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Magazine speed loader

by Pyroscooter Sep 11, 2017
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can you make a version for 7.62 ?

Currently printing part 2 out of 4 for the 30 round version. I scaled up to 101% as said in the comments. Not sure if the files have been updated but standard .223 FMJ rounds are pretty loose. Normal scaling printed with PLA seems to have been better but the 101% scaling will work no problems.

Thanks for the design!

Just wanted to give kudos to you! I used your 15rd loader with the taller pusher this weekend. Worked phenomenally on my PMag Gen 2 and some OG Mil Issue Magazines. Great Job on the design and thank you very much for posting this design up. I don't have any pics of the Print, but I'll post one up later this evening. Thanks!

Any chance you could design this for the AK47 mags?

Maybe, I'd have to get my hands on a magazine first. I've been basically inactive for a few months. But that will hopefully change once I've got a printer running again.

I'm glad you have the 30 round option with the small sections. It allows me to print on my tiny (120 x 120) print bed. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Any chance to have a 30 rounder cut into 2?

Thanks for posting this design! Mine works great, just finished it today. I agree with the person below me, the .223 round is a bit too tight when loading into the speed loader at the side opposite the magazine. Also, the bullet tray does not line up with the 15 rnd version that is all one piece. I see a picture of one where someone made a 15 rnd version that includes the bullet tray, but I dont see the appropriate files to make that now. Great design work overall!

I printed this and it works great. I would recommend scaling it up 1 or 2 percent to account for shrinkage when printing with PLA. The rear of a .223 round is really tight printing it at the current size. Pyroscooter, maybe take off a mm in that gap to loosen it up. Also, the tray does not line up with the 30 round version. Thanks for creating this, and I know I'm not the only one who would like to see one for 7.62 x 39mm for AK mags.


First print went well.
Great model!
Thank you for making this.
Can you modify the model for .308 for an AR-10?
if not, can you share the source model so that I can tinker with it?
thanks again

sjeff, to make an AR-10 model it would be more of a ground-up approach. I can do it for you but it will take a while. Do you have a preferred capacity for the design? I expect most magazines for the AR-10 are 20 rounds?

Was this ever completed?

30 round would be great. I have a few 30 and 20.

I have a large printer, can you post the 30rd loader in its complete form please. Thank you

Done, that was an easy enough change to make.

Like your design,handy for the range.I;m trying to make a tray to go on the end to hold 10-20 rds.so L can slide 2-3 rds. at a time into slot,I'm a 70 yr old machinist with no cad experience useing tinker cad.,any help would be apperacted tks,ken

I have uploaded a file that should do the trick, sorry about the wait. Holidays and all. If there is an issue please let me know.

Wow, and here I thought this thing was already pretty cool. Nice addition! I printed a 30 round one and it turned out fine.

Some feedback - I think the plunger is the weak point. To be fair, it's probably 90% my printing technique and I need better infil. I think that rather than something circular it might be stronger if it were longer in the pushing axis? You lose some of the fool-proof design where it has no wrong orientation but it will stand up to the stress of the push axis more maybe? I'm not the expert here, just spitballing.

Anyway, fantastic design.

Thanks for the feedback Inline! From my experience if you're seeing strength issues there are several remedies. You can increase the number of walls (shells/perimiters) printed, slightly increase nozzle temp, slightly increase resolution (reduce layer height), allow a little more overlap between your infill pattern and the walls, and/or increase infill density. With my first iteration of the pusher I had issues with stength as well. If there is a continued problem let me know and I'll make something to help you out.

Hi Ken, I can make an attachment very soon. I'll let you know once it's out!

30 round version works til about round 22. After that the ammo gets tight and needs to be angled in order to fit, making it unable to load. Less of an arch in the design would probably solve it, or making the slot about 2mm wider on parts 3 and 4

When you say load, are you having trouble loading the magazine or the loader itself? I will take a look at those parts and see if I can find the issue. Thank you for letting me know!

attached images to show you channel width from the 5 round mark, and the 30 round mark.

Same round for each photo, factory m193

Okay, I can fix that today. Thanks for the help and the pictures. I'll let you know once the updated version is live. It is an early design so I am sorry about the issue.

Just printed out the last 2 parts of the new update, rounds slide through much better. Assembled the updated last 2, with the original first 2, and they didn't fit perfectly together, as expected (still printing the first two of the new file), but with some upward pressure to align the bottom rail, all 30 rounds fed into the magazine smoothly, and I suspect it will function perfectly when done printing the rest. So it looks like the update is a success, thanks.

Yes, it's a good model, but what is the point if you don't conserve the plastic that you have by reducing bulk.
Also, allowing people to change it how they like by including the source files would be nice too. Seems like it was modeled in a parametric modeler like fusion 360 or Soliworks. Wouldn't be difficult to export a shareable file. I hope you might take this into consideration.

Sorry for not replying sooner on this, I can definitely make a minimalist design if you want. Though this doesn't exactly use a lot of plastic if you run a more conservative infill. I haven't uploaded the source files because I did my own work on this and would like to keep my name on it and I've seen many people claim designs that are not their own. I would prefer not to experience such a disrespectful appropriation of my time and effort. I would love to have people take my designs and run with them, but my experience has taught me not to trust so easily. Thank you for understanding.

Could you make a 30 round version?

I'm sure I could as a building-block type of attachment. I'll get to it when I have time. Thanks for the suggestion.

finally got some time to do it. read the description before you print!

I would love a 30rd small printer model as well!

updated, read the description before printing

Can you make the pusher handle about twice as tall as well?

Made it one inch taller. Hope that helps!

Would also appreciate a 30 round rail. I'm currently designing an attachment to use this loader with the hk g36 mags cause i'm sick of loading these fuckers....

Experimental 30 round version is out.

Please break your STL into two files -- Base and Handle.

The files have been updated.

Awesome...yes..if you can please cut it down for smaller size printers

Very very cool design!

I got the chance to modify the design. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the compliment WarHawk. I will try to do that for you. Unfortunately, it's my last semester in engineering, so I don't have much free time. I will do my best to update the file soon.

what caliber is this for?

This loader works for any caliber that will fit into the standard AR-15 style magazine, .223, 5.56, .300 blk, etc.

Great! I’ll try it out