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ANYCUBIC I3 MEGA circular fan duct + E3D_V6 mod version

by mileshkin Oct 9, 2017
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V3 with Aura 4.4.1
Last 3 mm no Z feed.

It's about your slicer.

DO NOT PRINT WITH SUPPORTS. Luckily I noticed in the slicer, but I assume the slicer settings in the details are a mistake. If you print with supports, it will fill the whole circle with them and block the air.

Can confirm that the screw in version (v3) fits on the Mega S, though it took a bit of force to get the fan into it and to get the top screw hole into position. The screws just bite into the plastic to secure which isn't the greatest, if you have some nuts lying around that fit you might want to use them. One of mine bit pretty well but the other is rotating freely so I'll have to keep an eye on it.

Doesn't work, clip on version doesn't fit, screw mounted version dragged all over the bed. Fitted the original metal unit and put the printed ducts in the experimental glue bucket.

how to install the fastclip version without disassembling the hotend cover to mount?? It definitely doesn't fit over the original fan duct. Also, without the original duct, the screws have nowhere to fasten to.

What are the dimensions of the clip on version that attaches to the fan?


Ist es möglich von dem Kanal Step- oder Iges-Dateien zu bekommen.

the big problem of your project is the air blow out only near the fan, in the opposite side of the ring there is no air flow or very weak flow, thanks for you sharing anyway

Do you have a working alternative?

hi, since i use this fanduct, i become thermal runaway, because looks like it blow to the thermistor. The Temp is going down more then 15 degrees...

Unfortunately, V4 is to small to fit on a Mega S.

Snap version does not fit to i3Mega S due to assembled metal part. But screw version works lika a charm. Thanks

Comments deleted.

Which exact design/file did you end up printing now? v3?

Yes, V3 works well.

Unusable, does not fit, bad design.

It doesnt work. I dont like it.

Comments deleted.

Sorry but this fan duct didnt work for me. First I tried the clip/snap version, but it fits not good and as I tipped on it the duct falls off - to unstable in my opinion.
Then I tried the 2-screw-version. That works better and more stable. But at the first print I have to realize that the heat of the hot-end could not hold at high temperature.
So I will return to the original fan duct and keep my eyes open for better solutions.

It doesn't work :( .... It rather cools my nozzle which I know is bad.

which version of hotend would i have if i bought my i3 mega in April 2018?? Please tell fast!!

Я так понимаю, что со стандартным вентилятором это использовать нет смысла? Сравнивал стандартный обдув с этим на данной модели https://www.thingiverse.com/make:557089
Если стандартный обдув как-то вытягивает (кроме противоположных углов), то этот обдув сдаётся уже на этапе печати мостов. Печатал V3, к стоковому вентилятору подошёл идеально, но когда подставлял руку, то воздушный поток казался слабоват...

10x20 Cable Chain

Hi, what is the better than the original or what brings the all-round ventilation?

btw if u intend to use the printer for high temp filament such as abs and pteg u should keep in mind to print the duct out of a high temp plastic. Since when i did it i printed it out of pla and tried printing abs and the heat around the extruder was heating was causing the duct to heat up and warp also allowing it to tough the bed

How does V4 fit on? I assumed that it just clipped on to the factory installed air blower duct, but its too small for that. Do I need to remove the existing duct and attach this to the fan? Thanks.

Edit: Sorry I printed V4 and couldnt get it to fit below references V3 instead that did work.

Yes you have to remove the original duct first and install the V3 in it place you'll noticed that the mounting arms are similar.
I had my Mega only recently for Christmas and assume its the current model.

However.. you will have to cut way some more of the wall that has a notch on it. Pretty much remove the thin wall using the cutters that came with the printer as the notch is on the wrong part.
Didn't affect my air flow that I can tell and cant feel any leakage.

I only printed this part two days ago and installed.

Comments deleted.

v4 sizing way off for me.

The v3 works amazing for my mid-2018 Anycubic i3 mega if I take a screwdriver and slightly widen one of the holes halfway. Cooling so powerful I had to turn the fan down!

Ув. mileshkin!
Как и в посте от PapaSean, у меня сопло обдува, примерно 37мм., а как не печетай v4, там - 34мм.
Не могли бы вы немного поправить файл?
Никакие другие версии, мне не нравятся. Уж очень хочется эту :D

Заранее благодарен.

Anycubic i3 Mega Ultrabase (8bit) purchased in July, 2018. Printed versions 2, 3, and 4 and none really fit. Slight mod to version 3 and it fits. Basically just had to snip off the small apron that surrounds the rectangle that sits against the fan exhaust. It already has a small notch in it, but all of that materiel needed to go--so the part fit flush against the fan exhaust (and then the screws lined up perfectly).

I used two #4 nuts to hold it in place. Originally tried to fit the old duct plate to the back of the new duct and use that as support and for the screw holes, but couldn't quite get that to fit. So splurged the 18 cents for two nuts. Would have got washers but the local ACE had none.

Also used a small piece of Gorilla tape to better hold the fan intake side against the the metal plate. There was a slight gap and wanted it flush. Used one more small peice to help seal the fit between the fan exhaust and the new fan duct. Works good.

Got a bittrouble after Installing v4 and PID tuning. Tuned with 100% cooling. But after begin of Printing the temperature falls down from 237°C to 215°C. Any suggest?

Your V3 model are to small, i think

Printed the V3 and V4 model, neither one fit my printer. i decided to take apart my printer to get measurements and maybe see why these wouldn't work. fastsnap(v4) was just to small opening. the v3 model wouldn't bolt up because it was small and short but after further inspection all i had to do was cut the upper rim off where it meets fan and it fit perfect. there is a notch area near a bolt hole in the above default pic and i cut that even all the way around. fit perfect and did a quick test print with no issues.

Same for me with a newly purchased i3 Mega (Ultrabase, 8bit). Did use a little gorilla tape to hold the fan exhaust more flush against the metal plate. But seems to work good.

Hy I got the new i3 mega v2 what is the fan duct that I have to print?

Can you link a fan please that might fit well?

Does this only work with original E3D v6 or clones as well?
Mine is a clone - running without fan at the moment since I print Nylon, but would love a fan duct for usage with other filmament as well.
I think they are different in "hight"

This is the one I bought: https://macewen3d.com/collections/upgrades-for-cr-10/products/e3d-v6-clone-hotend-ptfe-with-volcano-heater-block-and-volcano-brass-nozzle-pack

Well I've tried upping the % for width x/y to 105 and 110 and it still doesn't fit, I dont want to do yet another print and have it fail. Any one figured out what sizing needs to be done to get this to fit proper?

I've got an Anycubic i3 Mega Ultrabase that I purchased just over a week ago, I printed version 3 and 4 but neither fit my machine. V4 is way off (beyond filing) and doesn't fit on the current metal parts cooler, the V3 mounting holes are both out and no room to drill other holes + there is a notch cut out where it joins to the blower (so that would limit air flow).
Is there another version that would fit or am I better remixing what's there?
Also am I better printing this in ABS because of the heat or will PLA do (even with high extruder temperatures)?
Thanks for your help!

Same here. I printed V4 and it's a few mm smaller than the cooling duct. I purchased my printer late last year.

Same here on a new model.

Does this improve bridging?

Should I do v3 or v4? Not sure from the comments!

Both are probably too small.

J'ai imprimé le V3, mais le dessus de la couronne est trop fin et il y a des trous sur le bord, dommage.

hi, i have i3 mega ultrabase, i print the v4 but it don't work. it is too small and the fan do not enter in the hole. how can i solve the problem? tnx.

V3 increased my prints quality significantly. Waiting for the fan and will print your full hot end housing. Awesome stuff, thank you.

I just received the latest version anycubic i3 mega.
what version do I need (cicular fan)?

3 or 4... but the best way is to upgrade to this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2706092

ANYCUBIC I3 MEGA silent hotend housing + circular turbofan duct mod

Ok I got my brand new I3 Mega. I printed a Benchy and.. it failed. The Benchy was printed with the bow to the right. The overhangs drooped and I can only guess this was due to the cooling coming from the left side only. (see pic) I wanted to put in a new cooling shroud and found this one. I printed V4 that is supposed to slide on. It doesn't. I don't know if Anycubic has changed the stock blower but the metal nozzle does not fit into the print. (see pic). Even the notch is on the wrong side to put it directly on the fan. So either i have no idea what I am doing or this part needs updating.

F..k! Should have read the comments here first. Same problem for me.
@mileshkin: the v4 duct is useless for your next thing, isn't it? So either I order some stuff from China and print a whole new cover or check my cutting/sanding skills?

I see. They have changed the blower (((
I have another one.
Metall nozzle MUST BE REPLACED with printed one ))))

So man, go to my next thing and feel happy: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2706092

ANYCUBIC I3 MEGA silent hotend housing + circular turbofan duct mod

I saw that. Doesn't help me now as I need to buy the new fan. Getting stuff from China to Canada is turning out to be next to impossible. I have ordered them. Ill either have to design my own or wait. Thanks for the reply.

Use hairdryer and sandpaper / cutter to fit the printed one )

Hi Again!

is it too much asking if you can upload a version without your name on the back? It's giving me a lot of problems when printing because of multiple retractions and ghosting... :(


... retractions... ghosting...
Just say "i dont like your name on the back of my duct" ))))

Mileshkin's Anycubic I3 Mega fanduct with Customizable Text

Nice reaction. I like

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

hahaha, a million thanks :D

I made a remix of this but I can't publish it because of the licence (no derivatives), do you allow me to publish the remix, i just wanted to do the words of "mileshkin" customizable...

Feel free to remix )
The license is changed for you, dear friend )

Published the remix

could you be so kind and post STEP files?
thank you

So for the stock V2 I3 mega ultra base which version do I need ?


Locked in for a print later tonight.

ok, got it printed (V3)

Unfortunelty the fan does not fit into the slot.

Side to side (long side) is ok but the short side is about 0.8 mm too narrow.

Will get a heat gun on that side.

Maybe the fan size has changed between batches.

Hi mate!
First of all did you manage to fix it? And a second question - is this fan duct working better then original one? because i'm thinking that the original fan is too weak for this type of fan duct.
Best regards from Poland.

I managed to get it to fit.

However I reverted back to stock set up as printer has another issue with the hot end fan, so wanted to make sure thats sorted first.

Thanks for help. I will give it a shot, hopefully it will work better then original one.

Hi Pertzmax, how did it work out? Did you use V3?

Yes i used V3. It's working a bit better on the right side, but I'm using the original one. It's just more reliable, and I can see more.

Is support needed on the v4 version?

No. No supports at all for all versions are needed exept right ear )) - set it manually.

Hi mileshkin, I printed the v4 version but it does not fit. I have the i3 mega ultrase version and its some milimiters too narrow

Hi. Maybe your blower differs. Just scale to 101-103%. My v4 fits ver-very tight.

Hi yes I will try that thank you. Wich version of the i3 mega do you have?

I have ultrabase one... v2 i mean.

Yeah its the same as mine, thats weird. You printed it at 100% right?

Yes sir. One more way - get it hot with wifes' hair dryer and stick into the hole.. )))

It looks fantastic. I was building one myself but I will try this one first. I have installed e3d v6 hotend, so I need to make this shorter (it is too tall).


Even 3 and 4 versions are to tall?
Just tell me what gap you need between nozzle tip and lower surface of ring and what it for now - i will compose v6 hotend version.

Hi! The problem is that the e3d v6 is shorter (about 6mm), so we need this fan to be shorter while keeping the mounting holes at the same position. I am the one that uploaded the classic fan duct for the v6, so I can tell you the total height I am using: 56mm, instead of the original 62mm (measuring from the bottom to the tallest point).

How do you clip the V4 to the blower?

Thanks mate!!!

So man, check it out! )) Waitin' for photos and "I made one"

It looks very very good! Thanks!

One thing I have seen is that the holes for the air to blow to the printed part are a bit smaller, and they dont face down as nice as the v4 version. Is this something you can fix? is intentional?

Thanks again man, the measures are pretty perfect!

Damn! You right. Wait a little more.

Thanks ;)

and... is it asking for a clip version too much? :)

Uhhhhhffffrrrrr.... Update #6 - check it out!

Let's print! Thx!

Fixed + some inner structure fixes too.
Wait for fastclip lowprofile.

Hi friend!

I have made some tests, and it almost worked :D

-Height is nice, but it could use 0.3mm less to give some more space between fan and bed.
-The slot where the fan inserts is too wide, it is not tight anymore
-The screws holes were not good for mine, I had to move them a little to the "right"
-The nozzle is not centered in the fan circle, but it is close (I don't think this is a problem, and maybe there is no space to fix this).

Thanks for the great work, again :)

So, i checked geometry - all is equal to v4 fastclip - it must be tight.
And you can use Tinkercad to lower the model with 0.3 (i did it now - all is cool!)

  1. There is to much to rebuilt for gainin' that 0.3
  2. Very strange... I didn't change that dimension. Maybe snap settings gone wrong - I will check it this night.
  3. Maybe blower differs from mine. Mine is perfect fit.
  4. Yes. The 1st ver is more decentered. This is maximum i can do without cracking the mesh (( Its not a problem tho.

I have made some small changes (holes reposition and small movements to gain 0.2mm approx) and it is working fantastic. After installing the new fan, some prints that were failing because of no right fan air, are now printing perfectly.

Thank you very much, I have added a "I made one" picture for you all to check :)

Okay, I will make "E3D v6" version for you.
V4? Just stick blower into the duct skirt. First time it will be a little tight... like ex gf LOL - do a little more tension and it will fit!

Printed this (V4) and working great so far, used PLA (Makergeeks Raptor PLA since it should handle heat better) and worried it might warp from heat but no issues after a few prints. Seems a large improvement over the stock shroud as I can now handle bridge/overhang areas better at a lower fan speed.

Great! Thanks for your feedback!

V4 is not working for me...

IDK. seems no where to mount.

Hey is your round over the top a little bit more then I think iot will print more clean. Also slicers might not try to force supports inside as well.


Anet A6 circular fan duct
by Paclanc

Just disable supports in slicer and make one manualy.

That's what I did but not all slicers have manual support. I was mostly talking about the inside of the airduct.

Okay, I will do the "no support" version for you. Or just print the "fastclip" version - no suppots are needed for it at all. All of mine are printed without any supports even inside the duct. Upper layers are printed with bridges - all is fine - blows like tornado.

Dont worry about it man. I was just a little concerned about the bridging on the duct but it printed fine. But hey more versions can't hurt. I plan on printing the fast clip version as well as the extra clearance one that I already printed.

I will also be posting photos tomorrow. It's just too late here.

Есть примеры испытаний?
Сколько не пробовал такие вот приспособы, они оказываются не лучше чем стандартный вариант.
Для такого выдува нужен куда мощнее вентилятор.

Я с подобным видом потратил пол кг пластика в поисках идеального варианта, но в итоге бросил, результат лучше тогда, когда ставишь более мощный вентилятор или два вентилятора и два выхода для воздушного потока.

По-хорошему, конечно, надо испытание на тестовой заготовке с разными углами нависания сделать - штат и кольцевой. Тогда и будет понятно.

ps. Привет в РнД!

Ну да, сейчас трудится. Вполне сносно работает, не хуже стандартного. Я обдув проверял рукой - пятно намного больше и как-то понятнее что ли. Родное сопло сдувает с одной стороны.
Я сейчас сделаю версию с более высоким профилем - чуть лучше будет торчать сопло и направление обдува точнее будет.
Еще есть идеи с мелким кольцом, но там да - от закона Бернулли никуда не деться - придется улитку помощнее городить.
Ну и хит - набор быстросъемных насадок. Надо выспаться только, а то эти две версии вторую ночь вылизываю.

Я проверял обдув на модели Tree Frog, конечно тоже самое можно и на тестовой заготовке проверить.
Еще такая проблема была, когда обдув не достаточный, то ПЛА загибается и цепляет кольцо обдува. Это жутко бесило когда модель отрывалась, когда кольцо поднимал то обдув переставал работать. Буду следить за твоей работой, может у тебя получится.

Короче, так: попробовал все варианты.
3-й пропустил - напечатал сразу 4-й, установил его - сопло чётко по центру и чуть выше кончика (3 мм где-то) - точно не зацепит модель. Обдув хороший, нависайки если и загибаются, то уже не так сильно.
С установленной 4-й версией напечатал 3-ю и, наверное, остановлюсь на ней.

Файлы обновил? Завтра попробую напечатать, если найду что нибудь кроме ПЛА, АБС кончился а нейлоном печатать сложновато стало.

Да, конечно! Ну, я из ПЛА печатаю - нормально )) Там от термокубика далеко - не поплавится.

Отпечатал из ПЛА, в общем твой вариант также работает не лучше стандартного обдува. Я тестировал на лягушке. Сейчас попробую отпечатать свой старый вариант с двумя выходами и протестирую его, если не забуду потом прикреплю фото.

А какой вариант напечатал?
Я на 3-м остановился и назад на сток не собираюсь - очень понравилось. Мосты идеально стал тянуть.

Я тоже распечатал третий. С мостами все ок. но когда печатаешь живую модель пластик один фиг загибаться начинает, как ни крути а не хватает воздушного потока на такое количество дырок. Я пробовал делать симуляцию и она не радужная, выход не равномерный и завихрения есть, а их быть не должно при хорошем случае.

Это понятно. Там тогда надо лепить систему равнодлинных каналов, собирать это все и прогонять симуляцию в том же солиде... Это ж поделка выходного вечера, а не дипломная работа )

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