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615 mm Eiffel Tower

by LeFabShop Feb 20, 2014
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No way to print an acceptable E1 part. I printed one side with supports and now I am printing the other one with no supports at all. The result is the same. Please see the photo.

You need to turn it upside down. That way prints perfectly

See if you can repair the parts within the slicer/some other software... just looking at that part and it has a few issues that were fixed with a repair

I printed all parts of the tower, with no or little problems. However, the E1 part just refuses to be well printed. Any suggestion about supports, speeds, temperatures, etc.?

I am slicing the model parts with Simplify3D, and as far as I can see, there are no problem at all. However, I have some doubts. Do you need to use supports? Is it necessary to use a raft when printing part B? I shall print the tower using white PLA, 1.75mm diameter. Could you please tell me the best configurations, as speeds, layer height, etc.? With this information I could spare a lot of trying time. Thanks a lot for your help.

I am curious - how much filament is used (length/weight) ?

Printing this @ 75% it says 171.48m / ~507g in the slicer...

Do you have this in a one piece?

Comments deleted.

What type of glue do you recommend to put the pieces together ?

I used Loctite Super Glue Gel Control. I didn't like the gorilla gel.

Compliment to the excellent work !!
I also had problems with print of D2, for railings that are too small.
So I modified the original piece by removing the railings I drew apart.
You find stl files at

Eiffel railings

Last June (2015) I visited my sister in Paris. I've always been awed by the Eiffel Tower, but on this trip I had discovered 3D printing. I have printed several copies of this thing, with great results. I am in the final steps of building a delta printer with 450mm print height. When it is complete, this will be the first model I print. Thank you for the design!

compliments, awesome work! can you tell me how many kg i need to print it?

Has anyone sliced D2 in half? Im trying to print at full size on a Lulzbot Mini and its a few millimeters too big to print as a single object. Its the only piece I have left and I don't have any good slicer tech/don't know how to use it well.

Comments deleted.

i tried printing d2 twice and both times it prints up to 40% successfully and then starts to not "Stick" to rest of the object. it looks like its floating above the print and spitting out garbage. I tried to align the plate and other 3d prints come out fine its just this file.

Usually this is due to problem with the filament not to be injected any more in te intruder. Probably it was screwed too tight

Has anyone else had a problem printing the small X's on the bottom of part D1?? This is the only problem with the entire print on my printer. Just wondering if anyone had a solution or just dealt with it.

I haven't. When those X's were printing I set my speed to 30 mm/s. Usually the slower the speed the better.

Nice! Any chance of doing a version divided into fewer pieces? I have a large delta printer and I would like to print it in just 3 or 4 sections, starting a new section at the bottom of each platform to avoid getting problems with overhangs.

would anyone mind posting part E1 pre sliced, scaled to 80%, and with a 8% infill, because for some reason it just won't slice for me

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do you need any support to print this

hello. can anyone cut part E1 in half and put it here? i have cube 3 and this is too big 4 me. thank you

Here you go, I have not printed it yet as my printer is down. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1149030/#files

615 mm Eiffel Tower by le FabShop Part E1 split in two
by seagas

is that possible to print it without support ?

I've cut it in half, but don't knwo, hogy wo upload the files.

What orientation is E1 printed in? It looks crazy rightsideup, but upsidedown there would be a definite overhang..

Just to follow-up, I went ahead and printed E1 upside-down (no support) and it turned out well. There were a few strands to clean up but it was all good.

What did you use to slice the model?

I used Simplify3D - definitely my favourite slicing tool

I can't slice part E1 no matter how many different slicers I try, Help?
Also I have been scaling it down to 80%

on the makerbot rep 2, part b is not sticking to the platform what is wrong?

To mutch platform temperature or oil/grease in it. Try to spray some hair spray on platform !

I found the biggest part is C and it is 151mm . Is that correct?

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Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

Is it possible to upload D2 without the railings? Almost all my parts are printed but that one is impossible to print for my setup! Now I have a bunch of parts that are completely useless without being able to print that one

im having the same prob

There is another all-in-one tower about 140mm tall, that I think is based on this one (looks very similar), but "fixed": http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53279http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... I found that the railings wouldn't work on my printer because the vertical supports were too small. So I added larger vertical supports. I also filled in the top levels with some cubes because they were breaking. The top of this tower isn't actually like the real Eiffel Tower that I find in photos, so I made it more like it with cube in the center. Here is what I print: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:337409http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... I just fuse together the two stl files with slic3r in Repetier and it seems to work. I actually print it without support and it just barely works.

Eiffel Tower with fill-in

What's your setup? What slicer are you using? What printer are you
using? Prints fine for me, but I've found using different slicers can
make a big difference..

could you print it all in one or not?

I will start this print today. I'll have to scale it down to 70% to fit on my 20x20cm build plane. i'll use 0,20mm layer height and 10% infill

Why can not my model data generated x3g

Printed it all with wonderful results, thank you!, but I had a couple problems: I printed part "F" and never figured where it goes. Some instruction would be a great idea. Also I had huge problems with part "D2". My Makerbot Replicator 2 could not print the railings. I tried 4 times using different resolutions and the print would print the platform but when it got to the railings it would spew filament everywhere and most precurely stop extruding filament at the point all 4 times. I finally I cut the STL file to exclude the railing and finished the terrific tower. Thank You!

I think part F goes under the feet of the tower. So you have to print that part 4 times

The Build looks good ! I Tried segmenting for larger scale print possibilities, if my file doesn't work I'll give this one a try. Nice Model !!

The upload finally worked... :)

I made one but for some reason it will not upload here.. so here are the stats and link.

MakerBot Replicator 2
Print time- 72 hours
PLA - 762 grams- 1.67 lbs.
Glue- Zap-A-Gap- medium CA


It seems like it might be easier to print some of the parts upside down, you wouldn't really need a lot of supports then,

I'm using Makerware to slice Part E1 and it keeps hanging up at 75% , any tips?

Never mind ,, it just took a while

Am I correct to assume that parts D2 and E1 print twice (i.e. they are symmetrical)?

Would it still work if I rescaled it to say, 75%? I would like to print this using a Rep1. Also, how much material was used in total?

Hi everyone, for the print, we just used the standard MakerBot settings with PLA, no Raft, No support.

(0.2mm thickness, 10pc infill, 2 shells)

Time... a lot.

Really nice model of the Eiffel tower! Thanks for sharing!

Great model! Am I correct to assume that parts D2 and E1 print twice (i.e. they are symmetrical)? I'm also assuming that you printed those with supports on. Is this correct? Thanks!

Hours print. Thanks and Congratulations pretty creation

VERY nice.......what settings on your Rep2 were used to print and how much time overall? Looks great!