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CR-10 Tool & SD Card Extension Holder with Pi Case

by thinkcreate Sep 19, 2017
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Awesome part design!!

I scaled the part up to 102.5% to fit my CR-10S and I think that scaling fixed a lot of the other issues that people have mentioned. My Pi 3B slid in perfectly and the slot of the microSD card reader was nice and snug.

I love the design, the only problem I had was Cura decided to make the large tray bridge diagonally so I had some drooping on the very long bridge, but I fixed that with a torch afterward and the rest printed great!

Thanks for designing and @thinkcreate you might consider suggesting that people scale to 102.5% for the CR-10S.

Several issues with this design.

  • Had to drill out the Allen key (screwdriver) holes—the smaller 3 holes were too small to fit.
  • Raspberry Pi case is an extremely tight fit on a RPI3B.
    • Had to whittle down edges to insert the RPI. Worried I'll never get it out without breaking something. (Yes I've calibrated my steppers, dimensions are correct.)
    • Hole for Micro-USB power supply for RPI is too small. Doesn't fit any of my standard (rather bulky) connectors; had to find a thin profile micro-USB cable.
  • All parts of this design are very sturdy (too sturdy?) EXCEPT the bridge over USB port (between SD card and tool holders). It's only a single skin thick. Delaminated immediately. Needs to be bulked up or filleted. (See attached photo)
  • CR-10s control box is 125.4mm wide, while this part is 124mm wide.
  • No space for Raspberry Pi Cam ribbon cable to attach on top of raspberry pi case.

I'd be curious of the stands did anything for cruisemon's balance issues.
New 1KG spool oriented to the left (instead of right) give my control box no chance at standing upright. I couldn't imagine this being heavy enough to offset the balance issue.
4 Days into 3d printing, havent gotten into design yet, wondering if anyone has added slots on the left front side for additional tool placement (or any other fix) when the spool is oriented opposite of the pics. Don't see anything in remixes; I'm sure I could figure it out once I get 3d software up and running lol.
Love the all in one idea! Almost printed it without attempting to try the spool orientation lol.

can anyone tell me why its not goning on my cr10s im in EU but is the box other size from the org cr10. anyone?

After printing this I discovered that the CR-10s control box is 125.4mm in width, while this design is for 124mm CR-10.

CR-10s owners, please check dimensions and scale this design before you waste your time/filament! @thinkcreate, would appreciate if you'd add this to your description.

Hi Love this, do you have your print settings? I'm looking to do this for my CR-10 mini.

I am doing something wrong. Cura shows 5 days 13 hours 58 minutes and 468 grams of PLA. I'm not aware of changing infill or anything. Do you have thoughts on what I should modify to get closer to the 28 hours and less than 300 grams for the unit you printed?

Two questions:
1) What is the purpose of the square protrusion on the underside by the Hex Key storage? It does not seem to fit on my controller because of it. I am thinking I have to grind it off.
2) Would you consider adding a slot at the back edge of the Pi enclosure (by the microSD) to allow the ribbon cable for the PiCam to feed out? (I am drilling a row of 1/6" holes and sanding mine to allow for this.)

Hi, was about to print this nice functional addition to my new CR-10s but decided to print a top mounted spool holder first, making the back segment of the tray unnecessary. Is there any chance you might drop the file off so I can tinker with it, or modify it so the existing spool bracket is replaced with the extended tray?

I'm probably going to print it anyway, but with a top mounted spool that gap will stand out like the proverbial...

Many thanks,


When you printed it what was the orientation of the model.

can you post a picture of the printed part without anything in it?

I was about to design this and decided to look if anyone else hasn't done something similar. This is perfect. It even has room for my octopi :) . Posting pics as soon as it's printed

Just Printed works ok, however there is a block underneath attached to the tool holder that I had to trim down in order for the toolbox to fit. Everything else is the perfect size.

Is the block on the left/right/front or back?

Glad it worked for you and thank you for uploading a picture! :)

Its on the Pyrex238 style tool holder part.

wow! look at that! You win, you fit everything into one!

LOL, wouldn't have even thought of this without your original design! Thank you!

I reoriented the spool holder as shown in your images but now it tips over at the lightest touch. How do you prevent that from happening?

Hi Cruisemon,

I haven't done anything additional to make it so that it doesn't tip over when oriented the other way.

I did added these after a month or so, just for the additional space underneath:

CR-10 Legs
by Shift31
CR-10 Control Box Stand with Shelves

I am going to make the control box stand. Thank you! Your tool holder design is fantastic!!