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CR-10 Vibration Dampers

by The3DWorkshop Sep 28, 2017
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They are too stiff to have an effect worth printing them.
Better use rubber instead and you get good grip and high attenuation over a wide frequency range down to the lowest.

can i print with Petg? or is better with pla?

How To assemble this ?? I am having trouble to assemble this

It helps if you start with the "helper" at an extreme almost vertical angle and then push it while working it horizontally into the damper

I dont get it. Am i doing something wrong? These "dampers" only allows my printer to move even more than it would under its stock hard-rubber feet. What am i doing wrong? Wouldnt a firm attachment be the solution?

You do nothing wrong, it is supposed to do so to reduce the vibration coming from the printer. This will lead to lower sound coming from the printer, which is the purpose of the dampers

I would assume this works for the CR-10 mini as well?

Really useful & efficient. Assembly can get a bit touchy with PLA, but some lubricant did help...

1st.. Im amateur.. and i like this design and will print all of them ! But.. some fast complains here ! =D

I think they suck printing.. Round edges r pixel shit so whole machine will sound it explodes in minute.. Then there is few places whats stupid with infill 100% Those little dots its printing.. takes time..

everyone has to start somewhere. Round edges shouldn't be a problem for printer.

What´s the "demper_helper" for?

I asked the same thing...this "damper" only allows the machine to move even more than under stock rubberfeet

I haven't printed these, but as the designer already told you, a damper, by design, absorbs vibration by moving. You can't create, nor destroy, energy, it has to go somewhere. Nowhere in the description did the designer state that these dampers were to reduce movement. They (presumably) reduce vibration, resulting in quieter operation with improved print quality.

Works numero uno, thank you very much!

Very nice! Thank you very much for this model, it fits perfectly and seems works perfectly

Printed these and I have to say that they are fantastic!

They completely eliminated the constant humming in my apartment.
Thank you so much!

Be sure to put the whole thing on a rubber mat. The dampers are slippery and with the vibration the whole machine started shifting towards the edge of the table. Luckily I noticed just before it tipped over.

Didn't see this comment before but I just had the same issue. Caught it just in time!

Do you know if these will fit a TEVO Tornado?

When it says supports do not matter, does it mean you dont need them, or it doesn't matter what type?

It means you dont need them :)

I printed them without supports and had no problems with the prints.

Just finished printing up a set today. They seem kinda stiff. Do they really help?

Yes they do. They're fantastic!

Personally, I'm not entirely convinced they do anything drastic.

j'ai essayer 4 fois de les imprimer , impossible de les assembler , les pièces casse en deux. Tester avec le slicer Ultimaker cura 3.2.1 et les support sont trop compliquer a enlever , et sous cura 15.04.3 les suport se retire plus facilement mais la piece casse tout de meme.

Vous devez imprimer les amortisseurs de leur côté. Orienté de cette façon, les supports ne sont pas nécessaires.

merci bien , j'vais finis par retourner en effet les pieces et du premier coup cela a fonctionner , merci a vous !

How many perimeters would you recommend?

Very nice design! Printed at 50% infill - the vibrations transmitted to the table have been reduced a lot, thank you!

Perfect fit. printed both sides @50% infill.

After multiple prints with these feet my prints are as good as 100% smooth. Had some problems with layers shifting but now they seem to be gone.

These buffers are a must to print on every CR-10

Had issues with noise from downstairs and I'm assuming it was vibrations as well. Installed just the lower without the helper and solved the noise level completely. Waiting for the helpers to finish. So far very happy with the results. Printed with 50% infill PLA

im working on feet for 2020 extrusion that you print in TPU to reduce vibration

Printed in PETG, tried both main part only and with helper. Result was extreme ringing in prints, whether on a table or on the ground. Maybe because of PETG less stiffness than PLA! But anyway, I'm not gonna use them for now.

Had the same. also printed in PETG, ringing more visible than without the dampeners. removed them.

Thank you very much. They work great!

Printed them at 50% percent infill, seems to be enough.

No prob! Glad they're working for ya!

Wel a little bit in my case. It not the noise but more the vibration. If i did it again i would make the some what more flexible. to rigid i think. Maybe not a 100% infill.

These do help quite a bit with noise. They also helped with the leveling of the printer since my workbench was not perfectly level and the printer rocked a bit.

Should this be printed on regular PLA or in flexible PLA?

if you print it in flexible PLA my guess is that the weight of the printer will push them down and not get any dampening effect.

Thank you for your response! I have decided to go with another design for the dampers, thanks!!