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Glasses Case

by Jasoncanning Oct 10, 2017
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Not sure if you still check this, but I have a question. I've never used TPU. I have some coming tomorrow. Do you use the same settings, same temp, speed, and infill to print the liners in TPU? Thanks.

The prints look even better than the renderings! You should add the filaments you used, in the description.
Very nice!

Thanks! Although I have mentioned the filament used in the description :)

Oh, my bad, I was looking for the filament at printing settings!

Its ok, I've added it in there too now.

Impressive design! Unfortunately this is small for my application so far. I would also love to see this parametric as my safety glasses for work require this to be much taller. Looking forward to a medium are large size version if you decide to do that. Again well done!

Updated a medium version, check that size is ok.

Sorry, I missed your picture with the sizes :) Give me a minute.

I'm struggling for time to do a fully parametric version but what size are you glasses? Can you give me the width depth and height?

140mm x 55 x 38H The safety glasses sit more on the bottom edge like a pair of sunglasses would. I would like to keep this on top of my tool box at work.

I think that my other pair of glasses would fit into a medium size case if you decide to post one. Otherwise 134 x 43 x 20H

Thanks for the reply!

Thank you so much. Any chance you could give me a model 10mm shorter on total width of 150mm instead of 160.8mm and increase the depth to 55mm instead of 46.6mm. Your awesome. thanks


Sorry, the comments have been updating properly for me. I saw your other comment eventually so I've re-adjusted the model, it is very slightly bigger so see when you think - 150.8 x 60.8 x 40.8

If you could increase the height by literally 2 mm, that would be perfect. This wont QUITE close over my classes.

Is this size ok now at these sizes? - 150.8 x 60.8 x 40.8

Sorry for the late reply! of course I left my glasses at work today. I think the 40.8 height was a tad short, but let me confirm tomorrow. Thanks again!

This is the final result. Just a bit tight on the height. Might remodel for better fit. This would be a good candidate for true parametric settings. Might try this as an exercice.

That doesn't look too bad. You should be able to adjust the height easily by altering the extrusion height of the main body, everything should update after doing that as I adjusted that a few times while getting the fit correct for my glasses. Mine is actually quite tight because I wanted it to squeeze my glasses a little so they did not rattle inside the case.

I notice on your model that the stiffening holes are not exactly how they should be. There should be a nobble on one side and a hole to other side, both by the magnet, this is to stop the case twisting. It looks like the fillet may need adjusting a little in that area so the hole/nobble come out correctly, see this image.

So i finally got to it!
I only change the length to 155 mm. I am currently printing the inner shell in soft material.... Had to "reamed" the hinge hole with a 2 mm drill???
Here are the modified files if you want to add them to your post. Very intelligent design.

Kudo and thanks again. "Sharing is everything"

That's great! The hole diameter is going to come out a different size on different printers, not much I can do about that. Mine were just tight enough to force some filament through by hand and it has stayed in so far.

Would like to see how yours comes out once it's finished.

Thanks for the files

Great design thanks.
You were mentioning that you had a larger version in the bank. Well i am short of about 4-5 mm in length. If you dont mind i would appreciate either the larger version STL or the CAD (either step or Fusion 360)

Hmmm, that's a bit annoying! I've been a bit busy recently so not had chance to make the larger versions, so here is the Fusion 360 file - http://a360.co/2gWexzj

Note that when you edit the first sketch in the 'Case Outer' component to adjust the size, you may find the inner case does not update correctly but, if you edit the 'SurfaceOffset' in the 'Inner' component and then press OK it should update. Not sure why it doesn't do it dynamically but not had chance to look into it.

Thank you for sharing the model! I was able to upload it into a f360 project. Is the model, other than dimensions, unchanged between this share are the medium variant? I'd like to modify the magnet pockets to allow for the usage of kjmagnetics.com coated magnets.

You can make top and bottom parts identical if You place hinges symmetrically, even number on each part. Also there will be one pin and one hole on each part.

Yes that's true, however I wanted to keep the hinges as large as possible to keep the strength, smaller sections would be more prone to break. You have to print 2 parts anyway so it doesn't really matter.

Sweet Design. Will a Pair of Ray-ban Aviators fit in there?

Thanks. I don't have a pair and I think the sizes can vary. If you measure the ones you have I can see if they will fit in these or in the larger versions I will be making.