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Destiny 2 Sun shot

by OddWorks Sep 19, 2017
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Im scared the two Top Plate Pieces would be too tall and slender, that my print would fail halfway through. Would it be recommended to tip the parts on its side to fit entirely on the plate to print with supports like this https://imgur.com/a/rubqpkj ?

hi there XD yup these parts are a bit riskier than other parts due to the hight but printing them vertically will give you the best quality for the part. as for tips I would enable supports and use a brim, also use glue stick on your build plate. have a google for some tutorials for the glue stick :D

Thanks for the response, I've been using a glue stick with a raft on all my prints after I got a bit of warping juuust in case. but I will go ahead and give it a shot at printing it vertically for now and see how it turns out.

hi i have an ant and the handle is not stick because of the speed what settings do you recommend

Comments deleted.

I have been having one heck of a time trying to print the cylinder. Slic3r likes to cut off parts of the ports/nozzles and Cura likes to give me layer gaps at the top and bottom of the port lines when the cylinder starts to curve - like this https://imgur.com/uZSBsWX .

Any ideas on what settings can be changed in Cura to slice it better? I've been running 3 perimeters with 4 top and bottom up to 30% infill. My extruder is fully calibrated, as is my extrusion multiplier and this happens with 3 different brands of filament.

I saw this but sadly, I can't print it. I want to print a model of a gun from D2 but my printer is only 110mm Ø x 120mm H (4.33“ Ø x 4.7” H).

Any recommendations? (Or if someone would make this into smaller parts I'd appreciate that)

Am I the only one who's having trouble getting the lower (grip) and the upper assemblies to fit, so the cylinder works and flips out? Seems like the grip near the front is too long? Still an absolutely great print

Anyone got any tips for printing the side vents? I can't seem to get a good print of them. I've tried printing upright (with a brim), in it's normal orientation with supports and upside down with one face lying flat and supports for the other side and so far the last one seems to have come out the best.

Hey there.
Awesome sun shot model.
Have you used supports while printing?

What program do you use to make all of your parts

Awesome model, printing it now.

Just a note people having issues with the long pieces, try printing on a angle :)

What I really need is some painting advice. How are you getting the heated metal effects along the coils and how are you painting in the lines (The lines on the gun lol)?


My heatbed shorted on the final piece (right vent) :c Can still put it together at least!

Great slicing; everything barely fit perfectly on my 200mm³ build plate!

Aww im sad to hear about your heat bed, i hope you have found a fix for it. what printer are you using ? :)

Got it rewired and running again ;D

I'm using a Tevo Tarantula with minimal mods for this print and it's been handling it like a champ! Thinking about trying out rat king next; thanks for putting these models up!

Hi, thanks for making this but sadly mine wont load.
Im using CIRA 3.1.0

So did you make this from scratch (if so, how) or did you extract it from a game file

hello Dang2antelopes all my models are done from scratch using reference images of the model :)

One solid print using my CR10. I made it a tad smaller.

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! i have to ask how long did it take to print?

Some of these prints are rather tall. I have spliced them in half if you are interested in the files so others can print?

Uhhh, that would be frigging amazing, i have a round build plate and my printer maxes out at 18cm diameter ... and i am personally to novice to splice parts in to pieces so i can fit them on my bed

For some reason when I print Revolver_pin_part_1_v2 it doesn't actually connect the "legs" to the body.
The part gets printed but when i remove it there are 3 pieces. There is no solid part in between those 3.

hi there im terribly sorry for the error the part has been fixed and you should not have any more touble with it :)

Is this little spot under the trigger for a rubber band or something? I think that's what it is so the trigger has some resistance.

hi there yes it is just to add a little function to the model :)

Awesome. I've got everything printed and glued, now just have to sand and airbrush. I'll post it in makes when I'm done.

No need to apologise we all thank you for this amazing model.

Hi I am having a problem with scaling the parts using print studio and a Dremel 3d40 Printer I am trying to get it as close to full size as I possibly can any help would be appreciated, this is the first thing I'm printing so I am a bit of a noobie but I love your work thanks in advance!

What are the dimensions, I don't have a 3D printer and was looking to make one out of wood

hi there sorry for the late reply the model is 68.8mmX 461.8mmY 181.5Z i hope that helps :)

I need a block of wood to make it out of, what dimensions should the block of wood be?

Hey, did you print the mag on a SLS printer?

Hello Victhor no I didn't all my models are printed in pla on a prusa i3 mk2 :) may i ask why did you think it was printed on a sls printer? :)

How did you get such a good result on the magazine then? D: those small cylinders will be the death of me

hahaha I know the feeling hehe they came out so well thanks to cura :) cura can be a bit of a pain some times with its support material but when it works its awesome :)

did u spray paint airbrush or hand paint?

A combination of both all my models are based with a mat primer, the gold bits are first spray painted silver then lightly sprayed with a gold spray paint to get it to the right shade of gold, the rest of the model is hand painted with a acrylics using techniques mostly used on miniatures but adapted for larger painting :) then the model is sealed with a clear cote to protect the paint :)

Well can You paint it for me cause im Bullshit in painting
I would pay you

Not a problem ill send you a message with some details :)

Are the Colors already aplyed or You have to paint it?

hello AbysmalFungus77 there so no colour information in the model, you will have to paint it your self sorry,

Were you the dude who posted on my reddit post of the Hunter Knife that you were making this?

hello DeathRap that was not me hehe I have only posted to 3 3D printing websites and to my facebook page hehe any more than that and I can keep track of everything haha

Hey, I've already downloaded the parts, but there is one question left... Is it possible to print the parts without any support?
Look a bit complicated for example on magazine parts.

hi NoxAirArts I would recommend using support on all parts as they are too complex to print without it, :)

Thanks, I will give it a try. BTW nice work.

I have a really small printer. I can't tell by looking at the files so would the be able to print on a 120mm by 120mm print bed?

The longest part is 243mm long, so you'll have to split it. Some of the other parts are quite big as well, more tall than anything else. However the parts look pretty uniform and would be easy to split and then glue back together.

No I dont think you can actually. The longer files are about 200mm. But I can recomend Netfabb. The basic version is free. In this you can cut the longer oieces into shorter ones.

Alright, I'll look into it

did you use super glue to stick the parts together?

hi full_filament yes just normal super glue :)

thanks, i modified some pieces to not slide around.

Hi, Love the work. I also runned in to problems when printing. You can get around these problems by importing the files in to Meshmixer (Free software) and make the models solid. This will fill in the gaps and the intersecting areas and also flipped triangles.

Is there a reason the handle left and right files won't work with Sli3r PE? All the other files load and slice fine, but those two are not manifold in Slic3r. Downloaded Cura and they worked.

Hi JC85 yes there is a reason do to modelling tools i used to create the handle in blender slic3r is unable to print the handle, i have ran the handle through every remeshing tool i could find but i was not able to fix the error sadly, on all future models i create this error should not happen again as i have change the way I design the models and no longer use the tool that created the error in the first place :)

Ah ok, thanks for getting back to me, at least I know it's not just me doing something wrong.

Yeah that error is on me, im terribly sorry for the inconvenience :)

Just for poops and giggles I put the files through the netfabb cloud service, worked like a charm.

Meh, with all the effort you put into modelling the gun and then giving it away to us for free, I'm sure I can manage to learn a different slicing software.

awsome model!!! are you planning to make more like this?

Hi, wvenema yes I am :) keep an eye out on my facebook page for what I'm working on currently and future projects :)

All I can say is WOW! I love this hand cannon in d2 and with a big thanks to you I can have a replica of it by the side of my xbox!

Thank you very much!

You ROCK!!!

Thank you very much Welbourn82 its such a coool handcannon im glad you are happy with the model man :) :) :) YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Could you make a solid model that can be sliced into sections for small printers?

can do :) i have uploaded a solid model of sunshot for you :)

Love it! Was thinking of doing this myself, but somehow creators on thingiverse like you are always faster (which spares me some work ofcourse) Great work! What programs did you create it in out of curiosity?

thank you very much haha the model was made in stock blender and sliced using cura :)

One Word Awesom and Great Work and BIG BIG THX for this Beauty.

thanks man you are awesome!!!! :)

Thats a wonderful model! Thank you for sharing! I look forward to tackling this once I get my own 3D printer. Just out of curiosity, will you be doing any other sci-fi video game weapons? The two I can think of from Destiny 2 would be that Suros shotgun and the Rat King sidearm. I recall seeing some photos from a Destiny 2 event in which many props were produced in real life, including the Sunshot. In any case, great job and I look forward to your future works!

HELLO fuyumine hell yeah im going to i have put a poll up on facebook of models you guys have suggested i work on next so go vote :) it looks like the rat king is going to be the next model :)

I'll second the Rat King if there's any popularity vote!

awesome there is!!! i have put up a poll on facebook of models you guys have suggested i work on next go have a vote :) hehe

PLEASE!!! I would love the Sturm too!

hi there sorry i only saw your comment now other wise i would have put it in facbook poll but ill make sure it up for voting on the next poll :)