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Prusa Z axis, the best AND the simplest !

by MKSA Oct 19, 2017
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Comments deleted.

MKSA, I'm back!

My results are in. To put it succinctly, the TR10 lead screw I bought to replace the slightly bent screw on my Ender is... well, interesting.
It has some slight vertical backlash, but that's acceptable. However, the lead screw has about +-0.05mm play in it horizontally when used with the stock nut. I printed a taller PLA bushing, lubed it, and slid it on. Surprisingly, it worked decently, with a barely perceptible amount of play. I think that the tighter fit of the bushing combined with the lubricant worked. However, the bushing wore out after an hour of constant use, which makes me wonder if the IGUS filament lasts longer. Perhaps you can confirm this?

Update: According to Thomas Sanladerer, the IGUS polymers will still wear out and loosen over time. They'll probably last quite a bit longer than a PLA, but not forever. This may explain the poor quality of his hot glue hook.

You just confirmed again you are an idiot who has no clue about making, adjusting bearings TR nuts ... , mechanic, technology etc...Can't even do a search for Igus tools/table to size, compute life expectancy, wear etc of their bushing/materials !

As for my prints quality, it is comparable to the best found here despite I print a lot faster (80 to 100mm/s) and PETG. Besides the picture of a small part can be deceiving.

I am done with you.

I could do all that, but I'm a student with limited time.
A few things though:
Wear on bushings and bearings also depends on the material it's rubbing against. Since I don't know the material or grade of your leadscrews, I can't tell you how long the bushings will last.
Again, 3D printed parts wear differently than regular molded parts, so I can't tell you how long the leadscrew nuts will last.
Bearing adjustment for printed parts is as easy as making press pulls in Fusion 360.

However, I don't think anyone here can say that my tests weren't valid. If they can, they are more than welcome to present proof.

Oh, BTW. I print at 90 to 120mm/sec excluding external perimeters which I print at 30mm/sec. I travel at 250mm/sec.

Look, people, would you stop picking on MKSA. Whether or not his designs have merit, he doesn't deserve this kind of abuse.

MKSA, if you stopped retaliating so viciously, you would prolly see a lot less of this shit.

my children should not be reading the constant abuse the comes from MKSA. even my youngest kid came to me about it because she felt it was not right her younger brother being able to read it. from what i can see he deserves everything he gets... and not one single person, other than MKSA is using profanity and degrading language. where i come from you get locked up for speaking like that in public.

From what I've seen, they are not "picking" on him/her just for the sake of doing so. They are doing this to him/her because this is exactly what s/he has done to so many others here on this site who do not possess the fortitude to stand up for themselves against this bully. Even when you do reply back to him/her, once you get tired of arguing with him/her publicly and just stop replying, s/he will simply PM you directly trying to antagonize you into arguing further. Despite what they try to teach kids in school these days, the only way to deal with a bully like this is to push back and to push back hard!

S/He is not getting attacked because s/he is "retaliating so viciously." S/He is being fought back against in the only way possible on this site that punishes the innocent and allows the vitriol being spewed by this guy/gal to continue unhindered.

If you don't think that this guy/gal is the initiator, just take a look at any of the models on which s/he has commented - this one in particular is a glowing example of his/her work....

Lotar's Dual Gear Extruder

Thanks for this example ! Indeed II invite people to read my comments.

This thing is a good example of a bad design, complex, heavy, bulky, poor materials etc... a very bad copy of the Bontech with performances inferior to a simple extruder made with good parts.

The hobbed gears he uses are a regular brass gear that comes with cheap as dirt and not worth more chinese extruder.


Go ahead build this thing. That will be fun.

I just did. It works great.

Just that my "things" work ! I even went some steps further, lightened bed (550 g) on a magnetic removable kinematic mount, Z sensor integrated in the carriage, worm gear extruder (220 g with carriage) that can reach 300 C. Travel speed 250 mm/s print 120 mm/s. 32bit controller running Duet firmware ... Could go faster with 24V. Anyway, it does all what I need. Wonder if it is worthwhile to make a CoreXY.

ANyway, lot of fun but I am done with publishing. Besides most of it require expertise, ability, tools beyond the current level of people here.

Oh, bother.

I was hoping for some more fun.

wow .. this has too be the worst idea ive seen so far...

Your great contribution, not even appreciated by the community of moron criticizing my things, entitled you to join the said community.
I wouldnt bet you are their dumbest but you come close. Keep smoking pot and banging your head, it helps.

From the looks of your print examples, the screws are not "straight enough" lol. Z Wobble everywhere. The latest print of yours, hot glue hook says it all. What an engineer. Yeah, let's build a building without the foundation. The walls are strong enough... pitiful...

OH... this is why your prints look like they doo doo.

Nice idea, but perhaps a bit clumsy to forget the anti-backlash while removing the support rods. It might be low risk to some, to assume small mass won't create vibration, and a lead screw should be sufficient. Have you considered acceleration and jerk? Lead screw dynamics and harmonic vibration under load? The pictures imply the head mass was considered, but the z lead screws are also loaded by a stepper, ends, rods, belts, etc. So unless your design perfectly balances the combined mass between the two lead screws, don't you think it results in sloppy movement and actually an increased amount of vibration thanks to removing the parts responsible for mitigating unbalanced, dynamic loads? (especially with higher wear on the driving screw parts)?

Are you kidding ?
What anti backlash ? NO play compared to the regular crappy LM smooth rods as the nuts are of my own ! What kind of load on these leadscrews (working in TENSION BTW) ? When and how much do they rotate ?
When X moves, they just behave as simple rods and as I said despite being less rigid then 8mm smooth rods, they are stiff enough. I could use TR12, but didn't bother.

And indeed, all is under tension due to the belt. Furthemore all my bearings leadscew nuts are a perfect fit (made with Igus filament). This is the advantage an amateur has, to be able to custom fit.
As for mass distribution, CG ... why do you think I mounted the X motor that way ? Why is my extruder like it is ?
The end result is there. I print at 100mm/s and up to 180mm/s for quick prototype. Jerk, accel ... have of course been adapted.
Again, THIS IS NOT a CNC machine, it just spits blobs of molten plasitc and I am laughing when I read here people speaking "microns" when obviously they have never seen a real machine in that class and in fact most have even no clue about general mechanic.
I have used ball leadscrews and linear rails in the past but my goal here was to do the most with the least. More fun.

Note I have currently redesigned my X carriage to make it even lighter, even better mass distribution, lighter extruder, one screw to remove it, Z sensor integrated ....
But I stop publishing these mods, could be used by copycat vendors and anyway when I see what other "share", not a fair deal. And too many imbeciles as seen below and my other things too.

I also used this printer to validate stuff that can be used for a better architecture and kinematic.

How to get a good start when using a Z nozzle probe.

I did a remix of this and printed it out but I forgot to take a picture before I wiped my ass and flushed the toilet. I will make another one tomorrow.

I've removed all my linear rods AND belts/leadscrews. My printer is so much quieter! I can't find any flaws with my prints i'm getting too! not only is my printer now quieter but its also loads lighter! all you can hear is the motors...driving nothing... I'm certainly more than happy with my print results (you can't judge what doesn't exist...). Can't wait to see what else this guy "designs"...

Hope your "designs" are better than your "humor" !
Eager to see them. You claim a lot but show nothing.

There are two reasons that I don't share my designs on Thingiverse.
1) I will only publish all my files once I have ironed out any bugs and problems with any prototypes.
2) I want to publish my printer files as one document rather than separate files. That way they are less likely to be stolen as more people would click on a finished printer than lots of separate parts.

So in short, yes I will publish my designs but only once I feel that they will benefit people and not just get stolen and remixed.

(p.s. I know your game MKSA... not all of the internet is "retarded" as you've so kindly said on some of your published "designs" ;-) )

Keep it up buddy, I enjoy this!

Fact is, looks like you need a good spanking you won't forget !

is this physical threats of a sexual nature?

Yeah, Yeah, just talk !
Stolen ? A full printer will more likely be stolen than sub assy's.
I bet we will wait a looonnng time ! FFM printers may be history by then :)

All what I publish WORK and are improvement that can be adapted to others than the Geetech Prusa.
They don't require expensive parts BUT a BRAIN and ABILITY.

So, how about showing a few sample of your "designs".

SO far, I brought far more here than I got. In fact there is NOTHING I took regarding 3D printers elements.

PS: - ALL the people I labelled RETARD proved it by their "designs" , "comments" and above all their attitude. Just show me ONE that doesn't deserve it and I will apologize.

For ex, just look at this "gear" made by a guy claiming years of experience in mechanic You got to be a RETARD for refusing to acknowledge the tooth shape is WRONG, the gear is unsuitable etc...
Funny but now I use Dromida RC gears for my new extruder (less than 200g, 290°C, all filament, easy to load unload etc...).

Just a note - it's FDM (Fused Deposition Molding) or FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).

Wow. You're simply the prime example for a narcisstic asshole. Well done, sir.

Wow, an other empty profile ! So far, what my asshole spouts is better than your brain farts.
Let see some of your "designs".
From the "likes" in you profile, I think it could be funny.

That might be because I'm pretty new to FDM, as you might have seen if you set my likes and contributions (of which there are none, I'm proud of you to realize that) in relation to how long I'm registered here. But at least I don't state to be the God Of Designing like you do. But who am I to judge. Keep living in your bubble, keep thinking you're the best, most people will realize you're not.

Curious to see the kind of garbage you will shit when you will be familiar. I have hired people of different levels and I can smell assholes ! You will qualify to join the others assholes found here. Just have a look at their miserable creations.

Okay, let me step down to your level, so you understand: says the one who provides useless contributions like this one and pieces of garbage that mainly consist of one-sketch rotational extrusions. Most of your designs would literally take me about 10 minutes to do from scratch. How can YOU smell assholes? Your nose has to be overwrought since the day you were born.

why did you remove the linear rods? what problems did they cause that made you want to remove them?

how straight are your lead screws? My linear rods are within 0.025mm straight for a 300mm long rod. I would be impressed if your screws are anywhere near that straight!

Because "YES I CAN" !

But you must have had a reason for thinking its better without them. Are your rods bent? Did you try buying good quality ones from a north american manufacturer?

That is so funny!
Whenever his hand is called, comments disappear.
Do NOT do business with that creature!

Comments deleted.