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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Dominion Crusader (28mm) MK2

by SebTheis Oct 5, 2017
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Hey I printed out the carapace it's great! I've noticed that I can't get the viewport, the front middle rivet, and the front and back points of the carapace to all match up

Does the upper body need to be scaled to match the official gw knight's proportions? I printed the Magaera carapace and compared it and it is really small.

it IS indeed too small. I'm aware of that and working on it.
new upper body should be ready in a week or two

Okay, no worries! I just wanted to know if I missed some instruction. I've printed other wargaming models as the come and found that there was supposed to be some scale factor applied

Thanks so much for the files. I have the legs printed and they look great. Can't wait to see the new upper body when it is ready :)

Are you planning on doing a few more heads ? Or am i overlooking something(just seeing wolves,anubis,the v1 mask and one mechanicus one from another post)
Just asking no pressure

i made a few different heads that fit with this model check my account

fantastic to see that v3 is coming soon.
i just started printing the feet of the v2, but in this case i think i will wait for the v3 :)

do you know if all weapons modeled for the v2 will also fit the v3?

Legs and feet won't be modified.
weapons shouldn't be modified either.
Most of the update will be on the upper body, which hasn't the right proportions, shitty head mount, and some details that weremissing on the main body..

Hi, thanks for sharing this amazing model. Would you reccomend me to print this version or the v1?

I'd say wait a few weeks and print the v3. I'm working on it

Wow! I was about to start on this one, but I'll gladly wait for V3 and print the Armor-bearer instead. :)
I'll be sure to send some donation once the mini-titan has printed :)

don't forget to post your make once it's complete ;)


Great to hear that, will do! Gonna try your other models then. Loving the Armiger Warglaive.

The armiger is rather easy to print. And lot smaller than the knight so it's faster to print too

Can we have the body_assembly, without the 1 shoulder and 1 exhaust on it?
If i split the stl into parts i get around 15 small pieces hehe

This part is not meant to be printed. It is only for assembly reference

ah cool, that explains allot haha

What total height of orginal model when complete?

approx the size of a regular Knight, 6inches

Hey Seb, for your current version of the IK how do you assemble the arms? I feel like I am dumb and missing something, but I decided to go to the maker in this case. Thanks in advanced!

Use a 6mm plastic bar to assemble upper arm and upper arm ball, with shoulder captive between them

This is really cool! i'm printing it now at 180% scale and it's a lot more detailed than the old one (printed that one at 150%)

is there any ETA on those new parts or is it just when you get free time?

keep up the good work man!

I need time to work ok it..

Thank you for the biggest and coolest model I have 3D printed since I started 3 months ago. This will be my first time printing something that will require assembly. I hate to be the dummy asking the stupid questions but what weapons do you use for the knight. I am assumiong they are the weapons from the first knight you modeled so I am in the process of printing them up now but I am wondering if there is another place that has the weapons. Thank you again for your time putting this knight together.

And check the remixes of this knight and the older one. Chrck also mismas's designs. You will find a lot of different things (axe, sword, gatling, AA cannon, missiles...)

That is what I thought. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I will post my first picture to thingiverse when I get this amazing model assembled.

This is really cool, as I play chaos I am planning to do a renegade knight paint job before I get to print this, is there anything I should note? e.g sizing, assembly, parts.

thank you

p.s This is an amazing model, you are really talented!

There are some issues with body size. Legs are OK. If you like chaos it would be interesting to make some custom armour pieces.

ok, so should I scale the main body up or down, and by how much percent? Also is it possible for you to pot some sort of instructions or something to help people assemble this amazing creation?

And I'm awful at 3d modelling, I plan to give it a crack in the future so maybe I'll make some chaos parts then.

It is not ready yet. And I am lacking some reference picture to fit the scale... If someone can take pictures of a real knight in front of a centimeter grid that would help me a lot

ok, I would love to help but I don't own a centimetre grid or a real knight. I am printing the body now so any tips on making the rest of the body fit?

Well you should have started with the legs. They have good dimensions.
and have a look at the attached pictures

ahh, ok. anyway, i found this, it may help you with dimensions:

it's the imperial knight next to a bunch of other models.

and thanks for those pictures, they will certainly help.

also, would it look odd if i just used the entire main body part you modelled and put the rest of the parts on that?

There are errors on the lower right leg. https://i.imgur.com/69YqD6v.png
There is also no left leg components in the files

and you were right, there were some nasty mech errors on lower leg.
I uploaded a V2.
if you want the Left parts, just mirror it in your slicer

Updated Imperial Knight proxy (WIP) LEFTY Parts.
by zooraw

This is very impressive,

I was reading through the comments and I am confused on the sizing for different parts. I would like to make one with GW sizing, but I do not own one to print parts and then compare to. Any suggestions?

Yeah the upper body dimensions seem to be wrong. If someone could send me front/side/top pictures with a centimeter grid I could adjust my model.

i have only printed out the roof part currently for the Magera variant and ive noticed its substantially shorter than the Vanilla model
both parts are 55mm wide when glued together, when they need to be about 65mm
Length should be 103mm ~ and yours is 74

As they are the only parts i have printed thus far thats all i can point out

i will manually scale the other parts as i print them ( using my Callipers to measure the parts and scale to that )

If you need any Measurements i can measure up my GW one

In working on it. I'll contact you if I need some specific measures

Bravo ! Enorme boulot.

Par contre je ne comprend pas s'il faut imprimer Le body_assembly ou les éléments 1 par 1 ?
Ou si on a le choix...

body_assembly c'est pour ceux qui ont du mal a voir comment ça s'assemble. mais il faut imprimer les pièces 1 par 1

Super merci :).

Mais il est vrai que + de photos du montage, ou une notice aiderait un peu... Huhu... (pas que pour le corps).

j'essayerai de faire une vue en éclaté

Oui si t'as fait sur 3DS max c'est jouable, mais sinon des photos lisible assez proche c'est nickel et plus simple...

this is so cool just a small question could there be a file to assemble this with amounts of each part that needs to be printed please and build instructions? thjanks for the awesome model very great work

This is awesome!

How much will this knight probably weight?

i don't really know. mostly depends on your infill parameter

Hi, can I just ask, printed this, it's starting to look glorious, but the small rivets seem to be a bit of an issue.


If I print at normal size, I get hollows where the rivets would be (0.4mm nozzle printing at 0.08mm layer height). The above image is printed at double size, but you can see even then the rivets are sketchy, some exist, some don't.

Simplify 3d shows this, so essentially it seems to be placing hollows behind each rivet.


Anyone know if this is a model issue or a slicer issue, I've tried twiddling with Simplify3d and can't seem to sort it. A Cura slice does indeed seem ok, but it's not clear to me whether it's just Cura working round the issue.

Hi and thanks for your comment
The rivets were placed one by one and are solid meshes included in the armor mesh. Cura has the capacity to merge overlapping volumes into a single volume. Thats why it works. I don't know about simplify.
You will probably have similar issues with other parts as I use this method often
It would be necessary to unite the meshes in a 3d modelling software.but it will drastically increase the density of the mesh all around the rivets.

Can't wait till this is done, want to start printing already but it's clear even the finished bits might still need adjustments at this point.

Unfortunately, I had barely any time to work on it in the 2 last weeks because.. well, you know, life ^^

Ah no worries, reading the comments it looks like I can do the body anyway so I'll sort that.

Doing a bit week by week isn't such a bad thing. :)

You can print the legs too. It won't change

Awesome job!! Thank you for the hard work!!

As tu une photo ou un plan pour le montage?

Je ne comprend pas ou va la pièce Upper body.

regarde la photo post printing N°1
upper body c'est la piece qui se place au dessus de center body, et entre les 2 plaques latérales des épaules, et qui accueille la tête (pour les version précédentes de têtes), maintenant j'ai collé la pièce neck devant pour placer les nouvelles têtes articulées.
la partie courbe permet de poser les top-armour dessus et cela doit épouser la courbure parfaitement.

si c'est pas clair j'essaierai de faire d'autres photos, voire un petit plan, mais je manque un peu de temps en ce moment ;)

Je comprends bien, mais quand j'assemble les pièces (sous 3dsMax) elles ne s'ajustent pas dutout.
La courbure du upper ne correspond pas à l'armure dorsale et les plaques d'épaules rentrent dans l'armure aussi.
Mon but est d'assembler le tout sous 3dsmax pour ajuster le corps par rapport au modèle GW.

Hi, I've print 2 top armour but the size isn't correct, it's smaller than original knight.

what scale do you print it?

For me the Top armour is OK, and looks nearly the same size as the older version I had (from Garin). everything printed @100% scale

GW Original Knight Top is bigger, Garin's is smaller too.

OK. I don't have one so I can't tell. How much bigger?
can you post a comparative picture ?

For exemple : top armor classic seems to have good size with X150% Y110% Z120%

thanks for the pics. I will probably have to rework the proportions later on...
that's the problem in modelling only based on some pictures
For now the knight will remain like this, but i'll keep this in mind.
what about the other parts ? pauldrons, legs...

This legs seems good (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1667453)
Pauldrons and torso must be rescaled too.

I'll try to print exaust and upper arm to compare.

Knight Titan Poseable Legs & CCW

thanks a lot. It is good to have real size comparison sometimes ^^

Awesome progress! Is this updated version finished now? Just wondering if I should wait to start printing :)

The body is complete now. I will not modify it.
I work on new

  • neck/head/masks
  • the link with the hips
  • new detailed shin guards
  • improved arms
    That s quite a lot... and I also have to finish my necron pylon at the moment ;)

Thanks for the quick response. I'll definitely wait then for the rest of the updates!

Hips and Legs will come probably tomorrow.
You can start to print at least the top armour and shoulders they are finished for now

Very cool, it's great that you're making quick work of it. Would you maybe want to post in the details about which items are still pending changes so we all know when you're finished? Again, really great work and thanks for an awesome model!

Done. in fact all parts online are good to print now

Just checking in to pester you. October is almost over :)

I have printed a neck but I'm not 100%satisfied with it. Printed the leg armour as well but I need to check the size with the Pistons around the ankle. The torso front armour is done too
I'm on it don't worry ;)

just a question, is my Thingiverse playing up or did you really upload so many times?

..... and what was your poison? :P

Sorry for that. I uploaded parts one by one : /


Shame though, I got a kick out of thinking you got shitfaced and suffered mental lag in between pressing the send button and it registering, thereby creating your line of little booboos :D Too funny

yeah it was really late and i told myself "one more part to upload" and couldn't stop... and ended going to sleep sooooo late ^^

This looks amazing! I finished my three Knights, now apparently you want me to make a fourth. At least this time I can correct my mistake with the legs :). I'm very impressed with your modeling ability!

I'm going to modify the body too.

ughhh..........why you do this to me!? just kidding! Great model

Very cool! (as always.)