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The Frog Dissection Kit

by MakerBot Mar 3, 2014
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If I changed the scaling of the frog body to :

X: 90.00 mm
Y: 49.44 mm
Z: 12:97 mm

what should the X Y Z be for the organs??

I couldnt use defaulted large size due to the fact im using a makerbot mini 3D printer ...

thank you!

Really cool. worked like a charm on our 3D printers. No supports. No failures. No beat tape. No heat bed. Like a boss.

I am very appreciate your design, it is the first one of my Replicator plus and it was great.

Great! to stop killing real frogs. Also with simulations and other videos it is not necessary and also unethical

Man this thing is awesome. Everything just has this one spot where it slips right into place. Well done.

(PS, Makerbot, they have these cool websites where you can fix bad meshes really easy. You ought to check it out.)

Any chance you can add files of individual organs? I cannot get the organs to print at 70% as a group.

omg that's sick!!!!!!! :P disgusted face!!!!

Hi. I read comments about print the frog to scale 50%, 75%... so I have uploaded frog's body cut by the middle. I think it is more easy to print two parts and paste them, that to resize all pieces.

Frog's body in two parts
by JevyanJ

Try printing the organs on blue tape at 30ºC...

I've successfully printed the frog at 200microns, 50% scale with no issues. The organs however, are another story.

No matter what I try, I can't seem to get the organs to stay on the bed. After 6 attempts at various resolutions, with and without raft, with and without brim, they just pop off every time. I am using a Printrbot Metal Plus with heated bed. The organs just refuse to stay attached.

Any ideas?

I use ST3DI's axis sheets on both my ST3DI and Builder printers. Not one single fail so far, much better than any other solution in my opinion,

Uggh... what is up with the non-manifold faces along the bottom edge of one of the organs? I've already printed the frog, and now I'm struggling to repair the mesh for one of the organs. I would have thought that MakerBot would only rep a clean mesh.

I am having problems with the file size/geometry of the Organs. Would really like to have the organs broken into 3 to 6 files. I can not get them open with the few pieces of software I have access to.

Here are the seperated entrails for your printing pleasure: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:815036

Frog Guts
by drPete

There are free versions of programs such as Cura that will allow you open the file, break it down and save the organs into separate files. Not endorsing this software, just using it as an example that I am aware of. I'm sure there are others. Hope this helps.

Comments deleted.

Glad we can trade the smell of formaldehyde for ABS or PLA...

I printed the frog and organs separate...

I scaled it down to 75% to fit on my print bed. The frog printed great but the organs keep breaking loose of the bed after about 15 minutes. Have any suggestions. By the way, the Biology teacher at my school was pretty excited about the print!

Print the organs with a raft.

Is that the same thing as printing with supports? A raft is a new term for me.

No, a raft is a printed base underneath the print to help it stick to the build plate.
eg. http://makerbot-blog.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/nut-and-bolt_700x467.jpghttp://makerbot-blog.s3.amazon...

I scaled each down to 50% and they printed/fit fine. Did you fit both the frog and the organ onto the same build plate or do two separate prints? (I did the latter).

I also scaled down to 75% to fit on the build plate; one print for organs (raft and no supports) and one print for frog body. Having some difficulty getting all organs to fit.

Hi - I'd like to use an image of the frog dissection kit in an article I am writing for a science magazine. If you can supply a high-res image can you please contact me kathkovac(at)gmail(dot)com, thanks

thinking about printing this. should I use supports for the organs?

Please tell me not that this is a scan

No frogs were harmed in the design of this model. :]

Hard to do the electric muscle twitch experiment with this though. Also we got bonus points for getting the brain out of the skull intact.

in the near future 3d print will replace many animal experiments.

Love the model! We had a great time picking it apart!

my avatar approves this.

Awesome use of 3d printing.

This is a great gift for somebody at my work.. Thank you...

Great model BTW...Very good desk conversation piece.

Scanned by the Makerbot Digitiser? Yuck!