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CR10 Leveling Knob

by Oggie Sep 27, 2017
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Dude thanks for the gcode file. That saved me like 10 minutes

Great Design, perfect fit for 3 of my CR10s knobs. But the back right knob hits the second z axis motor. You wouldn’t happen to have a version 10mm smaller in diameter would you.

Comments deleted.

Thanks, works perfectly on my CR-10S, the rear right knob has very little clearance as stated by sebowim but mine definitely doesn't touch the motor, could be down to manufacture tolerances between machines.
I find it prints really well upside down (with the text flat on the bed), I don't need any supports this way.

on what settings and nozzle did you print this?

Stock 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height.
I sliced it in ideamaker which I find much better than cura once you have the template dialed in.

I don't suppose anyone has seen this but in 30mm diameter? .. as it is, it's far too big for my printer which is an GEEETech A30.

If not, Would the Uploader be willing to make an edited version please, 30mm in diameter?

Thank you.

Printed Great. Fits on the original knobs snug. Thank you for sharing.

Only comment is that they appear not to work for the CR-10s s5 due to the double rails on the Y. The clearance does not allow the diameter.

Hey, I printed these when I just got my CR10S - now after 6 months I realized that the knob on the right-back sometimes scratches the stepper motor and rotates a bit, but only when the knob is in a certain position... I'm now printing the ones from petsfang, maybe they are that tiny bit smaller

This was among the first prints on my CR-10S. I had a little trouble with first layer adhesion and managed to print one on a raft. After that success, I tried printing with just a skirt and supports (via Cura) and manually slowed the feedrate for the first layer - that seemed to do the trick.

For those frustrated by the size, these wheels are truly a press fit - I used a soft jawed vise to attach them to the stock knobs.

My adhesion problems were entirely the result of temperature miscalibration. My CR-10S reported hotend temps about 44° greater than actual (i.e., I was printing PLA at 166° instead of the desired 200°). Once corrected, I printed two more wheels for the remaining axes without issue.

J'ai réussi a les imprime et non sans mal... Mes les roulettes ne passent pas sur la cr10s au niveaux des moteurs d'axe z...2 mm trop grandes quel dommage...

Je suis nouveau en impression 3-D et je viens d'imprimer une de ces molettes, elle est parfaite pour ma nouvelle CR-10S. Je vais maintenant imprimer les 3 autres. J'ai utilisé Cura et le plan original. Peut-être que ton appli était en mode agrandissement (genre 105% au lieu de 100%)? Bref, tu devrais retenter l'expérience parce que vraiment, ces molettes sont parfaites pour ajuster le plateau!

Worked great for CR-10! Perfect press fit as is, didn’t need to scale

does not work, even with scalling - dont waste your PLA on these

Great looking design, but its kind of hard to print. I ended up throwing these away.

Rotating these 180 (X or Y) and scaling to 102% did the trick. My make.

CR10 Leveling Knob
by troseph

Doesn’t fit my knobs

would these fit tevo tornado?

First print sliced in Cura did not fit the CR-10 mini. Printed at 102% and fits perfectly. Thanks for the design.

Does printing cr10_knob.gcode file will fill perfectly on the cr10s?

I don't know, this was originally for the original CR10, a nice press fit, externally across the high points it is 18mm.

hi, I did not understand the stl file and gcode what diameter do they have in the hole?
the wheel of my cr10s is 18mm in diameter externally ....
is this gcode file right for me?

Do these wheels work for the CR-10 mini? Anyone know?

I received my cr-10s about a week ago and these things are perfect. One of my first prints. In fact, Creality should buy your print and add it to the sd card they ship out.


Really pissed off ..... printed 4 of these only to find they dont fit the knobs on the CR10S.
complete waste of time .... the CR10s must have bigger knobs.

Brand new CR10S and this press fit onto the adjustment nut perfectly and makes adjusting the screw back by the bed heater attachment much easier. Printing out 3 more for the other 3 nuts now :)

Parfait ça fonctionne comme un gant sur les pièces d’origine sur ma Creality cr10

Oh man... i downloaded this a few weeks ago and then went through whole odyssey of trying to change the dimensions so it can fit on my cr10 knobs, which are 18mm in diameter, while this knob is 16,7 or something like it. I took the earlier model so there was no fusion 360 file and i have been trying to convert the STL (succeed, sort of) and then increase only the size of the inner ring, which looks horrible. Trying to fix the resulting holes in the meshimxer by hand was a tragic comedy on its own. Of course increasing the whole knob doesnt work because that makes the two in the back rub over the printer as the bed moves...

Just wanna say... very happy there is now an actual fusion 360 file, that doesnt have a gazillion of polygons and that i can probably edit quickly.

I would almost ask or beg you to do it for me, but NO... i will do it. I will do it if its the last thing this knob does!
Ill be back. shortly?

The model is parametric. If you open up sketch 1 in my Fusion 360 file. Just change the diameter of the two circles to what you want. Hide all other sketches to make it easy.
If you dimension it exactly as it measure, it should be a tight press fit.
If you have any difficulty give me the dimensions and I will do it for you and save the new size, it might be useful for others, I believe the newer model CR10S also have a larger knob size.

Btw, it seems diamater of 18mm for the inner circle is just a tiny bit too much.

I changed to Petg and that doesnt contract like PLA when it cools So i guess 17.5 would be the correct dimension for PETg, while PLA benefits from a 18 diameter... maybe.

Thanks Oggie. Im actually using this as a very difficult and crazy learning model/experience.

I assumed that if i change any of the sketches it will ruin the whole thing, due to various dependencies and stuff... so i tried to do it the hard way. I think i succeeded, and it is a very tight fit, but just manageable with a few smaller tweaks. Then i set the first "finished" version to print and it came out at 720mm diameter... Just dont ask me how. I checked everything a dozen times and measured it in Fusion, Meshmixer and Cura. So i did it all over again and now its printing at about 760 diameter, few mm more or less, which should be ok. Your original is at 750 and change.

Ill try to do it the way you say too, its going to be great practice. Im still learning and watching the tutorial videos, obviously, but some things that are so easy to do in other software are a hell to go through if you are not well acquainted with Fusion or other CADs i suppose.
If you want to do it yourself sure, that would be great, but i have to do this on my own too.
Its me or the knob now.

The measures are 18 mm for the knob outer diameter, measured with those little extrusions on the knobs included which fit into your design, except the overall width. Because the print comes out little bit squished or tightens as it cools and requires some sanding anyway, i think thats a good enough measure. I suppose technically it would be 17,5 or something. The knobs i made previously where i just increased the size of the whole knob came out at 17, 9 or 18 diameter of the inner circle and those were a good fit. Although at overall diameter of 800 the whole knob scraps against the printer Z construction. So overall diameter should not be larger then 750-760. I increased the thickness of the "cap" above the inner knob circle by a millimeter or so because sometimes it prints very, very thin and can break, either during light sanding or later in use. I lost two good knobs that way.... (salute!) I also raised the whole Z to 9 mm to get some more thickness on the inner wheel and the spikes. And i made the letters 1.1 mm deeper so they stand out more.

You did some nice work on the design there.
Totally the best leveling knob ive seen. I havent even tried others.

btw, do you maybe have any idea why when i import an stl file into Fusion it appears 10 times bigger in the workspace? Yours is fine, but others who appear as meshes turn out huge. Im trying to remix the "flexi extruder" (with the bowden tube addon) upgrade and its just crazy. Instead of 420mm it appears at 4020 mm and its very difficult to reduce its size or remesh it without any problems, crashes, what have you.
I can turn it into a Brep so maybe that will make things easier, but its still weird. Is that normal... or am i crazy!!?!?!?? :P

Is it possible to have the original 3D file ? In order to adapt this knob to my printer Anycubic Mega ...
Thanks a lot

I have added the Fusion 360 file, if you have any problems let me know. Good Luck!