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Star Trek Discovery - Phaser and Body Slice

by alpokemon Sep 9, 2017
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I'm currently printing up this beauty. I do have a question though. Why is there support printing in the middle of the Type-1 phaser part. Shouldn't that be infill instead?

Very nice model, looking forward to printing it for my Ash Tyler cosplay.
Are you planning on doing a variant with a removable Type I phaser? That would be the icing on the cake.
I would try it myself but I know the endresult wouldn't be to my satisfaction since I'm still a total noob when it comes to 3D designing :/

I believe someone already did it. They took this model and modified it. You can find it here.

Phaser from Startrek Discovery with removeable smaller phaser (Easy Print)

I know that model. Unfortunately due to some scumbags making money off of it the creator took it down before I could get it.

Dude, i removed my phaser as i discovered people are selling them on Ebay! search discovery phaser and you will find yours is being sold too.... just a heads up :)

Yeah, I saw someone on Etsy selling it. Even if people take it down, it won't help because they already have the STLs. I also just did a search on eBay and it's there from a guy in the UK. I think it's best just to leave it up and dilute the market.

:( Boo the original model has gone

Emitter is now part of the package

I will upload the rest tomorrow.

Would you be willing to make a few more changes to the handle to make it a little bit more screen accurate? the back of the handle seems to have a bit of a curve to it, and there is a small grip "Bumper" on the very back where the handle meets the phaser body. I think it would add that small touch to give it a real screen accurate look.

Oddly enough in Simplify3D the rear grip disappears when printing on the original

In Makerbot Print and Desktop the back is there but is so thin that it was too easy to push in. The handle bears all the weight so I think a 20% infill makes sense. Enjoy. I haven't even seen episode 3 yet.

Your mod is fine, no issues. Yours actually corrects the issue from the original. Good job. With the original, I just had a look - I am set for 20 percent infill but in S3d at least, neither side of the grip has infill, only the center (charge level) piece. The front grip builds ok though, even without the infill. So for anyone with that issue, this is the build you need.

Great job fixing up the geometry! I had way too many gaps with the original.

You don't have the file of the phaser body NOT split up, do you? I have a larger format printer, and was hoping to minimize my gluing.

Great work, again.

I added the phaser body for you.

You can just download the original file to get the full body phaser. If you still need me to upload that I can. One thing, if you have medium to large men's hands, you will need to scale this phaser up 110+%. If you don't the grip is way too small.

I will have to do that, thanks for the warning.

If you could upload that, it'd be really swell of you. I have no CAD skills of my own, and while the geometry of propaholic's model is fine for an SLA printer, the internal cavities are throwing me curve balls in Cura.

Thanks again for the scaling advice.

Your my hero! Thanks bud!

Yea side by side 110 looked okay...I'm just worried the top part scales will be too tall for my a8

I had that problem too in my Makerbot. I cut the back half of the phaser off right at where the battery pack meets the rest of the weapon.

Could you upload those files by chance? I'm still figuring out how to cut models and it hasn't gone well so far

Sliced body uploaded. Enjoy

Awesome! I printed the original off DA last night and had the missing curves and such too. Can't wait to try this, and agreed, it's very small in my small man hand, so definitely need to increase size

Thanks. I am printing an upscaled one at 115%. I am not a big guy but my hands are medium/large... I can barely hold it. I'll have my wife go out at an Ensign with it.