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Ultimate Box Generator

by pynej Oct 19, 2017
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I think your boxgenerator is great and have already created some boxes with it. Many thanks for all your efforts and the time you invested here.
The only thing that isn't solved so well with bigger folding boxes is the hinge. If you could integrate a hinge similar to the one in https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2124509, the program would also be unbeatable for larger folding boxes. Thank you.

Customizable hinged box V2

So many uses for this, I really appreciate the time you've put in.

Your lid type 4 says it is untested so I thought I'd give you my feedback if it helps. I created a box using the Lid Type 4 - the sliding lid with the stackable option. On the box itself, the overhang from the 'rail' cutout on the bottom of the box is straight across, making the print fail without supports because it's printing on air for the first layer after the cutout is printed, and the area is hard to add supports in a way that doesn't break the 'slide' of the box. I think it needs an angle added to the top of the rail to fix this.


I would alter the code if I knew how, but is it possible to add text to the top and maybe even the sides of the box?

This way you could label what was in there.

It is possible, I started some code to do inset and cutout text on sides and top. I'll have to look at it again and see. I'll review it and post new code.

Appreciate the reply. That would be awesome as I would be really interested in trying this out if I could use some text.

Thanks for your time.

There are now many text options.

Awesome! I will definitely check it out. Appreciate you letting me know.

Hi, I'm not sure the proper place for this, but I found an issue with your code.
I was trying to make a box with multiple compartments (repeat x or y >1), have internal type 1 (rounded), and suppress some of the inner walls to make one compartment be larger than the others.

Everything worked fantastically, except the rounded bottoms in the larger compartment. There are gaps in the rounded bottom where the suppressed internal wall would have been. I had a look through the code and made the modification below in the make_box_internal() module:

Line 375:
Original: linear_extrude(internal_rotate ? comp_size_y: comp_size_x)
Edit: linear_extrude(internal_rotate ? comp_size_y + internal_wall : comp_size_x + internal_wall)

This fixed my issue. Thanks for the awesome plans!

This was fixed, along with a few other related issues.

Running them with the following seamed to help on mine a lot, lot less time extruding and retracting filament then what I was doing.

strut_width=wall; // Width of each strut, 0=hollow.
strut_gap=wall4; // Width of the air gap between each strut. 0=fine air gaps.
alt_strut_width=strut_width; // Width of struts going the other directions.
2; // Width of gap going the other direction.

Nice! Yeah, I expect prints would take WAY longer (at least on my machine), but there's a lot of potential for beautiful designs here. Great contribution! :)

The speed should vary much so long as your retraction distance isn't silly high. (Cura was defaulting to 6.5mm @ 25mm/s but I'v had no issues printing as 1.5mm @ 35mm/s.