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Silverado Dually Cab

by FourDogs Sep 29, 2017
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Comments deleted.

je rencontre également le problème, cela vient des passages de roue

no matter how much I fix the file I get this

Strange, because they are printable for sure. I've printed it and danman24 has printed it as well if you look at the photos of his truck. I'll pull the model up again and try to find any errors in the next week......

I am using 3D builder from windows 10. do you think that could be my problem?

the bed is not printable......

I’m trying to work on a 88 bronco body about 1/25 scale

Hi, I see you posted this 7 months ago and I'm curious if you finished this. I've been searching for 1/25 scale bodies/ rims/ etc but having a hard time finding. Seems most things on here are 1/10 or 1/18. Thanks.

i've uploaded the flatbed files.

here are some pics of the build so far. my kids have named the truck "Mooy" ha

That's awesome. It looks great! Are those other parts available on Thingiverse?

heya guys

just wondering ive bought my first 1/10 rock crawler and planning on using a single cab and the dually rear
is it possible to get the dually tray modified to have a longer wheel arch that goes alot closer to the rear bumper ? or is there a program you can recommend for me to try and modify it myself if thats allowed?
im 100% new to this but would love to get it edited for my own build my wheelbase is 300-315 roughly would like to extend the arch back without lengthening the whole model if that makes sense

I have not uploaded the flatbed or the headache rack yet. everything else is tho. i wanted to be sure the bed was going to work out first.

well sir. i'm done printing the main parts of the body. i decided not to do the dually bed tho. i designed and printed a flatbed with a headache rack. i love this truck. thank you so much for uploading this body. i was worried i had lost the love of my rock crawler. i still will be making more additions to thistruck. if anyone has any requests or challenges for me id love to take them on.

That's awesome. Can't wait to see the flatbed. Thought about doing one of those myself. Thingiverse needed some good RC bodies. Too many people out there trying to rip everything off with 300.00 printed bodies. Enjoy the truck, I know I do!

I wonder how this would look scaled down to a 1/24'1/25 model truck size.. maybe 1/16th even.

Super cool any plans to do a Ford?

Yes, but I don’t know that I’ll be uploading it here. Depends on how tipping goes with the other models.

Hey, i havnt quite finished making the body yet. but i decided to mod it already. i designed some fender flare for this truck.

Fender Flares for Silverado Dually Cab (front)

If someone designed something like this, but with individual parts (Fenders, hood, doors, etc..) that could all bolt together. I would pay real money to have the files. I can't print anything this big in my Makerbot Replicator 5, but If I could do the individual panels that could bolt together, I'd pay money, no joke. Awesome job here though!

If I knew the mechanical side of Fusion360 I would totally do that, but right now it's just tracing and molding....

I get it. Nice work either way! Wish I could utilize it!

I'm gonna have to chop this thing up further to make it fit on my custom Chinese i3. Gonna be bad ass tho. Thanks for the hard work.

Your welcome. I'm glad it is liked. Be sure to post a make when done!

Just out of curiosity, when you design the bed could you also put up a version of it that isn't a dually?

Hey, if your looking for wheels to use with your Silverado body, I just designed some inspired by the wheels on my 2002 Silverado.
P.S. They are still a work in progress

Silverado Wheels

Those are nice! Are they going to be a bead lock style at some point or just remain glue on?

Thanks! I'm not planning on making them bead-lock, it would mess up the look (also I don't know how to design a bead-lock, I'm a bit of a newbie). They should be slightly bigger than a normal 1.9 inch rim so you might not need to glue persay since they should stretch the tire slightly, but definitely if you want them locked in tighter then glue them.

This is by far the coolest RC truck crawler body I have ever seen! I'm definitely gonna use this for my custom build! To make it a single cab, would I just have to chop the rear section and the roof? I can totally do that myself by the way, just curious if you think it'd work.

I’m sure it would work. You’d just need to box in the cab...

Here's the single cab version finished. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2563131

Remix K10 Silverado Single Cab For RC Truck

id shit brix if this had a dually bed. me likey.

i have a 3d print of trail finder 2 chassis i been working on every thing print out nice i could send u the slt when im done try that chassis if it works it be a full 3d printed truck

nice work!!! Are you gonna to make chassis, rims etc?

I used a SCX10 chassis to get the measurements, so no chassis. The only other parts I have planned are the dually bed and maybe interior cab components.

nice and thanks :) what length is wheelbase as i have a hg p402 which is 280 or 290 or 300 selectable i also have a vaterra ascender but cant rem wheelbase of that

With bed, it will be a 409mm wheel base. It's a long scale truck. Will definitely require some customizing.

nice and thanks :) what length is wheelbase as i have a hg p402 which is 280 or 290 or 300 selectable i also have a vaterra ascender but cant rem wheelbase of that