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Pokeball Switch Cartridge Holder

by Kickass3DPrints Oct 9, 2017
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Master Ball and Ultra Ball tops?

i'm having trouble with the button lining up with the lid latches. as is it is too small and wont secure to both tabs. any recommendations to solve this? printed at 100%, 103% and 105% scalings

Did anyone found the Springs? I can't find them

I have a question, why is that the middal part, the black shell is not fitting with the cartridge holder. The white piece seems. To be to big or something if you know the reason let me know.

I have a question, why is that the middal part, the black shell is not fitting with the cartridge holder. The white piece seems. To be to big or something if you know the reason let me know.

For all those wondering about what to use for the button spring (like I was, no answers anywhere) I pulled the top off a safety pin and bent it straight. Really easy to do and nice and springy so it makes a perfect spring for the button.
For the hinge I used some PLA and a bent up spring from a clothes peg. I also cut down the top and bottom parts before printing in 3D Builder (a little-known and not that useful windows 10 app) to cut down on print time and I put some felt inside the lid to cusion the cartridges.
I'm also planning on glueing some coins in the gap between the shell and the bottom where I cut it off to add some weight. I'm thinking if I add them in the centre, it should stand up like one of those balancing toys, so I (hopefully) won't need the stand!

hey, can i put DS game in too or is just for switch ?

Note that the inner parts are shown as half-spheres, and need supports to print. I figured that since they were going to be hidden by the outer shell, there's no point printing all of them, so I printed mine with the top/bottom chopped off (In Cura, I just added a negative "z" offset, so it goes below the print bed). As long as the bottom isn't chopped beyond where the recesses for the cards start, and the top is chopped above the existing "ceiling" of the part, then it will be impossible to notice when it's all put together. Saves time and filament, and also means you don't need to bother removing cleanly the supports on the shells or inner parts.

Thanks for the awesome suggestion! Cut an hour off the print time :)

It also leaves a little room in the bottom to add some metal for more weight.

No worries. Good idea about the metal. How are your hinges? I'm worried mine will break again, so I added some white gorilla glue all around them, and will drill back through it for adding the hinge rod...

I printed with PLA, and the hinges break quite easily. Are there any hints for making them stronger?
What filament do other people use, and how strong are the hinges?

How to print the internal part in white as in the picture?

I thought it must have been dual colour machine or something, but there's another comment which indicates it was white, but painted on the outside as black after printing.

i found a copy of your design on wish.

I've printed the bottom twice, and neither time has it given me a hole big enough to shove my wire into for the button. Help?

I used a hand drill and a paperclip to widen it.

Does the bottom consists of 3 layers?

Would you mind sharing the source files? I would love to remix this to allow micro SD cards

Hello, designer!

My husband purchased what I believe is this design for me quite a while ago. It has been on the backburner for a while but I'm now trying to get it put together. I have two questions (see attached photo):

  1. Can you tell for sure that this is your design? Like I said, it's been a long time and we've lost the payment info, etc.
  2. According to your pdf files, I have all of the pieces, but in your video a fourth piece is shown. Were we supposed to have one of the cap pieces printed twice? (We have never used this site before, please forgive novice knowledge.)

can you upload a pdf or something of the outline for the button spring i've bent one up that works but it's far from good,

Has anyone had any luck finding the spring needed for this? I can't find one of those anywhere and I don't have any old toys to take one from. It's all I have left to do for it.

Found the perfect spring and post in one of my wife’s hair clips. I had to remove one rotation of the coil, then cut off excess and bent one end at 90 degrees. Then re-used the post that held the spring on the clip.

Thanks for the comment. :)

i bought some rod from a hobby store and made my own works a treat

so what did you use for the wire behind the button?

Wire lol. I think it was steel. So long as it's not a soft metal and can hold its shape it should be ok.

I guess you can also use this to store your SD cards?

SD cards don't fit.

Comments deleted.

Do Nindendo DS/3DS catridges fit as well? ^-^

No, right now it only fits Switch games, but I am working on remix that will work for 3DS games. I should have it up in a few days once I can print it out and make sure it works.

Thank you! :D

What do people use as a spring to open this? I'm having trouble finding something suitable on Amazon.

I can’t find it either! :0

What program did you use to add auto supports and how do i do that?

Whenever I try add auto supports to this in meshmixer it doesn't work

I'm a bit late, but I'd suggest using Cura as it adds supports automatically, you just need to check the "add supports" option ^-^

yep cura as a slicer for this works beautifully

Please Please, Pretty please make this into a full sd and micro sd version too! That would be sooooo sick dude!

Comments deleted.

Are the files different than in the video, or did you paint the bottom part black on the outside? It seems like the bottom is a white piece you printed and then put into the black top piece that's empty....but that doesn't seem right either.

Yeah I painted the outside of the bottom inside piece,

What did you use to paint it cause I'm using acrylic and having 0 luck.

What supports and slicer did you use?

Supports are needed and this remix was fairly basic so it was done in tinkercad.

any reason you printed the black part separately rather than as a part of the top or bottom ?
Or was it it just to print the lids in separate colors?

I saved time by printing the inner parts in low quality and the outside shells in high. I only painted the outside of the bottom inner piece because I wanted it white on the inside instead of being all black. You could do this whole print though without needing to use paint if you don't mind that.

It looks like it allows them to print in separate colors, but also has the added benefit of covering any scars left behind by support.

It would be super nice if there were pegs or grooves of some kind to help with alignment of the red and white outer pieces on top of the black.

that would be actually really nice i've though about adding magnets to the top part so you can change out the top cap for different designs (master ball great ball ultra ball etc