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Tika Alpaca (movable legs!)

by MikaYeap Sep 19, 2017
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Hey there, I am still a big fan of this alpaca and can't resist making one with every new filament I buy! Plus people keep saying "ahhh...can I take one?" and the herd keeps thinning!

I have a quick question for you or anyone that might have a suggestion, since buying my new Prusa i3 Mk3 printer (amazing by the way!) I have found that the alpacas always print with really wiggly legs, we all liked the way they were coming out before where they stayed put so you could pose them. Any ideas what to adjust?

By the way, one last comment, did you see that 5 days ago some lowlife remixed this design and is basically posting it as his own (although the remix link is there), the only "improvement" was to strip your logo off so he could try to take credit for it. His other designs follow the similar unscrupulous pattern. Just making sure you know, really pathetic!

I just got a new printer (ender 3 pro, so nice) but the legs are also wobbly :( My old printer was awful and would always fuse the legs so this is like the opposite problem. Anyone have a solution?

Tried printing this a few times, the back legs always get fused and break. The elephant model thats similar to this works great though.

Try fine tuning your retraction - the hind legs involve an overhang over the top of the legs, and that might be causing the issue.

Thanks! Turns out my belt was loose and that was causing the issue. I have since printed one that turned out great!

Awesome Model.
My Mother in Law loves her new alpaca.
Would it be possible to get my hands on the STP file? i would love to scale it up to 300%. but even at 200% the legs are to wobbly :(

Sure! I sent you a direct message.

Comments deleted.

If I print this every few layers the tail detaches from the print bed.
It seems like overextrusion but only on the tiny tail bit.
Is there any setting in Simplify3D that messes with my print?
The rest of the model, and in fact every other model I've printed so far, have no signs of overextrusion so it must be a setting that does this.
Any help is appreciated ;)

I've found that speed can mess with the tail sometimes - try not to exceed 40mm/s. At or below this speed, I've made happy alpacas with 0.05-0.25mm layer height, varying infill, and varying flow depending on the filament, so I concluded that it's just a speed issue.
What filament are you using? Is the inter-layer adhesion alright?

I've found that speed can mess with the tail sometimes - try not to exceed 40mm/s. At or below this speed, I've made happy alpacas with 0.05-0.25mm layer height, varying infill, and varying flow depending on the filament, so I concluded that it's just a speed issue.
What filament are you using? Is the inter-layer adhesion alright?

Currently printing with my XYZprinting DaVinci Mini 1w, at 155% scale and 20% infill. No supports or anything, and it is at 0.2 layer height. So far so good.

I was browsing thingverse and i saw it. immediatly I MUST HAVE ONE! Im gonna use my best fillament for it!

Love at first sight!

Hi! Just wondering how quickly this prints? I'm using my library's maker space.

Thanks! :)

It depends on your settings. We usually print ours at 0.2 layer height, 50mm/s, without supports. Given those rough settings, one alpaca could take up to an hour.
It varies wildly by your print settings, though.

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Anyone printed on Anet A8?

Check the Makes? I've seen a couple who have.

can someone please remix this so that it is Carl and Paul from the YouTube video "llamas with hats." I know this is an alpaca but I think its close enough and I would be so grateful!!!

Comments deleted.

Hey, absolutely adore this model - I've printed about 10 of them at this point - I'm just having a few issues with the model in Simplify3D. It seems as though there are a few separate bodies in the STL and the tail doesn't slice correctly, leaving it detached.
This can be fixed by enabling 'Merge all outlines into a single solid model', but then you lose the details on the bottom.
Is there any chance you could repair the model? I'd love to be able to print it properly with Simplify3D.

One other person has reported this issue as well, but I have never seemed to be able to fix the problem of the tail sometimes detaching. I have opened and inspected the file in Meshmixer multiple times (I don't have Simplify3D) and no issues could be found.
About 30% of the ones I print detach as well, but I think it might just be a combination of the diameter and angle of a specific part of the tail that makes it prone to detaching.
I've refixed and reuploaded a new version of the alpaca (you'll get it when you download above) just for good measure, but I might try tweaking the design of the tail so that it'll stay on better.
Thanks for your feedback!

Latest file has fixed it - thanks!

I printed this 100% scale with Sainsmart transparent, flexible TPU (heavily modded tevo tarantula). I used 2 walls, 15% infill, supports everywhere (cura "lines"). It printed great! printing this in flexible filament is worth a try.

I've never done one in flexibles before! Post a video of the flex (if any)?

yo could you hit me up with a link for some of that clear flexible filament it looks awesome

And do I have to put some things to hold the areas where nothing is printed or it is not necesary?

No, you can print these as is. If your printer is calibrated even half-decently, you should get acceptable results for the parts over the legs. Besides, the model is meant to test that ability.

Can I print them with PLA or do I need an other material that goes better with the figure?

I've exclusively printed them in PLA, nothing else. I recommend rigid.ink filament, and I even have a referral code so you get a discount if you get some: http://r.sloyalty.com/r/vowQk944fAdh

I would recommend a version with no ears or rounded ears. The current versions ears are razor pointy and not well suited for children. With that said my children, 2 and 4, love it!

Hello, many thanks for my absolute favorite 3D object yet. I have printed....many. Very many. Anway....I see you uploaded a new version today, what did you change?!

Well you see, I opened the alpaca in Meshmixer and noticed the Inspect tool flagged some defects. Even when I auto-fixed, there was nothing visually different that I noticed. So I suppose nothing has changed with the actual print.

That's a lot of alpacas. Thank you for sharing that! You just made my day.

What is the tolerance on the moving legs?

If you download the file as is, it's 0.5mm. Every half-decent FDM machine should be able to handle this.

I already printed one alpaca and it turned out beautiful.
but now i want to modify it a little bit to make a holder out of it for in my living room.
But the design is to complicated to make a solid body from the stl file.
do you happen to have the STP file somewhere.

kind regards

You bet! I'll direct message the STP to you right now!

Comments deleted.

LOVE! I'm going to try and print one or two of these today!

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These are so cute it hurts, i printed one so far and i didnt even take it off the printer bed before it was claimed :P great job on the design, love that it prints assembly free

Aww so glad you like it! Print in place moving stuff has always fascinated me, too.

I printed this and it turned out great! Alpacas are great and these are just so cute!

Comments deleted.

Glad you like it! If you want more alpaca, you can try printing a family with smaller ones.

I have some little ones printing as I type this reply! I'll be sure to post pictures when they're all done.

Comments deleted.

Some pictures don't show up as the thumbnail even though they're first in the order because they're the wrong size, I think. Is that what you mean?

How did you print this without any supports? I tried both MatterControl and Print Studio, and both automatically added a bunch of supports for the nose, neck segments and leg segments

There should be an option to disable supports in your slicer. In Cura. which I use, it's a simple checkbox.
The model is not intended to be printed with supports, because it's meant to double as a test of your printer's overhang and bridging capabilities.
I printed all of mine on a Printrbot Play, and the portions over the legs turn out fine, with a tiny bit of messiness, that's all. The legs remain fully functional, though!

i haven't yet tried printing this myself, but just looking at the horizontal overhangs on the leg "fenders" makes me think it needs supports there, at least.
going to try it with supports first.

You would need good bridging, but I believe that this could be done without supports.

I have never tried supports, and I don't think they'll make much difference? I designed this as a bridging and overhang test in the background, so it's besides the point anyway :}

What program did you design this in

Fusion 360 was used for most of it, and Meshmixer was involved a bit at the end for little things.

Lol you really like alpacas

Daz right. We DO.

Congrats for your featured model ! Just downloaded it , i will ty to print it on my dagoma discoeasy 200, i'll add the made if the print looks good !