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Google Home Mini Invisible Mount

by Jakewk13 Oct 9, 2017
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Simple, fast, and easy to use. Thank you!

BRILLIANT! Super fast to print and works great.

Can you share CAD file? I want to make a little customization.

Works really well with some random screws I had kicking around. Thank you!

Comments deleted.

What is the screw size I need?

After reading the comments, it seems that the design is flawless, but I'm new to printing and cant get the hole "bridge" to print...it keeps falling apart or not printing at all. Using MP Maker Select V2...any advice?

You have a few options to try, and since this design only takes about 50mm you can experiment a bit.

  1. Use supports -should be a setting in your slicer.
  2. Increase the print speed.
  3. Reduce the layer size and increase speed.
  4. Point a fan a the hot end so the filament drys rapidly after exiting.

Wow that was a fast response. Thank you for your guidance

Cheers mate, this one does the job nicely without having an oversized "grabber" for the whole thing. Works well.

Very nice item. Small and a fast print. Works great with some 2 sided tape for extra support


The design is perfect! Do you think it might be better to print in flexible ABS instead of hard PLA? I did a rough print in PLA only until now.

Btw, some sales on ebay again: https://www.ebay.de/itm/263394024308

Both PLA and ABS should be fine. I did PLA just because I had it in hand.
And thanks for the heads up on the eBay listing. I can't even read it to see if he gave me a shout out lol.

Was too lazy to switch to ABS so I made 2 new in PLA. Just waiting for the second mini ;).
Until now, no update of the auction with a link to this side.

This was my first print off ever - used a friend's makerbot. works really well and love the minimal design.

Has anyone found an alternative USB cable that fits this mount? Since that's really what is holding this thing and it fits like a glove, I want to find an alternative USB cable that fits it just as well. My plan with my mini in my bathroom that I've wall mounted is to use a USB cable and plug directly into a receptacle with a USB port.

Thank you for your work. I uploaded a photo of my setup and that's perfect !

Hmm If i don't want to drill a screw in my wall, do you think there's enough surface area on the back that could still hold fast to a command strip but also be stable enough to hold the Mini?

Yes, I used some 3m double sided sticker. It works perfectly

If you're going to use tape, why not just tape the mini to the wall? I'd bet a command strip would do the trick with the mount though.

Thanks! I did read a few people had difficulties getting the command strip to stick to the rubber bottom of the Mini

I’ve never ordered anything before. What infill % should I select and what material is best?

At least 50%. Since its so small most people are printing 100%. It doesnt take much filament or time.

Can you modify your infill settings? All of the online printers are using the 20% infill you specified, and I’m unable to figure out how to change it to something else.

Comments deleted.

Thought you may be interested in this...


Someone is selling you design!

Ha, thanks for the heads up. Just talked to the seller. He added the attribution. Cool guy.

Comments deleted.

This is beautiful. The simplest and fastest 3d print I have done. Keep making my friend.

Can you tell me which material I should pick http://imageshack.com/i/pohfpm35p?
I totally new to 3D printing

PLA is what I used. It is probably the most common material. Good luck and welcome to the 3d printing community!

Are you kidding me! what a brilliant simple design. Everything else out there unnecessarily wraps around to the front with some version of a talon. And who does a FEA on their thingiverse design, guy did a stellar job. I have 4 of these mini's and i hung them all!

Works like a charm. Fit around plug is perfect. Thanks!

it looks like its gonna fall down when its just sitting on that ramp like mount what holds it from falling down i cant really see any pictures of the mount in action

There are several images with the Google home mini attached to the wall using the mount. It is tiny. It utilizes the firm connection of the USB. As you can see in the second image, the mount can hold it even when it's upside down.

Does the mini just rest on this? How secure is it? It looks like it could fall forward pretty easily.

The mini only weighs 6.1oz. The mount/power cable keeps it securely on the wall. I added a picture of the finite element analysis i did on the mount - it wont bend.

It only takes about 50cm of filament so give it a try and let me know what you think!

Fair enough. I guess I was just wondering if the mini was fixed in place somehow. I assume you can just pull it off (as long as there is enough slack in the cord).

You are correct in your assumption. The power cable has a holding strength of 25oz (per google). You can take the Mini off the mount by pulling straight up. Otherwise it will not lean forward or fall off the stand.

Verified: If you mount it upside down (put the mount above mini) the mini will stay in place.

Wow... awesome, thanks!