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Ultimaker 3 Spool Holder

by lendres Oct 2, 2017
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I used #6 - 3/4" screws (for all 9 screws) and I holed with 7/64" (2,8mm) drill. Instead of using the printed pins, I used phone wire that I bended. Everthing seem to work fine.

Thanks for the good sharing.

Just to confirm two spools of Matteforge 1kg work as well, thanks for this.

I'll add Matteforge to the list, thanks! And you're welcome!

I'm no good with fusion 360 but is there a way you could make it fit a 300mm x 105mm spool for Print core 1 and a 200 x 55 mm spool for Print core 2. Want to have a 2,3kg PLA Spool and then a 500g PVA spool together. both are larger than a 52mm center diameter

You can download the files from the link in a variety of formats, so you should be able to modify them in just about any solid modeling program. If you have specific questions about modifying it, I can answer those. I don't have time (or desire) to modify it for specific requests (this is a can of worms I don't want to open). That's why I posted the design files, for others to modify as they desire.

I made a few small adjustments: I used hot glue to strengthen the connection between the filament guide arm and the bottom of the tower piece. It had snapped off when tension of my filament got too extreme. I am now careful about NOT putting Material 2 (closest to the ultimaker unit) through the filament guide. I think this was my mistake, since I just assumed both were intended to go through. But, Material 2 seems to work better directly sent to the feeder without going through the guide arm.

I also sanded down the tube a bit, which helped my spools (MeltInk) fit over the rib in the middle better, and reduce friction when being turned.

The filament guide is intended for the outside spool only, as you discovered. I will add a note to make this more clear. I will also add the information from the comments on your "make." Thanks for the very helpful feedback!


Just a view questions, do you use support, same or second extruder? You put resolution on 0.3, I don't have that as an option, do you mean the quality (layer height)? I will print it on a normal um-3, so when its done i let you know how it fits.


I printed it in PLA and used PVA on the second extruder as the support material. (More accurately, I used the second extruder only for the support interface so as to save on PVA.) I used a layer height of 0.3 using a custom profile, but you can certainly use a default profile and a lower layer height.

I believe everything should work, but feedback on any issues would be appreciated! Please do read through the instructions ahead of time to make sure you have all the required tools and hardware necessary to complete it.


Hey, really cool thing! I'm gonna give it a shot on my non-Extended Ultimaker 3.

I can solve the mystery as to why the Thingiverse Customizer isn't working. The customizer no longer likes curly braces in comments; it cuts off processing at that point. So the scope braces in the difference() command in the tweet-version of the code in the opening comments are breaking it. Removing the tweet-version, or even just moving it so that it's after the customizable parameters, works around the issue.

Let me know how it goes! This version should fit the non-extended version but no one has confirmed that. Also, I just uploaded a new filament guide, it is slightly longer. I'd recommend using the new one.

Thanks for making it available, very helpful construction!
I made it a couple of weeks ago (PLA) and somehow fitted it to my UM3. I think I modified the metal cable cover somehow, or left it off completely, dunno.

But after some printing, it turned out that the filament tends to get jammed in the filament guide, which eventually broke off, so I changed back to the genuine spool holder.

Nevertheless I would like to try an improved version of your spool holder...

I've made some updates to address this problem. The filament guide opening is larger so the filament should move more freely. It is also stronger. I've been running the updated version for a few weeks now and it seems to have resolved the issue.

I had the same thing happen and had to glue it back together. That was another issue I was working out. It's the torque created from the filament pulling upwards on the filament guide. The redesigned version should be both stronger and reduce the torque. Hopefully, this eliminates this issue.

Thanks, will try it :-)

I printed it in black pla on my ultimaker 3 extended, no scaling nothing... works perfect! Thank you so much for sharing

Looks very promising! Has anyone tested it on a standard UM3 (not extended) yet?

Mine fits just fine, check the pictures in the Make i posted for more info.

Not that I've heard. I've added a new figure which shows the minimum clearance required. Looking at the 3 holes used to mount the spool holder, measure from the bottom of the top opening to the ground or table (see the last image). You need 153 mm minimum and that would be tight. It should be possible to squeeze a few more millimeters out of the design if required.

I measured today before printing... it's only 147 mm from the bottom of the hole to the table.

Thanks for the measurement! I should be able to get the height down to bellow that by squeezing the filament guide; it's taller than it needs to be. I need to check one or two other things. I'll update the files as soon as I can make the changes and test it.

Ok, cool! Looking forward to that.

Ok, I will measure and make a test print and report back to you!

You have done a great job here. Thanks for the effort!

Thanks. I'd appreciate the feedback!

If you do give it a shot at printing it, please read the instructions. The RFID reader is a tight fit and good calibration is important. The assembly needs to be done in a certain order to get it on (not difficult to do, but it is important to follow the instructions). I know it says all that above, but it bears repeating. :-)

Thanks, yes.... I'll do my best! :D

so hv any one tested it on the non-extended UM3 version yet? is that good to use? I really wanna get it on my UM3, but the dimensions doesnt look right

User jahnotto measured and it doesn't fit. I've shortened it, but ran into another issue. It probably will not fit over the cord cover. Still debating the solution to this.

I measured it -- it doesn't fit.

I've used the measurements provided by jahnotto and updated the files with a version that should fit the standard UM3. You won't be able to use the RFID cord cover on the standard, but the filament guide mounting bracket will serve the same purpose. This version is untested so any feedback would be appreciated.

Now that all the UM3 source files have been released, has anyone re-sized and printed the RFID wire cover?

I'm not sure exactly what that means. But I have checked the hardware source files and it indicates the spool holder should fit, but you will probably have to leave off the original wire cover (that came with the machine).