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Modular Drawers 2.0

by O3D Sep 19, 2017
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Could you make a wall on the bottom so it can be screwed to a wall? just like this would be perfect https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2358670 (or better lol), I would not mind a full wall for better support.

Thank you so much!

The HIVE - Module with wall mount back
by atu

I'm having trouble with my Z-layer height when I print the drawers for this - no matter what settings I've tried, the drawers end up being about ~6 layers or so too tall to fit inside the module. The width / height of the module is uniform, interlocks fit fine, and the width of the drawer is perfect, just the drawer height is off. I suspect the issue is with my slicer settings, any ideas what might cause this?

Printer: Monoprice Maker Select / Wanhao I3
Slicer: Cura
Nozzle: .04
Layer height: .3
Walls: 2
Wall thickness: .8
Top / bottom thickness: .9
Top bottom layers: 3

Would i be able to scale this up and have it work?

What do you guys use to prevent it from moving on your desk when you open and close the drawer?

I have reduced the size of the drawer by 1% in my slicer this opens and closes the drawer very well. Aslo have mande smaller unit by using this method and works well.

Would you mind sharing the Cad file, I'd like to increase the size by width, height, & depth. As well as make it have blind walls on the outside boxes, if you don't mind of course.



je l est fait mais ; Avez vous le Thing Files Drawer.stl avec le Knob integrer dessus .merci

Can you add a solid back so that they can be wall-mounted? Thanks!

Comments deleted.

can a slot be added for a label card so we can write on there as to what is in the drawer :)

Don't need a slot bro, just use a label maker and stick the label on the front. Done, less print time too! :)

This is awesome! Is the size customisable?

The "watermark" at the bottom of the interlocking module seems to be pretty unnecessary, and increases print time by ~15mins even on quick settings due to more complex motions in the first dozen or so layers. No to mention the overhang it makes. 6h45m estimate on my slicer with the watermark, 6h30m without.

This is a free model. The least we can do is give credit to the creator

That's what licenses and the remix attributions are for. I ended up cleaning up the model and remixing it anyway; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3015061

O3D Modular Drawers 2.0 - no watermark
by knetic

Thanks for posting a version 2. I built 4 of the version 1 and could not get them to nest without a extraordinary amount of sanding and filing. In fact I had to hammer a couple of them into position LOL. Printing the drawers at 99% in carbon fiber NylonX was perfect. Didn’t have to touch them. I will build this version today. looking forward to a bit more tolerance between the modules. excellent work altogether.

Ever considered creating an accessory for these, such as a straight plank that could be screwed to wood in order to attach these to things such has workbenches?

Do these require supports? I'd like to print the drawers and enclosure the same orientation so the layer lines match up and reduce friction when building my structure of drawers. On the Hex drawers my layer lines crisscrossed so I had to do a ton of sanding to get them to interlock properly.

Could you create a base cube with one side flat so the bottoms wouldn't be uneven when connected side by side? Three wide is good if the leg side is on the two outers fa in down. Lovely design and relatively easy to print.

I had the same thought. It could probably be made by cutting the model in half diagonally, and then making it flat.

Print time for this is over an hour longer than the HIVE with same settings.

I love this idea...I just started printing them... is it possible to make one that is twice the face area? scaling would not be a perfect solution as the interlocks would not work it would need to be created to have twice the amount of interlocks per face.

another way to look at that would be a big drawer that can interlock 2 small drawers on its side.

again..i dont mean scaling entirely because the interlocks would need to remain the same size in order for it to work with the interlocks on the smaller drawers

I agree, a double-wide version that still fits the other interlocks would be useful.I may try to create/remix one at some point, but my 3d modeling skills aren't great, so might not succeed for a while (or ever). A "first party" one for version 3 would be awesome!

Hi, I'm considering to print a few of these. To test the tolerances, I printed just 5mm of the interlocking bits of the modules at 100% scale and 0.35mm layer height. However, there is quite a bit of room where they interlock: About 1mm, see the photo. That results in quite a bit of wiggling.

I wonder if you could upload the drawers with tighter tolerances?

Made a couple of the outside parts, in HIPS (easy to fast print, 120mm/s). 2x walls and 5% infill really makes the too soft. Slight pressure, and I crush the infill. So will have to up the infill a bit to give good support. Printed 1 drawer in PLA, 100% (shell is 101%) and it fits, but it is a bit tight. Hopefully it will wear a bit (HIPS is pretty soft) soon to give a better fit.

One suggestion, why makeholes on oppsite walls, and knows on opposite walls ? Why not hole/knobs ? Then I could (hopefully) stack 1 on top of 2 others, and build a structure that looks interesting. Just bering able to put on top and half out/up would be great. I know this is a major redesign of the shell.

I designed this for PLA, I've never used HIPS so I wouldn't know its properties. Can you clarify what you mean by holes? The only holes are in the drawer for the knob. Glue the knob in place, friction will not hold it in. Please define what you mean by stacking. These modules interlock so that you can build interesting structures.

I think he meant that opposite walls have the same structure - ie. North/South walls both have male interlocks, and East/West walls both have female interlocks. Instead of North=male, South=female. Functionally, I'm not sure that it would make a difference.

I also think he forgot he can rotate the boxes in order to interlock them.

Comments deleted.


Very nice model. Unfortunately I didn't read the comment so my printer will take about 32hrs to print one with dividers :-) 15% infill.
I'm using simplify3d and no prob to modify the infil %, but where I can change the thin walls parameter you are referring to ? (0.8-1mm)
I found where to enable combing and it's in advanced "avoid crossing outline".
Just a suggestion, considering the external boxes will not move you can remove at least 50% of the rails lenght. So you can leave only 2 cm near the borders of the external boxes for each side, enough to interconnect them, or it can be a prob during the printing to create a support ?

Thanks again

PS: Even enabling combing and infill 5% time is 21hrs for 3 pcs (external, internal and the small one with the logo). Is it right ?

I thought about cutting down the length of the rails but I thought it would look weird when interlocked. One module and one drawer should take 10-11 hours total. Try printing 0.3mm 60mm/s 80mm/s travel.

Sorry a request for version 3: possibility to have 2 drawers (with divider) for each container, they are tall enough to contain 2 for the small items.

I can make a half-size drawer that can be stacked

Yes please it will be very useful. But also a full box with 2 drawers will be fine.

If i increase the print speed the time is clearly decreasing. 14hrs at 60mm/s and 11hrs at 80mm/s. Good start.
0.3mm is the extrusion width ?

PS:Sorry I understood is the layer height.

0.3mm layer height. You should also be able to print with 0% infill, that should cut some time.


I am very new to 3d printing and I really like the design of these drawers but I was very surprised when Repetier estimated the print time at approximately 11 hours and use 44m of filament to print the module. Would this be right or am I doing something terribly wrong?

I have selected 2 perimeters, 5% infill and 0.2mm layer height.


Sorry for the late reply. You should be able to get it down to around 5 hours. Thin walls (0.8-1mm), low infill (5%), and enable combing. Combing reduces the time significantly.

I like this idea a lot. But couldn't get the pieces to fit together. May not be enough clearance in the rails/slots. I printed at 0.1mm resolution and moderate speeds, and needed to do a lot of sanding and filing before I could get two cubes to go together... with a rubber mallet.
Maybe a variation with sliding dovetails for the locking mechanism?

I need to update the tolerances again. The tolerances now are 0.65mm and I was able to get them to slide nicely. The problem was my x-axis got bent slightly which distorted one of the modules. After fixing it I realized they do not slide properly with non-distorted prints. I will increase the tolerance to 0.8 and that should fix it.

EDIT: Updated module uploaded

Hey, i have problems getting the interlock to work.
I have tried different settings to no avail.
even with 0.15mm resolution.

Any tips?

I need to increase the tolerances
EDIT: updated module uploaded

What layer thickness have you guys printed with this? Is .2mm good enough for the interlock to work?

I tested printed the rails and slots at 0.25mm. You can print at 0.2mm. You can probably print at 0.3-0.4mm as well

I tried a print scaled down, one at 75% for the module other at 76%, both stopped at about 95% of the way through (but seemed more like 80%) and printer froze (mp delta mini). I printed the drawer with divider before at 75% and it completed fine. Also I tried seeing how things would fit and the module seemed a bit bigger/loose than the drawer. I'm using Cura.

Great model, have printed a few already.

Is it possible to get a divider or 2 in the drawer itself?
This would allow scaling of the model to large sizes and still be practical in separating components :)

I uploaded a drawer with a divider

Legend, cant wait to scale and try this :)

Hi there! I printed one of the modules at .2mm, 5% infill, and 101% upscale. There is no tolerance for the slides and rails. Used PLA at 200 hot end, and 80 bed.

Hey! So this probably depends on the printer again (I had the same tolerance trouble with my HIVE drawers). They originally have a 200 micron tolerance. I changed it to 300 micron.

So should I just change the resolution to .3mm?

The slots were 200 micron larger than the rails. I increased it to 300 micron larger. They should slide together now. You can print between 200-400 layer height. I general print at 250.

I will try to print another then according to how you Print. Thank you much!