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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Little Articulated Lamia

by 7Fish Oct 15, 2017
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i wish there was a version with normal hair

I'vr printed the tail now, but it doesn't hold together at all, it instantly fall apart when I try to move it. What can I do about it? I didn't use much force to assemble it, because I don't want to break it, maybe that is the reason?

Print the body or tail end first! Do not assemble the tail without having either end printed!
//End Warning//

This is an excellent design, though i think it has bested me.
I printed the whole thing out of PLA, but assembled the tail backwards and cannot disassemble it without breaking it.
This is just my life now.

Im loving the unrealistic anime breasts. ROFL. Do you have a smaller print? Trying to make this for my DND campaign, but she is MUCH larger then my NPC's rofl

I used Simplify3D to slice and print the tail but it have some problem. Can help me to solve?

i don't have Simplify3D, i can not help, Sorry!

Would anyone split the lower body so the belly and scales can be printed separately? I've spent hours trying to with no success, since I'm a newbie on Mesh Mixer.

I've printed all the parts and have built it all except for the hair. I'm having trouble with the hands connecting to the arms. The scale of the model seems to be to small for that connection. Other than that the model looks amazing. I'll try to finish it today.

I’m printing this and it’s amazing
A little fiddly but excited for the end project
Torso and arms done

If you're still planning on it, I absolutely encourage you to return to this project! It has some great potential, and your technical skills with modelling have improved greatly since.

At finally, she rebuilded in much smaller size. better than before but still she have someting i regret in design (Tail strength, Tail tip .Misc) and i still recommended do not try it. though.

Thank you for your encouragement! now i have to think about next project material that i still have no idea of it

Had a look on a random file (body_tail_46-50.stl). There seems to be some issues... In simplify 3d, the topmost scales was not connected to the main part, but slic3r managed to slice them without this issue. The second issue is that they are not flat. When slicing, 3 of the scales are touching the build surface, and the other two will start printing in air. This can of course be fixed by separating the individual scales and put them all on the surface, but it would maybe be an idea to make them printable right from the file.

Honestly, it was not enogh worth to print project and i did not expect anyone will print it and i recommend do not try it as it is flawed, it was take too long and spend too many matrial needlessly She-model will have to need complete overhaul and modified into 1) down size into lower than 50% of current size 2) abandon string based assemble plus metal wire as spine and then equip my ball joint desgin i used ever since ball joint lugia project.

Thank you for give your opinions. i don't know i will work on her ever again. since i don't like make same model twice...

Shall i just delete this thing? i have no idea.

I don't think you should delete it.

Looks like the clothes are in .hvs format. How do you open that?

i apology for that mistake. it is Gcode file for my printer. i replace that 'Simple Cloth' part's STL

i am sorry.

I want to do this. Great job!
When I make, I'll let you know the result

Appologe for late responce..

it was hard to me to assemble together. i am not sure this one will turn out right...

Hi what size is it? msd or sd?
great work.... :) must have take a lot of time

It is. I don't know what scale of she is but shee Seemd too large than I liked when i design her
For example each five pieces of scales or one set of scales file take four and half hour in 0.2layers /50mms workspeed with 5% infill then i made 80piece of scales
It was indeed so long work..
Then again I couldn't down scale because face's eye hole that worktool could not get work in any lower..

OK. I'll download and check for the size. You can tell from the eye ball size or the head diameter :)

It is a hybrid of Naga and Gorgon.But it turned out great!

I thought it was just a Lamia with Gorgon hair.

Now i have to look for other articulated figures project i will work on. I have something in my mind such as lugia the dragonbird articulated , converts skyrim dragon into articulated one or developed my own dragon or something..
Did you have anything that might you suggest?

First up: I Truly Love your work!
Absolutely amazing designs and so awesome to print!
Current project: Little Ball jointed Girl

As for suggestions...
preying mantis or other insect type monsters
If I weren't already printing one I'd suggest a spider... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1716849
or pretty much anything inspired from http://www.doll-chateau.com/main2.asp?id=61 :)

Ball jointed doll msd size woman-spider hybrid ( head not included)