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31 Day Spiral Pill Box

by LoboCNC Sep 13, 2017
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Could be used for taking breath mints etc. on the go too ;)

This thing breaks and girnds my phills :( what am I doing wrong ?

Phills are 7.5 mm round

Your pills are probably a bit to large for the chambers. Try scaling up to 125%.

If I had a 20 mg round tablet (lexapro for size reference), how much would you recommend scaling it up?

Looks like 20mg Lexapro tablets are about 9.5mm in diameter, so I'd scale this up to about 140%

This is the result that I keep getting. What am I doing wrong?

I agree with LoboCNC. what slicer are you using and what machine are you printing from?

Looks like maybe a slicing issue where your line width is set too thick and it is not generating paths for the thin-wall inner chamber.

Thanks for sharing! Very clever design and fits perfectly right after getting it out of the printer. Absolutely no post-processing required. Really amazing! I've printed already 2 copies in different colors to combine them (https://www.thingiverse.com/make:491932) and will probably again print 1 or 2 more, this time with scale > 100% for bigger pills.

31 Day Spiral Pill Box

Perfect design. Printed without any problems whatsoever and the parts threaded into each other effortlessly.

this is fantastic. I use it every day, it works very well.

Great design! great imagination.
Thank you for the parametric files!

You are a gem!

Printed at .16 layer height. No supports. Absolutely PERFECT print. The inner part works smoothly and perfectly, holes all line up. I love it!

LoboCNC your design is amazing. I would love to try to modified your file, and add some day numbers.
Do you still have your solidworks files??

I've posted the STEP versions of the files. Will that work for you?

Well, at the end it didn't work as expected, is there a way that you can pm me the files. I could give it a try on solidworks 2017

I've just posted the SW file.

Thank you! I would give it a try and make and update :)

Let me check.
I'm trying to use the recognition feature, but it's not working as expected.

Printed beautifully and works great. Might have to print another one scaled up a tad to fit but it looks and works.

What material are you guys using. i am running at 20mm/s with PLA and getting serious warping. Maybe i just need to upgrade my cooling.

I printed this in PLA. It does have a pretty steep overhang, so you will need pretty good cooling. Even setting up an external fan can work wonders.

Thanks for the fast reply. It is curling up around the edges, and i never thought to use an external fan. I will give it a go tomorrow and post a reply as to how it went.

thanks, very usefull and has all needed smart things.

I have been using this for 1 month now. For my blood pressure reduction pills (2). Printet 150% scale
Unfortunatly the pils often colide with the wall and "lock" the device and needs some wigling in order to loosen it again.

Try holding it upright as you unscrew it.

I could see a 28 day one being useful as well (though you could just ignore 3 of the days).

It's really clever and well designed, I made 2.

I have one suggestion though, the center is wasted space that could be used for the pockets. If the pockets went further into the center you could store larger pills.

I use the center fro bulk pill storage (aspirin, etc.), but sure, the pockets could be deeper as well.

I see, I guess I read that earlier. Any chance of sharing the design file so we could hack it up? I found my pills would barely fit in the pockets and kind of scrape off as I'm turning it.

I've posted the STEP version of the file if you can work with that. Otherwise I have the native Solidworks 2011 files.

Thanks, I'll take a look at STEP in Fusion 360.
Later: I imported the STEP into Fusion but I don't think there's a practical way to edit it in Fusion, at least at my skill level. Not sure if you have parameterized the inner cavity in SolidWorks.

Please bear in mind that carrying medication like this or the commercial carriers can get you in trouble since it is not in the proper bottle it was prescribed in with all the proper info. Please research the law before using one of these.

Get your pharmacist to print an extra bottle label. It'll roll up to fit in the center of this dispenser.

Brilliant design, LoboCNC! Printed perfectly on my Rostock Max v3.

Hmm, I thought that was standard practice at pharmacies? Maybe it's an NC thing...dunno. Every time I've ever gotten a prescription, stapled to the bag along with the receipt is another copy of the prescription label info, along with a pamphlet with Q&A/black box warnings, etc.. I just fold those up and bring them with me. I'd recommend keeping the most recent one with you, throwing out the old ones upon refill.

Anyways, I neglected to notice the dimensions of this before making my first one, and it will barely fit one of my daily meds, much less 4..haha, so I think I'll try it again scaled up to near pepper grinder proportions, and test out some wood PLA for the first time, for the outer portion.

3D printer = best investment made in a while. :D

I guess you have to arrest my parents and grandparents then, because they keep their pills in labelled boxes too, which, as such, aren't in the "proper bottle with all the proper info" anymore either. Though their boxes shows them exactly which pills they need to take when, and what days they need to take 1 / 2 / 4 / whatever.

I wonder if you found a legit strategy there: force people to use original bottles, and prevent them by law to use containers that lets them keep track of which pills they already took (because they're, let's say, forgetful). Then, they might end up taking some extra, get an overdose and kick the bucket, fixing the issue with too-long-lasting pensions. Hmm ... maybe I should try to get into the government, might help save them some money that way.

mhstar89 - I don't work for the government,., I was simply trying to make people AWARE of the law that is on the books. There are ways to carry the copies of the scripts with you that will usually prevent a legal issue. I am simply recommending that someone check what they need to carry with them.
I posted this since I had an friend end up with a felony conviction on her record because of using a container like this.
The concept and usefulness of these devices is wonderful and I did not say don't use one -- I said do a little research! so you can use it and not have legal issues.

He must not have had a very good lawyer or something for him to get a felony over this

NJ, School Zone, etc - every bad option possible.

After doing this for 3+ years, I am still so impressed by the brilliant minds that develop these things and then put them out there for all to use. Great design, printed without a hitch. Thanks for sharing.

You are quite welcome!

Haven't seen anything similar. Very great design.

I´ve printed it now but it can´t be screwed so easily. I also injured myself :)

Suggestion: Put numbers on the back walls so you look down into the opening you can see which day you're on.

I though about doing that, but in Solidworks, it is a real a pain to do, at least as far as I know how. I decided that tracing the current chamber position down the spiral to the letter on the base was a good mental agility exercise for those of us with aging brains.

I have SW, but it's like 2012. Also have AutoCAD inventor so if I had something other than just the STL's to work with, I could add them. Shouldn't be too hard.

I'll post the SW2011 source file when I get a chance.

What about 7mm round pill? Or better 2 of them in each compartment?

A 7mm pill should fit fine in each chamber - maybe even 2 if the pills aren't too thick.

Thanks! I'll give it a try.

What % would you say to scale it up to for a 15mm pill?

For a 15mm round pill, you might have to scale up by 55 - 60%. For an 15mm long oblong pill, maybe only 45%. I'd suggest doing a test pint of just the bottom section of the box so you can make sure your pills fit.

Yeah, oblong. 14mm long, 8mm wide. Should I give the actual spiral ago until a full cavity is printed, or just the cover until the hole is complete?

I'd print the actual spiral until you get a full cavity because the cavity is tapered.

Will do, printing now!

So glad I follow you on here. You do excellent work. Cheers

Hey, thanks! I appreciate the encouragement.

Just made a PETG one with the old design :-( will download the new design and give it a try

Did the original version work out for you? Both should work, the new one just a little more smoothly.

My PETG create 'curtains' so the edge was 2-3 mm wide, so I'll try with support

This is an awesome design. I've had a couple of goes at printing and each time the sleeve gets torn apart by the screw. My machine is calibrated properly with xy compensation and have no problems with hole sizes or things like that. Should the sleeve actually be printed at a larger scale than the screw? I'd love to get this right without having to go by trial and error.

The thread on body has a short unsupported overhang, that depending on your cooling, may get too raggedy and then not fit in the groove in the cover. Tomorrow I'm updating with a fix that prints and operates much more smoothly. Stay tuned...

Oh cool! I'll keep an eye out and give it a run!

The updated files are now in place. Give it another go.

so much better for me this time! make uploaded.

Thanks everyone - it's always nice to hear that people like your work!

LoboCNC: you're a so damn good designer! Your geniality is my reference point... I had to tell you. I'm waiting for your next masterpiece :)

Awesome design! I like it. Thanks for sharing