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Tronxy X3 Z anti wobble

by DracenKnights Sep 28, 2017
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I've just print that anti wobble and there is a problem, the uper screws of the hotend mount are stop on the z mounts before reach the x endstop. Have you got this problem too?

read the other comments some have just use shorter bolts or cut the ends off

Hi! I couldn´t find the third file with the 3 parts. only the 2 brackets!
i´ve used several decompression tools and is not there :(

Go to the files part of the design no clue why thingiverse does not add the last part to the zip download all the parts are there just download the last one by itself.

Comments deleted.

they are all there in one file... you should have 3 files. one for each main bracket then a third one that has the other 3 parts.

Update. I was unable to get this to work. Try as I might, I cannot get the belt to clear the top edge of the extrusion. The teeth of the belt rub against the edge of the channel. You can hear, and feel the vibrations. (even moving by hand).

I'm going to remove the mounting tabs on the z mount, and replace the holes with slots. Yes, it makes lining everything up more difficult, however the up and down motion will allow the gantry to line up so the belt doesn't touch anything. The only other way would be to make the Z mount a separate piece to allow adjustment in the horizontal.

I finally had time to edit the main brackets... I lowered the full X 2020 rail system 6mm and that centered mounts to the center of the exact X motor mount I use... sorry it took so long for me to get time to do this... but it is done now

I printed out the latest files, still rubbing on top. tried it with the stock mount, 2 different mounts I found on here, including one in your collection. There's too much gap between the belt and the bottom channel of the X Gantry. At the top, the belt rubs against the Gantry.

You have a particular set of mods, so for you it looks like it works together, however someone using the stock motor mount, or a different one.. this will not work. Thanks for the effort though.

I chopped off the mounting "tabs", and turned the holes into slots. This is the way the stock mounts are set up, and I think it's done on purpose to allow adjustment. With a marker and a bubble level, I was able to get the mounts lined up and adjusted for an even gap for the belt on the top and bottom.

you printed the version I put up 2 days ago? because I lowered it down. as much as I could.

The belt from the factory sits near the bottom of the channel of the extrusion... At least it did on mine just try the x end stop and see if that fixed it for you.

I printed it out and gave it a try but the problem is still the same. The top of the belt, rubs along the top of the end stop. instead of the edge of the extrusion. However it's still rubbing. There's a bit less friction, but having a belt touching another part is not a good idea. Cutting off the tabs and enlarging the holes into slots will work, it's how the stock one works. I'll use flat washers and a level to line it up. Thanks anyway.

I printed out 3 different x motor mount plates I found here.
The problem that I'm having is that when the assembled, the X pulley should be aligned with the 2020 extrusion, so that the belt will fit in the slots and not drag. What is happening to me, is the motor ends up sitting lower on the horizontal, than the extrusion bar, the pulley not centred compared to the bar, which causes the belt to rub against the bar. (I mean there's too much room on the bottom, not enough room on the top. I know I keep bugging. Only because I like the basic idea, and am trying to get it to work for me.

ok thats odd... but I use this on mine so might be what fixes my issue

Tronxy X end stop

What I'm talking about is the carriage plate/x motor mount. In other words, the other half of your z mount. It holds the wheels.
The stock item is 2 pieces.. a left hand side carriage plate that you attach the x motor to. when the carriages and z mounts are bolted through the hot end 2020 extrusion, if you look at the x motor pulley, it sits directly in-line with the 2020 beam. It does this, so the x-axis belt can go around the beam, without touching it. If I use your z mount/combo carriage plate with the stock left side X mount carriage plate. The x- motor becomes offset a bit LOWER than the hot end beam. This causes the belt, to rub against the TOP side of the beam. There are a number of x-mount/carriage plates here, I've printed and tried 3 of them, the problem is still the same, i'm unable to get the pulley aligned with the 2020 beam, and this causes the belt to rub along the top. However, it does not seem to affect your build, so I'm wondering what are you using on the opposite side of your s mount that holds the wheels and motor.

I do understand what your talking about. I'm just telling you what works for me until I can redesign a x motor mount. I'll try to do one up in just a second. Or I'll edit this design to lower it but that's a ton of work. Now I did just look my x motor does sit a little low and really should be raised but the x end stop im using fixes the issue your talking about. The belt runs on it and it's smooth has caused zero issues. Been printing with it none stop sense I installed this design and I even went as far as to swap to a motor coupling I know is bent to make sure the system works as I hoped... Included is a pic of my exact setup as it's prints right this second. I hadn't even paid attention to it as I never unhooked the belt or anything when I swapped out the z brackets

I see what you did there. I'm still using the stock hot end so that end stop won't work for me.
I've modified your design a bit now, moved the tabs and mounting holes down toward the bottom. This should have the effect of "lowering" the hotend gantry relative to the x motor, I've managed to shift things down about 3MM hopefully it will be enough. BTW, I replaced the spring type couplings with clamp style spider coupling. They work great.

Cool post up the remix if it works... I have been looking at doing those motor couplings I just haven't ordered any yet... I actually swapped to the spring one that was bent for the sole purpose of testing the design. Sorry been fixing my x5s with a e3d all day and ended up breaking a limit switch wire... So still fixing my other printer

Are you using a custom X axis motor mount?
I ask because there's no way to use this with the stock one. The problem is that this z mount will cause belt/gantry interference if used with the stock outer plate. The stock mounts use a slot for adjustment, however your solution is fixed, allowing no up or down adjustment. The belt has to travel smoothly across the top and bottom of the gantry. I see in your picture you have a 3d printed X-mount.
Please tell us which one it is.

I'm using an x motor mount I found on here. I have been using it sense way before these where designed these are somewhat of a remix of a set of the adjustable a brackets with tension as I used them for measure ments but made these from scratch... The factory setup has alignment issues to me with the slots so I asked for the first designed to add alignment bumps to the design he had... Tell you want give me a little bit and I will design a matching x motor mount that I know will work with these... Other wise you could use my x end stop because it is sloped on both sides belt is running very smooth with it.once again I had it installed before I designed this.

Did you try this with the stock hot end?
I just noticed you are using a different setup.

I just figured out this design will not work with the stock hot end carrier assembly.
The mounts interfere with the bolts holding the wheels of the hot end assembly.

Back to the stock setup I guess.

Works with my stock setup... Might have to flip the bolts on the wheels around as mine are shorter... I trimmed them for another setup... Mine just clear... My carrier is factory I just have another plate plate in front of it...

I also went ahead and edited the main 2 pieces and added a cutout for the top bolts. but even then the v1 should work with trimmed bolts or flipped around bolts...V2 should work exactly as the carriage came in... sorry I forgot I trimmed the bolts.

Can you tell us what screw you used for the rear wheel tension?
None of the screws in my kit are long enough.


I can look but I'm not 100% sure what I used they where something I had here... I know it was a common size...

That's okay, I think I can figure it out.
In any case, I don't think I'll need one as it fits perfect just the way it is, there's no wobble or side to side movement.

I'm just starting to build the kit, I decided to start with upgrade parts from the start, so I've had my Delta print out all the must-haves.

Thanks for this.

looks like I used a m8 bolt
as I have a package of them sitting here

Cool... I try to keep my designs tight...

This has now,been fully printed and installed it works great on my printer. Pictures of the installed part and the results are posted in the main area.

Very nice design. Have you installed it yet?

First parts printed and the glide glass smooth... printing the last 2 pieces now... 13 + hour print

printed parts 1,2,and 3 and ended up making one minor change to part 3... so i know they will fit together better... one groove was a tiny bit looser than i wanted... fixed now

No. printing the first parts as we speak to check movement and all... I would wait to download until I have at least printed each part...