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Cannon from Castle of Buedingen

by wersy Sep 22, 2017
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Vielen dank für das sehr gute Modell!

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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I would love to print this, I'm having trouble scaling it down to 63.2 percent. I have a smaller metal lathe and a ton of brass and would love to do the frame printed in wood pla and the wheels and barrel in brass/ aluminium. any tips on scaling it down. beautiful design btw

Thank you.
Did you try to scale it in your slicer?
This should be no problem.

yes I have been able to scale it down using cura, the problem is that when I scale the cheek left file and cheek right file, one comes out about 2.5mm larger than the other which is causing problems when assembling them. any ideas?

update. I double checked the mechanical setup of the printer and the bed frame was off over 1/16th of an inch. I have trued this up and will re print. the slicer says everything is identical so I doubt very much its a file issue.

Really neat Michael.

Thank you Dave.

Buedingen in the Wetterau? :-)

Ja, genau :-)

So, it's probably because i'm an idiot (at least according to my wife!), but I have a couple of questions (well, three to start). First, the barrel back seems a bit wider than the barrel (in the vicinity of 1.5mm wider). Is this intentional? Second, is the barrel centering pin for the sides to pivot on the frame, or to attach the back of the barrel? If the former, I'd suggest making it a single through shaft vice having to print two. If the latter, it is too big to fit in the hole. Which leads to #3: the 6mm axle. Is that to go down the center and attach the barrel back?

I guess a short list of construction instructions would be helpful... Like I said, I'm an idiot! ;-)

Don't worry, a German proverb says that there are no such things as stupid questions but only stupid answers. So I will do my best.

  1. Barrels always have on back a strengthening, a thickening. I splitted the barrel there for easier printing.
  2. The barrel centering pin is just a help to glue back and front part together.
  3. My English is not good enough to understand the third question. Maybe you can try it in other words.
    After you did print the parts you will see how simple all parts go together. You can’t do anything wrong.

Can you list what parts you printed in black and what parts you printed in red? I am a little confused by the axle bands? They appear solid in the models but not in the finished items. Or are you supposed to drill a hole in some of these?

All parts which are in real from wood are red, the remaining parts should be from metal which I printed black.
Sorry, if you are not experienced for long in printing, it is no wonder that you meight be confused about the solid bands. It is high time to give print settings.
Bands for the hub and the axle: spiral vase, width =0.5mm, layer hight =0.3mm
Solid tire: 2 perimeters, width =0.4mm, layer height =0.3mm, no infill
Tire brim: 2 perimeters, width =0.4mm, layer height =0.3mm, 1 solid bottom layer

Your english is far better than my german! I can order a beer and likely get my face slapped, but that is about it.
You actually did answer my third question, after I figured it out for my self not long after posting the question. I got the centering pin to fit finally (very slight flare on the end was preventing it from fitting). I'm printing the rest of the parts now, and will do the wood parts next.

Wow.. Great work.
I really love the colors that you used

Thank you!
First I wanted to take a filament that would look like wood, but I had no.
So I used red and I feel it doesn't look bad :-)

If I can get this to work, I will make one with wood and post it.

I haven't printed one yet (I have the naval cannon on my list), but they are impressive looking models!

Thank you :-)