic did you use? I suggest trying that Nylon filament sold by taulman. It would probably address any durability issues. This could also be a good project to try to make one of those all in one prints, could be fun to try to include the zipper's handle.

Thanks! I've printed this in PLA and I've been using it for about 2 weeks now every day without any problems so far, we'll see how long it lasts. Good idea about the nylon, if I get the chance I might give it a go.

Regarding durability, I think there's going to be 2 primary modes of failure: the first is that the two halves of the slider break apart at the pillar in between. The current model is actually surprisingly strong - it takes a lot of force to flex the two halves apart and try and break them. This could be improved even more by by beefing up the pillar and/or extending the handle so that it comes over the top of the slider and back round the other side, merging with the pillar along the way. That would make it really strong. The other failure mode would be wear, whereby the constant rubbing of the zip inside the slider increases the gap between the two halves of the slider making it less effective. Time will tell how effective it will be with regards to this failure mode. The good thing is that the zip teeth are plastic and not metal so I would expect that any wear would take quite a while to cause it to fail, but we'll see.

I agree - printing the handle inside would be a cool idea!

Reporting on taulman nylon: The end of the zipper is not stiff enough to push the two ends together. Instead of locking together, the two ends of the zip push out the end of the zipper, because the middle bridge is flexible. Perhaps making the bridge a bit thicker could help (I don't have the right tools for this) to stiffen the nylon zipper.

Ah thanks for trying that out. So at the current dimensions, the nylon is just too flexible to be useful then? I have to say, the PLA ones that I've printed have lasted for months so far!

very clever Amr, well done. This is convenient and could save a lot of money. brilliant!

I also have a broken zipper, but it has only the part where the movable thingy is attached broken. My idea was to use the original zipping base and just glue a cover with the new triger-thingy.

Depending on the type of filament used, long-term durability could be an issue. Pretty easy to just print another one though, I suppose. A fun and clever Thing for sure. Thanks for sharing it!

love it, keep up the good work :D

Sorry, but there is no way that is going to hold up to day to day abuse.

that might be possible but i'm sure that it will be a cool story to tell and a cool quick fix.

Maybe you're right, but it's been working perfectly fine for two weeks so far! Looking promising!

This may be the most clever part on Thingiverse. Fantastic!