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Pattaya3D - Full 3D printed RC sailplane/glider (aliante) - original design by Franck Aguerre

by atlaware Sep 28, 2017
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Dear Daniele

Looks like you done it again!

Any chance of sharing this design also?

Best regards,


Like the design and concept of this a lot. Very simple.

I modified the design a bit, so maybe I'll upload as a remix, but I have a few more mods in mind first.

QUESTION: Where is the proper balance point? The original guide shows balancing it at the point where the wings are connected via a rubber band, etc. Is that correct? I balanced mine at that point, and have one flight so far, which was ok, but the overall flight characteristics were not optimal, so I'm wondering if the CG is off. Full throttle would cause a pretty severe nose-up climb attitude.

Hi mikebaker,
I'm very courious of your modified design, there is always somethings to improve and 3d printing help to do that "easyly" :)
So the CG: is where guide show and in my wings is where there is the hole for the magnets.
If the flight with motor off is not optimal you can try to move forward the CG of 0.3/0.6 cm and retry, the flight of pattaya correctly centered is very smooth generaly and fly well. Use of esponential in trasmitter setup help the guide.
The motor: you are right, also my motor version with motor climb-up the nose. In my medium glider experence this is a "tipical" reaction for glider with motor. Pattaya do that much. maybe too much.
The possibles solution are:
1) mix the motor throttle with the elevator (easy but not perfect), in transmitter setup.
2) tilt the motor down of some degree!

Maybe post some photo of your pattaya!

Bye and good flights :)


Hey Daniele! Thanks for the info on the CG location. That's where I balanced mine, except no magnets. I added some "hooks" in the design of the wings so I could use a rubber band. Some expo probably would have helped, as you mentioned. Maybe some throttle/pitch mix also.

The second flight was a disaster. Right after the launch it started rolling uncontrollably to the right, so needless to say, it ended up as a pile of broken plastic. Not exactly sure what went wrong, as the first flight was generally pretty good. Could have been several causes, so I need to see if I can narrow it down before I print another one and try again :)

Mods I've made so far:

1) Enlarged most of the model slightly to accommodate a 1300mAH battery.
2) Moved the bottom servo-mounts up so the 9g servos fit very snug. Also leaves more room for the battery wires to pass from the rear of the fuse to the front.
3) Cut the rear part of the fuse in a different location due to making the model larger, so it would fit within my print volume.
4) Added built-in hooks in the wings to hook a rubber band to.
5) Added a 3D-printed "springy" latch on the bottom hatch, to hold it in place better.

Mods I want to add:

1) Ventilation holes
2) Modified fuse design to allow easy access to the internal components if necessary

Maybe you mentioned this and I overlooked it, but what did you use to design the 3D parts? It would be nice to get the original source files to make some of the modding a little easier, assuming you used a suitable 3D app.


Hey Mike, could you by any chance share the wing mod with the hook and/or any of the other mods you have made?

Here's the original wing part with the "hook" added. You'll need to mirror it for the left side. Let me know how it works out.


Comments deleted.

Hello man, thanks for the files, today i'll start to print my Pattaya, do you intend to make a version with fixed wings and aileron? i dont have skills draw some thing like this hahah
congrats for the project! it realy is the best printable rc plane in thingverse!

Thank you CassioML and good printing and flying :)

So, for the moment no version with fixed wings is planed, maybe in future :)
The problem with aileron is the 3D printing: moving and strength.
Maybe the winter lead to a solution and a new pattaya fixed wings wil born :)

Let's me know when you finished your pattaya!

Bye Bye

Thanks @atlaware, I have a friend that will try to edit the wing to put ailerons, I'll post the results here.
Let's Fly!!

This is my frankenstein version put together with badly printed parts.

hey man, to fly with ailerons do you used tail commands?

Hi! Wow is very "frankestein", but very good :)
Let's know if one of your models go "in the air"!

Hello everybody,

Made a quick and dirty translation of the manual in english.
Since my French isn't what its used to be. ;-)

Happy flying!

Wow, I have understand correctly? you have translate the manual from french to english?
The pdf is in french, maybe you have attach the wrong pdf?!

Thank you anyway and super Happy flying :)

Dear Atla,

I have placed comments in the pdf when you hover over them with your mouse it will give the translation. Double clicking does the same. Let me know if it works.


Hi! Yes, work perfectly :) Was my fault: I did not see translation box! Very good work for the community: thank you.

Im really hopeing for a good flyer sure is pretty so if this works well im gunna rescale everything to accommodate a larger battery and more room for goodies and such like fpv .

All done ready for flight just waiting for an esc ,running a turnigyd 2826/10 1400kv 6 blade prop 9g servos waiting for a small 30amp esc ,i recomend not useing the magnet technique and instead attach a cut servo arm on each side of the wing underside with a rubberband connecting the 2 through the fuselage this work much better,amso used a paperclip for the servos

Good solution!

Comments deleted.


Did you look at the manual for the original balsa model. https://www.topmodel.fr/goodsdoc/100004_time_1323948728.pdf
There is an elastic band holding the wings together. Its in the part after the servos got installed.

In the magnet version Atla didn't make a hole in the wing for the magnet. Probably have to make a hole with a soldering iron or a drill and glue it in.

Any thoughts on a cheap rc setup? just getting in to the flying hobby. Any help would be much appreciated.
Maybe via personal message.
Thanks in advance


Comments deleted.

Ok ive just placed magnets and put the ane together and i have no idea how these wings will hold there is way too much play even with the magnets ..great idea but baddly exicuted..my advice to do away with this terrible wing idea is make the wings with normal ailerons with the wings fixed to the body would make a much more stable and reliable plane with better flight characteristics..sorry i give the body a 10 but wing setup a 2.

Sorry for that. Anyway the wings idea, unfortunatly, isn't mine, but is from Franck Aguerre, as mentionend in topic title. It's a working genius idea from 10 years: https://www.google.it/search?q=crobe+glider&oq=crobe+glider and there is other plane that use this kind of command. Maybe not so classic, but good.
I can't change it. For a simple resolution don't use magnet: simply use tape on the top of the 2 wings. As in some of my images (the violet/yellow version) and no problems with wings.

Wanted to say thankyou for the files i was wrong about this plane a few minor mods and im now a strong supporter .This is absolutly the best printable plane on thingiverse, i printed a 3d labprint spitfire i paid 20 us dollars for the files and was super disapointed at the strength of the plane as there was no room for any failure ,this plane on the other hand is minimal parts to print its strong and very versatile. I give the pattaya a 10

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Comments deleted.

it's not a build video, but with timelapse of printing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYcKbTu28WA
you can see how to place pieces for printing!

Comments deleted.

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Hello everybody,

Is there anyone that can give me a cheap beginners rc setup for this plane. Rc receiver, battery's, esc etc.
I'm planning to print the glider and the motorized version.
I'm a complete beginner alliexpress, gearbest, etc proposals are very welcome.

Thanks in Advance.
Best regards,


Hi, Ciao, Atla,
Thanks for the files.
I will let you know when I have printed them. Just printed the normal wings. Any suggestions on a cheap glider setup. Just beginning to learn to fly. Your glider will be my first.

Grazie, thanks,


Comments deleted.


There is a photo of the gliderplane with inverted wing. Also in the flightvideo.
Is there a STL file for this. Its the yellow plane with black body.


Hi, yes, the inverted wing was an original "mistake" from a "3d cad novice" that I'm :)
But I have tested it and fly well, maybe not so well as next correct version, but as you have see in video, there is no problem with IT.

Link to STL:
part1: http://www.ip8.it/upload/fad05_ALA_2_lore_OK_1.stl
part2: http://www.ip8.it/upload/fad05_ALA_2_lore_OK_2.stl
Openscad inverted wing generator: http://www.ip8.it/upload/fad05_ALA_2_lore.scad

Let's me know If you print it!


Comments deleted.

Yes, you have to drill your "own holes", very easy on Pla or other plastic material.
If your motor heats a lot you can make a plywood top, but isn't mandatory.
I have just made a micro video of motorized version, not good quality but give an idea of flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btz9mCOTfdM

let me know when you fly!


Nice vid looks fast ..great flyer it seems to be ..good job

Ciao a tutti ottimo lavoro