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Julius Caesar (Improved) Pen/Pencil Holder

by derailed Sep 16, 2017
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Do I have to print it full-size? How far can I scale it down until the pens won't fit anymore?

Just finished a 27 hour print of the version with supports provided. My supports also broke before it was finished, but minus some sanding on the chin, it came out great! Thanks for sharing this. My friend who is an English teacher is going to love this.

Printed this with the built in support. Only issues were the support fell off very early on and gave him some boogers but just broke right off. Second issue was some of the thinner walls in his back didn't print right. But like derailed stated the supports aren't needed, and the back you'll never even really see.

Printed on pretty much Stock Ender 3 (Only metal extruder, upgraded bed springs, and Lukes Hotend Fix)
Printed with Eryone Marble Filament
50% infill at 210 C Nozzle and 55 C Bed

55.25 hrs of Printing

End Result came out Awesome, Thank you for the model, She loves it

What is "Lukes Hotend Fix"? I have an Ender 3 too and i'd be intersted in knowing

Sorry for the Delay. But it is a small modification to the stock hotend (Maybe other hotends I dont know), where you take a small piece of PTFE tube and the printable piece and stick it into the hotend and put the quick connect down on top. It no longer threads in all the way but just enough to hold the parts in place. This mod allows the filament to go down into the nozzle and you do not have to worry about making sure the Bowden tube sits all the way down the hotend. Thus hopefully preventing clogs and from filament getting trapped in the middle ground of the head and creating a plug. Please see the attached video, it is not mine but where I learned it from. The printable pieces are in the description of the video.

Best of Luck



Printed perfectly despite the support falling off the face mid print, it managed to recover.

ender3 - with bullseye duct (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2759439), can 100% print overhang test(https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2656594) successfully. Ensure that you can do this before you attempt a model like this.

8 hour print
amazon basics pla white . I print in my cold Canadian basement, so my heat values are a little higher to compensate.

.2 layer height
1mm walls
2 wall line count

12% infill

62c bed
7mm retraction
60mm/s retraction speed

speed 60

no supports (printed the model that came with support for the face/nose)
no extra footing/brim/raft/adhesion

Petsfang Duct for CR10 MicroSwiss/Stock/E3Dv6/Volcano/TevoTornado /Tarantula Hot End/E3Dv6 CNC Mount & 5015 fan Bullseye
by dpetsel
All In One 3D Printer test

printed on maker select plus, no problems, only the supplied supports for the nose. this thing is amazing. holes in the back don't fit bigger pens, thats my only beef.

I fixed it. I can share the new repaired one if any one wants it.

Am not holding out much hope for the STL you posted with the support ... 19 hours in right now.

What ended up happening?

Ended up useable. I'll see if I can dig up a photo.

Looks great, looking forward to printing this one. Now to add a nameplate to the base reading "JVLIVS CÆSAR"...

I think "Tu quoque, fili mi?" could be even better :)

CR-10, 90% infill, build support (big mistake). 48 hours , 8 minutes later and a thing of beauty left the printer. It took FOREVER to remove the supports, but some careful work with a drill, screwdriver, needle nosed pliers, fine wire cutters and a heat gun got it looking good in royal purple. Weighs at least 2 lbs. Building on top of blue painter's tape and a 60 degree bed works fine for me. No lifting, ever. Takes an act of nature to remove from the bed, however.

The logo on the bottom is making it difficult for me to get a good first layer.

Can you please provide one without the logo, but with the supports?

Never mind. I sunk the model -1.26mm into the build plate before slicing.

That removed the logo and gave me a nice flat surface with minimal layers lost from the base.

Did anyone noticed this problem in S3D? Because I am printing it now and I just found out.

yes, if you gon into the repair tab you will find that the added supports have self intersecting surfaces. you could try fixing this in meshmixer or I just used the model without support and then manually added s3d support under the nose and chin and made them large enough so they merged and supported each other.

What a great and funny model, excellent!

Ok It is printing perfectly for now... i used the one with integrated support... i noticed i have some curling under the arms on both side due to overhang... did anyone who printed this got also some curling ?... other than that it is printing solid till now.... ( printer: prusa mk3)

The material curling upwards caused this. Mine did it, I watched it happen. I used 10% infill and it probably needed to be 20% - 30% to minimize this. Or an enclosure...

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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My wife would really like a version where the model is square on the base instead of at an angle. Other than that it is a great piece.

great model and it printed very well with hatchbox white, lines support in cura with roof and floor, all the support pulled away leaving a perfect surface.

-only problem is my printer is a mini and I can't print above 115mm. if I shrink this to ~60% most pens and some pencils are too big to fit in the holes. Can you post some interim steps or perhaps you have a version that is smaller with larger scaled holes that you could post?

For my kids' latin teacher. this will be a perfect end of year gift.

Wonderful thanks for sharing!

I don’t have history on the file that I can edit, so sadly I would have to start over. However, if you would like, I do sell them on my website. Private message me on Facebook and I’ll try to get you a better deal on it.


I’ll consider that. What program did you use to make the holes? I tried to load it in 123design and combine shapes to make bigger holes but it hangs forever thinking.

I used ZBrush

I cut out part of the pedestal to make it shorter and then was able to print it larger without hitting the max Z on my printer.
Looks great. With “lines” support at 15% roof and floor enabled I had no problems removing the support from the holes with hemostats.

One of my all time favorite 3D prints! I made a video about the print.


I’m honored! Thanks for taking the time to put that together!

This is really great. Thanks for posting.

Glad you like it!

Nice. I wonder how many would understand this without someone explaining history

sorry I'm new... how do remove something from a collection??

καὶ σὺ τέκνον

I love this, and so does my wife (a classics scholar who has forgotten more about ancient Rome than I'll ever know). I printed it at 80% scale on a Creality CR-10, and 0.2mm layer height, and maybe 60-80 mm/s speed, about 50% infill. The infill was probably overkill. It took maybe 18 hours.

I activated supports "everywhere" (to make sure his face was supported), but that put infill in the back holes. If I had been braver about the max angle for support I might have avoided this (maybe 75 degrees? Seems extreme). And it's not a problem because I cleaned out the holes with a long-bladed slot-head screwdriver.

I might try this again, but printing tilted waaaay back. More than 180 degrees. The goal would be to get the face and chest facing straight up and the holes nearly vertical. Supports only on the back... easier to sand down the contact points, and connections only deep down in the holes, not on the sides. Hopefully easier to remove. I'll let you know if I try it.

Either way, a bit fussy to remove supports but totally worth it, and it's gorgeous. Thanks for the design.

Obvious wink at Brutus backstabbing... lol

I printed it i 85% scale and it looking great ;)

I've never printed anything before and was excited for this to be my first piece, unfortunately Cura estimated this would take 70 hours to print, which is much too long on a shared printer. :(

I'm sorry to hear that. Where are you located? I could possibly print and ship one to you if you're not too far

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:980541/#files no hate, just maybe post it as a remix rather than one of your creations

Julius Ceasar

Why would u accuse someone of plagiarism, by failing to list as a remix, without first checking to see if it was in fact listed as a remix?

It is posted as a remix...

Not sure it's remix if it wasn't modelled, just scanned.

love the idea though, too bad my build volume is small

About the tipping request... ideas worth more than work.
Plus the original 3D model might only be a 3D scan of someone else's work.
With that said I fucking love your idea, it's genius!

Thank you for the kind words, but this was merely the adaptation of the idea that has been around for a while. The farthest back I can trace this idea was from a meme of a photoshopped picture of Caesar with pencils in his back on a desk. After that, it just evolved, and I saw something similar one day and decided to make this and post it. So thank you for the kind words, but I cannot take credit as the first person to think of this idea.

Infamy! Infamy!

They've all got it in for me!

Ok this is what I have to say. I don’t know why you guys are giving the designer so much trash talk.

First of all, I just want to let you, for those saying the original designer did a lot more work and deserves to be paid, the original designer did not have to do ANY design work.

The ORIGINAL work is an actual sculpture in the Met. It was made about 500 years ago by Andrea Ferrucci. The original file was merely a scan of this original piece of art. And last I checked, that uploaded did not credit or say anything about the original sculpture.

The designer “Derailed” here, on the other hand, took the time into his/her hands to perfect this scan into something funny, educational, and uploaded it for all of us for free! And I mean look at those photos, that’s some professional quality work that took TIME! For goods sake, the uploader that scanned the statue couldn’t even bother to take a screenshot, but rather took a picture of the preview on his slicer’s preview screen as the photo. Wouldn’t it be fair for derailed to ask for some tips?

And he/she’s not begging for money, he/she is just a not-really discovered artist. Just by glancing at his/her other designs, I can already see that that are all original designs, and he/she is a very talented artist.

Lastly, how would he have known that it was going to be featured? He didn’t choose to be, someone from MakerBot Thingiverse just decided based off the thumbnail that it was a noteworthy design, which I agree with.

I’ve printed this model many times for friends and family thanks to derailed and I’ve gladly shown my appreciation by leaving him/her a tip.

Why so hateful? Show some love to our designers here on thingiverse.

Just going to add in that instead of he/she him/her you can use the word they to indicate a person of unknown gender

Comments deleted.

Nice idea. You better do the kitchen knife holder remix now, before someone gets in there before you :)
I have to say, in terms of work involved, i think speedtwin69 would be the more deserving of any tip.

That was my first thought as well! LOL!!

First sentence: begging for money. And featured (a simple scan and holes for pens).

Shameless begging for money since this is based on some others much more intensive work on the original model.

I credited the original designer in the credits

fyi, i learned about julius caesar in seventh grade.(did i misspell that?)

Do you have this model without the holes for the pens?

I would like to print this as a normal bust instead of a pen holder.

how much is this tall? the 100% size of the model is about 19cm, seems a bit big

I printed my copy at 74%, 148mm tall. Pencils still fit.

What exactly are the improvements over the original?

What scale does this need to be printed at? 100%?

How did you get the supports out of inside the holes? Almost all the holes connect and its a real pain to get everything out.

I had the same problem, but used small screwdriver to get it all out.

In cura 3.2.x : activate support interface with pattern 'lines' in 0.6mm thick (3layers) for bottom AND top interface activated , together with activating option 'distance from xy walls' (you have to experiment, I use 0.6) and activating distance from Z (I use 0.4) ..
not comming out of burning bushes with my stone tablets here: thats just MY solution to this without buying expensive S3D.. when I REALLY -not here for certain- need ome manual supports I just use the (also free) slicer Craftware

I used custom Simplify3D supports

what resolution and infill should i use for this? also, does it need supports?

Yes I used supports at 0.2mm and 10% infill