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Jack O'Lantern with Snap On Faces

by thjelmfelt Oct 17, 2017
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New to 3D printing.. printed skellington 100% with settings mentioned, but had to stop due to faults shown in picture.. anyone able to tell me what caused this? is it print speed?

What LED are you guys using?

I just got LED Tea lights, no heat then and you get the same effect.

Hi! I know this has been posted long ago! I was wondering if anyone has a Mickey Mouse or other Disney snap on faces they wouldn't mind sharing!?! Thank you so much in advance! My kids would love love love them..(and me too :))

Love it, but which version of the template to use, 27 or 28?

Use 28. I don't remember what the difference was tho.

Jack O'Lantern - TRex mod

Your design is so amazing thank's a lot ! <3

Thanks so much! Glad you like it!

I found the stem to be a little too small when I printed, so I upped the scale a bit. Not sure if it is because of the way Simplfy interprets the scale of the pumpkin and stem? Either way this is a FANTASTIC set and I already donated. I have two printed for the house and my wife thinks they're great.

I was using larger clearances when I did this design. I may need to go back and tighten it up a bit some day. I'm glad you and your wife like it.

I added a smaller hole version of the main pumpkin in Tinkercad. Mainly so I could put an electric cord through it. Should I remix or can just add here.

I'd do a remix. It will be easier to find.

Comments deleted.

Has anyone had any issues with the sugar skull w/out supports (particularly the mouth/teeth)? I'm doing a 20 hour print of two faces blown up to 150% and don't want it to fail near the end because of no supports.

How did it turn out? It should be fine. I tried to make all my models not need support, but you will need to be able to print 45 degree overhangs.

It turned out perfectly fine w/no supports on my CR-10S. Almost geared up for Halloween now lol, thanks!

Comments deleted.

Really love these.

I used magnets to hold them together, as it's a better solution.

5x5x2mm means the faces have magnets sticking out slightly and the bases have them slightly inside (but strong enough to hold well (just make sure you glue them in the right way around).

Thanks for the great project, I've been enjoying this design.

Any chance you could make a version of the mid section with a hole in the bottom so the LED tealight could be easily accessed, turned on and off? The pumpkin could just sit down around the tealight. The clips hold the front and back sections so tight, it's rather difficult popping them on and off just to turn the tealight on and off. Thanks again!

I just posted a mid with a hole in it.

Thanks! Can't wait to try it out. :)

a couple of requests. a version WITHOUT the clip sockets at all on any of the parts (I just used magnets) this lets me dramatically reduce print time and filament usage (I printed it at 300% upscale pics coming soon video tomorrow its amazing!) the 300% virtually empty took 74 hours to print and 25-30 hours for each face on my S4 and S3 printers (CR-10's)

The stem scaled well also. its a bit loose but tightens up nicely very cool.

a higher poly count would be nice too so its smoother when printed larger (it does not look bad by any means)

by far my favorite halloween print! I now want to mess with the blank one to make my own faces :-)

Wow! I never dreamed anyone would print one so large! I'm honored you used so much filament and time on my design!

I am posting a clip-less higher rez mid in case you want to make another monster.

Thank you very much. I do want to print a second one. If time allows high res faces clipless so they will match or at least the "plain" one so i can make more. I had a ton of fun with this one! My entire head fits inside and i habe a really big head :-)

Thank you for sharing ☺

Is it possible that some of the faces are cut in the wrong orientation? Specifically the Jack Skellington one? I printed it and when snapped on the middle it does not line up quite right with the middle. It is offset downwards about 2-3mm which is quite noticeable. I thought this might be due to my particular print or something but then I flipped it so the face was upside down and it lined up right. Also to note I printed the template to have a uncarved side of the pumpkin and with the arrow pointing up it fits perfect.

I checked this and I honestly think that the faces are uniform so orientation shouldn't matter much. The downwards sag is most likely due to the margin I put into the clips. You might try the tighter margin clips or if that's not enough, fiddle with stretching them in the z axis.

Brilliant! Great design! See my result at 150% size in the 'Made' section. Thank you!

Awesome. I need to make an enlarged one :)

Thank you! Glad you like it!

Great design, thjelmfelt! Glad to see you gave the base models, too. The face possibilities are basically infinite, if your willing to put the time and effort into designing one.

Thanks! Letting everyone who wanted to carve his or her own face was my hope :)

what's the difference between the 2 versions of jack skellington ?

Good question. I meant to remove the original. V2 has more of a curved lead in for the clip so it should be easier to snap on. Otherwise it is the same.

Thanks for the reply.

Printed it with two faces already for my son (he is 6). He and my wife love it. BUT there is a problem with clips. They don't hold the faces tight (there is a gap, some space for movement) and if it falls the break off very easily. It is real pain to get a broken clip our of cavity. I had to screw in a little screw and the pull it out with broken clip piece. It helped.

One face i reworked to hold on a magnet. Just glues two rectangular magnets on sides and two metal pieces on the face. Now that's good. Holds tight, if falls off - no problem, easy to open and close, but does not fall off by itself.

The model is incredible and real fun. Thank you!

Bummer about the clips. Did you try the tighter margin clips? They are slightly beefier.

If I had to do it all over I'd design in bigger clips. These clips were a bit of a compromise to maximize usable "carving" space.

Sweet - I've been looking for a Jack o'Lantern that would print cleanly on a large bed. I scaled it 200% and printed it out on my CR-10. Got the middle and one of the faces done so far and it looks perfect! Will post pics of the completed set this week! Thanks!

What was your print time @ 200% scaling for the mid section?

~37 hours at 90 mm/s print speed, .24 mm layer height, 25% first layer speed, 6 top layers, 5 bottom layers, 2 perimeter shells, 10% honeycomb infill.

The clips at 200% didn't come out well - there's too much gap between the face and the mid section, and it hangs down a bit, so I'm going to experiment with 300% on the Z, 250% on the Y, and 175% on the X to make it more snug.

Edit: 250% on the Y filled the cavity nicely, but the clip is now way too stiff to actually snap in place easily. Back to the drawing board.

Edit2: 160% X, 200% Y, 300% Z on the clips match well with a 200% pumpkin. Could probably go slightly shorter on the X if you want a snug fit.

The original clips had enough margin so that you could print with ABS.
Did you try the tighter margin clips? They should have less sag but may still not be enough at 200%. If they still have too much slop I can post something even tighter.

I ended up going with 160% 200% 300% on the X Y Z scale and it worked well for the 200% pumpkin. I could probably go shorter on the X to make it even more snug, but I'm afraid if I make it too snug it'll be difficult to snap on/off. Right now, there's about a 2mm gap between the two pieces, but at least it isn't sagging anymore. Pictures this weekend!

Cool to compare notes. Thanks Japego. We are similar overall, but I'm currently at 70mm/s print speed @ .2 layer height, 10% infill. S3D estimating 26hrs. I'm just spooling it up, so we shall see :)

Looking good so far! I've printed an Oogie Boogie in Glow in the Dark PLA, now I'm working on an Orange Jack Skellington - I'll post pictures soon.

BATMAN! But really my daughter absolutely loves the Pumpkin king. Thank you

The Dark Knight has arrived as both a face and a slide if you want to send up the Bat Signal behind your pumpkin. :)

I think the Dark Knight Logo would be cool too. Just haven't gotten around to it yet...

Thanks a lot. I made it in Flourescent Orange and Green so its nice in the Black Light. But i had to Optimize the Clips. The are too thin. I made them in 2mm and now they are perfect.

I was wondering if I should post a taller version of the clips. You just confirmed it. I just uploaded a 1.9 mm tall clip

Would love if you can do a star wars rebellion logo!

I was going to do a rebellion logo but Dingoboy71 beat me to it. He made a bunch of new faces. Check them out at: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2598803

Jack-0-Lantern Face Pack

YES! Perfect! Thanks!

Also, thank you very much =)

Absolutely amazing designs! I'll have to get a few of these printed before Halloween! Thanks very much.

Thanks! I'll try to add a couple more faces before Halloween. Enjoy!

Awesome, I'll be sure to keep an eye out. I know someone who is going to love the Jack Skeleton one :)

It seems to be pretty cool ! Thx dude

Thanks, I hope you love it! I'll plan to keep cranking out new faces for a while, so please check back.