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catan-style boardgame 2.0 (magnetic & multicolor)

by Dakanzla Sep 9, 2017
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I am trying to create a storage solution where I wouldn't need to glue all pieces (base hex and terrain hex). This is what I came up with


The top lid would be 2 parts, as everything is getting quite large ....

Hey, how would I be able to play with 5-6 players?

Hy, according to the official rules here: https://www.catan.com/service/game-rules

you need the base game parts for the 4 player version and the following add-ons for the 5-6 player expansion:

Terrain tiles: 1 x desert, 2 x wood, 2 x wheat, 2 x wool, 2 x brick, 2 x ore, 2 x water, 2 x water with harbor
Player pieces: 2 x 5 settlements, 2 x 4 cities, 2 x 15 roads, 2 x 10 crossings (optional)
Harbors: 1 x harbor 3:1, 1 x harbor wool

What fillament u used for the colour beige, i can't find one ?

Its in the comments. Search for “beige“ :)

Are these tiles the same dimensions as the cardboard ones in Catan?

Yes, the size should be identical :)

Just finished printing out the expansion quantities of the this game. This is an awesome design, thanks. And it litterally took me months of printing to finish. But I think worth it. One question. How do you set up the game to maintain randomness. In the real game they are all flat and you mix them up face down which is easy to do as they are flat. How do you do it with these 3d tiles

Hy, I normaly use the resource cards for this. One card for each land and a knight for the desert. Then we shuffle them and built the board corresponding to the drawn cards. But there may be other ways as well :) verry nice work with the set and the box :)

I have printed the base set and most of the SeaFarers set. Here is what I have found in printing these.

I was unable to get the small clips that hold the magnets in pace to work. They always obstructed the top from seating correctly in the base. Since I am using axial magnets that do not have to move, I started using super glue instead. This worked reasonable well but I ruined a couple of bases when the magnet flipped on end before the glue was set. I landed on the H-195F ($10.00) fine point glue gun from Amazon. I let the magnet set against an existing tile and then just add a bit of hot glue and it holds the magnet in place. This has been the quickest and most reliable way to secure the magnets that I have found. Though the tops fit fairly tightly already, I used a couple of drops of superglue to hold them in place. This seems to have been the best assembly line methodology of putting the tiles together.

Printing this out now on my Mosaic P2P with MK3. Great design work! I amd print the expanded set. Jeez, a lot of work but it will be so worth it. One question. Anyone come up with a Box design for the expanded set?

Hy, unfortunately there seems to be no solution for that at the time. I searched and found these examples, that could probably help you to design a custom box for your tiles:

Tile Storage for Catan Cities and Knights, city improvements.
Settlers of Catan Magnetic Pieces Modular Box. 18MM (REMIX)
Comments deleted.

Thank you very much for this. In process of currently printing. Do you have plans for version 2 of other expansions (sorry if a repeat question)?

Hy, seafarers and cities&knights are allready available and mentionned in the description. On the other two I start to work when I find the time :)

Youre welcome and thx a lot for the tip! Helps me making projects like this :)

Welcome. Nothing compared to the love and the hours you have put into this. :)

Yes !! Got my Anet A8 working again and stated the printing for this super great set :) I went for Version 2. Print settings i am using so far are .12mm for the tiles (.08 was really taking to long) and this is taking me about 3,5 hour of printing time for a single tile :D. I am planning on hand painting all tiles as i have some experience with miniature painting and have a lot of paints which hopefully should make printing on .12 instead of .2 worth while :)

Good luck with your project. Already curious about the result :)

Nice :) keep going that way :)

Does anyone have the files (or a remix) for the 3D Printed Storage set? https://www.thingiverse.com/make:583010

@morphius713 seems to have taken them down.

storage settlers

Very good job
How many meters of pla are needed to print all?

Yes, finally got my Palette Pro and ready to start cranking out multi color. I have seen your color-composition list but i am having a difficult time getting close to some of your colors. Could you possibly tell the actual brand and color name you used?

Hy, I checked it and most of the brands I used are not available anymore. But I guess that if you use the colorsheet in the thing-files section you get pretty close. Most filents I used were from the prusa shop or from colorfabb.

I received my MMU2 last week. I printed a couple of test objects and jumped straight into this! I am printing enough for the 5-6 player expansion. Awesome work! This was my sole excuse to justify the MMU2 to my wife. :)

Nice! Good luck with the project :)

Anyone know where I could get this whole project color printed? I don't have a multi-color printer, but I totally want this Catan set!

So I'm confused, when printing in multiple colors normally each color needs to be a separate STL file. When I separate shells of any of these designs, they don't break out per color. What am I doing wrong or can you export a version where each color is a separate STL per file. Thanks.

Futher down in the description you find the correct links to the multicolor-files :)

OH, okay thanks! Sorry I'm blind supposedly.

Any idea where to get through magnets in the United States?

I am using the axial magnets. I ordered the first small set from overseas but it took almost 8 weeks to arrive. I ordered from here for my second set:


I'm trying to open these in Cura, the problem is the separate parts of each tile (say the 4 parts of the wool tile) aren't aligned on top of each other (which they should be to print as one object), and when I just drag them one on top of the other some details are "hidden" under the main tile.

How to line them up for printing the entire tile?


Do you know if anyone has done a remix of the original (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1238980) tiles you made, to fit the downward compatible bases (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2562026) for this design? I haven't loaded them up, but i'm guessing the new design of having the bases separate uses a LOT less filament and print time than the original? And also, just makes workflow a bit faster/easier as you can use a touch more brute force without worrying about breaking trees, etc.

settlers catan style (magnetic)
Base downward compatible

Has anyone made an alternate brick tile for this set? Literally, my only complaint about this beauty is that the brick and ore tiles look/feel too similar. But that's just me.

hey!! This is amazing!
how many different colour plastics did you use? Do you think I can do the whole board using 0.5kg spoils?

Hy, there is a pdf-file in the dowloads with all the colors you need. I guess 0,5 kg for a color would be enough.

Thanks for the info :)
Keep up the awesome work

May I ask in which software you designed these?

Hy, I used tinkercad for most of the models. The base elemts I designed in blender :)

The creator did most of his work in Tinkercad. You can find link to his tinkercad designs in the description

I saw these, but maybe he just uploaded them to Tinkercad.

I'm only able to find 3x5mm magnets. Do you thing these would work too?

Yes, they will work.

First of all: Thank you for these designs, I cant imagine how long it took to design everything.

Question: is there a specific reason that I am missing as to why the "water - harbor" and "harbor base" are not fused together. I am guessing that these two would be joined with glue anyway, why are these two separate print files?
I do think to understand that the harbor tops are lose to encourage extra randomness in the placement of these part.

Hy and thx :)
The main reason is, that the desingn was made for multimaterial printers and the more parts you have the more colors you can combine. I was just to lasy to fuse them together for the single colored version :) but you can fuse them together with the tincercad-files I added or in an other cad-program if you want :)

I will give the fusing a shot.
Thank you for the lightning speed reply.

This is amazing. Thanks for putting it together. Can you post the files for the base with the hex separate from the magnet covers?

Hy, all files including the base are available in tinkercad. Removing the magnet cover should be verry easy to do yourself :)

Right, forgot about that. Thanks!

No offence but I just dont find the time to do all those individual ajustments. Thats why I made those available on tinkercad :)

Thanks for the files this is a beautiful set. I am part way through printing a set of the interlocking tiles and have hit on a little issue. The tiles, once connected, don't lay flat. Is this a common problem to be resolved through post print processing or is there an adjustment to be made before I print the remainder of the tiles? Any constructive suggestions woudl be welcome.

Hi eweb, while I haven't printed this yet myself, I was curious if they sit flat on their own, when not connected? If so, it could be that the walls of the tile edges aren't perfect 90 degrees. Perhaps the print flairs out at the bottom. This could be fixed with some light sanding. Just a thought.

I've been looking up some information about how to play this without taking apart the real game (or basically playing without having the full game itself)

Things that are missing for the base game:
Resource cards: https://catanshop.com/catan-replacement-game-cards
Construction cost cards: Could not find this online, it is not really needed but for newcomers it is a handy tool.
2x six sided die: Can be found basically anywhere

For the 5-6 player expansion I am not 100% sure because I dont have it myself (will verify it with a friend in a bit), but I got this from product photo's on webshops:
2x wood
2x wool
2x wheat
2x brick
2x ore
1x desert
2x water
2x water with harbor

1x 3:1 harbor
1x sheep harbor

Number tokens: one of each so you will have in total (summed with the base game):
2x token 2
3x token 3
3x token 4
3x token 5
3x token 6
3x token 8
3x token 9
3x token 10
3x token 11
2x token 12

Development cards:
6x knight card
1x monopoly
1x year of plenty
1x road building

Once I've verified these things and I've found a list for the other expansions I will setup a document and share that here.

This is just awesome!

Hey, thx a lot for your clarifications :) Great :) Good luck with printing this project and painting. I had the same dicussions when I got my first printer at home :-P

For anyone having questions about the magnets:
I ordered these from Ali Express and they work like a charm:

The first picture in the link has a little icon in the bottom right corner that explains it a lot better as I am about to but still I'll try: these magnets are vertically polarized not horizontally (poles are on curved/rounded faces), which means the magnet is able to roll in the landscapebase making them adjust to and attract one and another. So no fiddling around with making sure the correct poles face the correct way. Set it and forget it type deal. Just make sure they have a little room to be able to turn or roll.

I calculated that for the set I want: Catan, Catan City & Knights and Catan Seafarers I'll need 75 bases including the water tiles but excluding things like city improvement tiles or the barbarian tile. 75 bases comes down to 450 magnets. Basic math of course would be 6x the number of bases you want to make.

I'm half way done... Thanks to Simplify3d I can print the none detail parts at a much higher resolution and print all the details at 0.04 layer height but still it pretty much takes 38 hours to print 7 wood tiles -.- absolutely worth it though. These designs are pretty much the reason I bough a 3D printer. So yeah... @Dakanzla, my girlfriend would like to thank you for "that weird noisy machine" in the house! ;)

Edit: I've uploaded some pictures; 7 wood tiles still printing, 2 gold tiles are done. Still have to clean them up a bit, there is some stringing, but overall really happy with the results

I used the diametrical ones (3mm / 6mm). Axial magnets should work as well with the same size but I havent tested those...

Do you have a preference on the type of magnets?

Do you think magnetic balls would do the trick?
Like these: http://s.aliexpress.com/uAJZnMJ3

Guess it should work with two ball magnets for each side but they have to be able to rotate. Also depends on their strengh.

Thanks. I'm actually thinking to use only one, otherwise the second ball could prevent the first one from rotating. I'll see.
This is going to be an awesome present.

Did you use the balls? I have a bunch lying around and would prefer to use them. What size and how did the pieces stick? Did you use the original base or the one with the 6x4 mm magnet hole?

Ah, yes I did use them. It's not a strong bond. But when you set up the board, it stays together and moves together.

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do you remember the size/type ?

Ah. Sorry. 3mm balls and original base

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

How (or what files) do I print the number tiles without a Multi Material Capable printer?

Also where can I buy the playing cards?

Even though I have the full game myself I was wondering the same. And I found the following from the official store:

Amazon.com also has them but Amazon.de doesn't (I cannot find them at least)

Comments deleted.

greenish beige: color Fabb pla/pha
copper: prusa
yellowgreen: prusa
light brown: color Fabb pla/pha
base orange: innofil

Hi there :)
are those tiles compatible with the original cardboards? So that you can use normal expansions with this 3d board.

if you mean by compatible the size of the tiles then yes. They have the same size and could be used together with 2d elements :-)

It's awesome that you made all this but a couple questions. Your first set had multiple pieces for each tile (i.e. multiple fields, multiple mountains, etc) for variety, do you have any plans to add another for each for more variety on the board (just curious, no is a fine answer)? Also, is it just me, or do the mountains have fewer polies? It could just be because it's the thingiview and not in hand, but it looks more blocky than I remember the v1 mountains being.

Any plans to add in the expansions? I love knights and cities :). (I'm sure you've been asked that already, but there a ton of comments here, thanks for humoring me)

Maybe, yes and yes :)
I havent made any variations of the tiles yet. But maybe in the future. If you want, you can mirror them in your slicer, that should give you at least a little bit of variety. Yes they are a “low poly“ style design. Thats intended :) Seafarers expansion will be next but I have some other projects as well. One of them is my family and other things :) So I cant really tell when that will be the case.

Great Models, but having Problems printing base_landscapes.
Those Caps seem to be a litte bit too big on my printer, could you publish a "base_landscapes_wo_caps.stl" because it my 3D Tools tell me that the original cannot be used to simple cut them out (also Azure STL Repair tells stl is invalid).

Done, uploaded a base without the caps :)

Great, Thank you a lot

I just wanted to comment that the detail and effort that went into this set is phenomenal. Thank you for making this publicly available, it's appreciated!

Thx a lot :) I guess thats the potential of 3d-printing. Making ideas available fir everyone :) thx verry much for the tipp, verry appritiate that :)

Anytime and absolutely one of the reasons I feel 3d printing is succeeding, open and supporting community :)

I made a PDF with the colors in the Text, because i got confuse too much with your numbers only.
You can use it if you want to.
Just thought this way others could use it too.

I saw that settlers of catan sold the game cards separately but its for just the normal version. I want to make it compatible for 5-6 players. Will it be enough cards or do you suggest me just making my own cards out of card stock?

Unfortunately I only have made a 4 player version but I guess there are more cards in the game when you play with 6 people...

If anyone is looking for cheap diametrical magnets just buy the mini magical tiles off eBay. There are four magnets on each block. They are 3mm by 8mm and can be cut in half with electric pliers quite easily. If you have kids you probably already have them lying around. If not theyre really cheap on eBay...

Well, looks like i'm about to have a second 3D printed Catan set. God I wish I had a multi material printer...

Hey Dakanzla, thank you for these amazing models!
I had a blast printing and painting them. Still need to finish all the wood tiles before I post a make, but I'm quite happy so far.
Will most definitely leave you a tip for your great work.

Only thing that I'd like to leave here is that people should try and assemble one of the bases (put in the nubbins), even if they are still waiting for their magnets to be delivered. Maybe just print one side of the base to avoid waste, but don't be that guy (me) that prints all of them without trying how they fit. I used brute force for the first three bases until I resigned after a close call, as I didn't want to hurt myself and cut all the nubbins a bit smaller.

Depending on how well your printer handles bridging and corners and how fast you print, this might not be an issue for you - so just give it a shot :)

Thanks for the hint! Are there any hints you can give to the painting? Like what type of paint is works best, etc.? I'm almost done printing the landscapes (bases are finished), all in PLA White. I have no experience painting printed parts, but I read somewhere that it is recommended to use a Plastik primer first. What is your experience with this?

I just used normal acry color, but to put on a coat of primer fist is also not a bad idea. Before you start painting, I would recomend to check out some other makes to now what kind of colors you want to use. It also helps to check out some youtube-videos about painting miniatures (drybrushing). Here are some links that could help as well:


Good luck :)

But you didn't prime right? And the acryl paint is sticking fine to the PLA? Or did you use the Polyurethane spray on top? Your pieces must have had some testing already, would love to learn your experiences and best practice in retrospective.

Thanks a lot for the hint and the tip. I really appriciate that :) I know it can be a little bit tricky if the settings are not right...

Hello! I'm really impressed with this. It's so cool. I just had one question. What layer height should I use for the detailed parts such as the settlements and resource tiles and such? I was wondering if 1mm is enough or if I should go with .05mm? Thank you!

Hy, that depends on your printer. I printed all smaller parts with 0.05 and everything else with 0.1. :)

Any updates when seafarers will be ready?

Can't give any exact dates here. I'm still working on the storage solutions for the city & knights Expansion and my new monopoly-version. After that the next expansion I'm going to make is the seafarers :-)

bump, any update on seafarers?

I dont know if somebody asked you this already, but what would the price of the printing and material cost ?
Thank you for this, me and my bodies love this game and would like to have a 3d version of it, since the original 3d version was only sold on a limited amount

Hy, this is difficult to say. If you print the one-colored 4 player set I would guess something like 60 to 80 dolars for the material (magnets and a 1kg spool of filament) and some money for the colors to paint it. So about 100 in total i would guess but that really depends on the price of the filament, magnets and colors you buy

Thanks for the reply Dakanzla.

And what about your knights and cities expansion for 4 players , how much would that be ?

I dont own a 3d printer , I tried to print your files online and they had 1 single element for 20 €, thats why I was curious. Where you from if I may ask ?

I guess that would be around 40 bugs, because there are much less magnets and materials needed. 20 $ is way to much! I'm from switzerland :)

So about 150 € for everything ?

Do you know of any services online which offer to print those and ship them to germany ?

I have found some but most of them are I thino for industrial uses since one part always was at least 20 € and without color.

I dont know anything of 3d printing, very interested in the game though.

Another question: Why is the "robber" a tornado? I have thought that the robber is a black figure holdinf sheeps in his hands.

The tornado robber is just an expression of artistic freedom. You find many different robbers on thingiverse. If you order them with a service they are going to be more expensive but still 20$ for a piece is too much. I just know a few of those, but Im not sure if they deliver to germany as well. You can use the apps directly in thingiverse (order this printed) or within tinkercad or you can use shapeways. But I geuss the cheaper way is to get a 3d-printer. They are not that expensive anymore (starting around 200$) and you could use it to print other szenarios as well and many other cool things but I wont make suggestions which one to buy. Therefore you have to check reviews on youtube or somwhere else :)

Hi nice work! I don't know if this is you or someone working with you but I saw as set with this design on eBay. Please check that it they are using your work without your permission.

Thx for pointing that out :). They dont have my permission but I actually dont care to much. I dont make designs for making money and I'm quiet sure that they dont make a bunch of money as well because this set is quiet a lot of work. If they would use injection molding that would be an other story. I also think that it is not the best idea to sell on ebay or etsi because the informations about the seller and the prices are archived and could be used as evidence. So I just track them and see how things evolve over time :)

Just curious if you have designed a gold tile for this new 2.0 set?

As this is the original set there is no gold as resource, but the seafahrers expansion is my next project and therefor I'm going to make one :)

Will this storage work for these tiles?


Settlers of Catan Magnetic Pieces Modular Box

The bases of the new tiles do have the same size as the old ones. As I havent designed this box, I cant say for sure, but I would guess it should work

Thanks for the response even though it's not your box... I'm printing single color mock ups to test. I can't wait to print this multicolor version... as soon as Prusa ships the M3 upgrade, hopefully this month.

How do I know how many of each harbor top 3-1, harbor wheat ore lumber and brick to print? There are only 6 files for them but 9 harbors?

I just added it to the description. Thx for pointing that out :-)

Thanks. I just got my Prusa i3 mk3 today. Need to build it still. But figured I would put the g-codes and stuff together while I was at work.

First off I want to thank you for all that you've done, these are amazing and can't believe something like this exists. I recently learned that our local library allows people to 3d print and they only charge what it costs for the material. I've decided to give it a go and my first project will be your catan board. I am going to start with the main board and then print the 5-6 player expansion. I noticed that you had a parts list on your first project but was unable to find for this. Not sure if you are interested but i've put it into a google sheets doc that i'll attach. Tabs at the bottom include original game and the 5-6 player expansion.

One question, I saw your case you build. do you think you'd ever design one to include the 5-6 expansion set as well? or maybe a smaller just for the expansion pieces. Anyways, thanks again and feel free to share the doc and edit it if I screwed something up.

Hy, thx a lot, thats nice to hear :) wish you the best for your project. There is a small description in each of the links with for the multicolor files but I guess it would be practical as an overview. Question: wich version of the storage box would you like to make? The printed one or the one that has laser cutted parts?

I really like your laser cut box :) i'll have to find one in the city but ya that one is awesome. I was just kind of wondering if you had one for expansion pieces but if your willing to make one for them then i'd really appreciate it. No rush since obviously this will take time :)

Thanks for your reply :)

Your tiles look amazing! Love to make those, but do you happen to have models of your lovely 2.0 version tiles in a form of thin, non-magnetic, JAWong like base? Making the whole thing without magnets would save material and time of printing up to less than 2h. I am a newby in modeling, so for now it's mission impossible for me to make it myself :-)

Hy, thx for asking :) unfortunately I dont find the time to make each adaptation people ask for. I made this design with the intention that the pieces stick together easely. If you dont use magnets then you have to print all the borders to hold it together, or the paper ones what is not verry nice looking. To print those you need time as well and you need more of them if you want to print any expansions. Also for the storage it gets more difficult. I made those models with the purpose that others can change and develope them as well. What you want would be quiet easy to achieve by using tinkercad (freeware and verry easy to learn) :)

Thanks for the work you put into this. I am at the halfway point for printing and less so for the painting but it has been a fun project so far. Also magnets just arrived.

Looks great so far :-)
Good luck with the assembling and painting and dont forget to post your make :-)

What kind color is the Brick part of your Set? Is that a sand color or something else? I cant find a filament in such a color.

Was already dicussed further below :) I used this one here: https://colorfabb.com/greenish-beige

Sorry did not find that as I searched earlier.

Du you have a list of your used filaments? I like your colors.

Unfortunately not but most of the filament I used is from prusa. You find a list under the files with the approximated colors I used.

What is the length of the settlements polygon edge, in CAD I measure 37mm, but after printing I measure 36.

Hey Dakanzla,

I was really looking forward to print one of your awesome set for over a year. And now I'm even more pleased that you released this new version! :)

I've only one question regarding the 3x6mm magnets. Following your links you roughly need to spend 50$ to get 500 magnets (it's cheaper than buy 2x200).

But I found another source where you can get 4x6mm magnets ($3 for 50pcs). So you would only need to spend ~$15 to get the amount of magnets needed here: https://www.banggood.com/50pcs-N52-Strong-Cylinder-Magnets-Rare-Earth-Neodymium-46MM-p-961517.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN

Do you think it's possible for you to create a base version with a 1mm larger recess so that those magnets would fit there aswell?

Thanks again for this awesome design!
Best regards

Dont get me wrong but it would be an endless story if I would make parts for all kind of available magnets :) If you scroll through the comments there should be a link to order the magnets from aliexpress where they should be cheaper. Maybe also the 4mm versions could fitt because I made the gaps a little bit wider but you can check in tinkercad if they would fit :)

Just received my 4mm magnets today - I ordered the same axial magnets from Banggood that Bash-T linked above. I can confirm that they do fit, albeit snugly, into the original base intended for the 3mm magnets. Since they are axial, snug isn't a problem, only orientation.

Good morning Dakanzla.

I absolutely don't get this wrong - no worries :) I totally understand your argument. I just thought you maybe have parametrized the dimensions of the magnet recess so that you just had to smash in the new values and can get an STL exported (I'm not familiar with Tinkercad sorry).

But I just took the time to quickyl re-sketch your baseplate in Fusion 360 for the 4x6mm magnets I mentioned.
I also added there the cad file so that someone can change the with and diameter of the magnet recess if needed (up to a certain extend).

I hope you don't mind :)
Best Regards,

Baseplate variant for catan-style boardgame 2.0
by Bash-T

I am having some issues with some of the finer details, such as the sheep and the trees, gaining what looks like the start of stringing. I have dropped the temperature and have played with the retraction settings but it's not really getting any better.

I am pretty new to 3D printing and I'm not sure if this is a technical issue such as retraction, or if I have just reached the limits of my printer (a Prusa mk2s).

Can any one offer any guidance I've included a photo of what I am seeing?

Hy, actually this has to be a printer related problem. I printed those with a prusa mk2 and with the silver filament from prusa and it came out flawless. As the mk2s is not that different, you should also be able to print the file without problems. You could try an other slicer (the one from prusa, slic3r or cura), maybe that helps. The standard settings for the printer should work fine if you use the original prusa filament.

Thanks for the response Dakanzia, I wasn't sure if I was just expecting too much from 3D printing but judging by your comments apparently not. I am using prusa and slic3r and get similar results (I think prusa is just a light weight slic3r). This looks like an extrusion/retraction issue to me, I shall continue to play.

Thanks again for your help and for the excellent designs.

I must partially agree with Dakanzia. Partially because after installing a Zonestar dual extruder in my Anet A8, oozing was still only a problem with certain filaments. I now know that I will never buy any PLA filament other than that made by Ziro. I have found that every print, every color, always at 210 degrees with a 55 degree bed, that consistency is evident. Prints sliced with Cura and printed with Ziro, are (for lack of a more manly word) pretty. Happy Printing

Hello, thank you for all of your hard work, this is an amazing Catan set! I have just noticed a minor issue with the harbor base pieces. The front of the ship's sails are not connecting to the back. There seems to be a slice in the model itself. I am not sure if anyone else is having the same issue, but I figured that I would point it out.

Hy, I just uploaded a new fixed version of the harbor base :-)

Hy, I see what you mean. Due to the fact that the model can still be printed, I'll change that as soon I find the time :)

Yeah, I test printed one, and decided to print the rest. It isn't perfect, but most people I will be playing with are not likely to notice it. Who knows, some time I might be able to print these again, with a multi-material printing system down the road. :-)

Just fyi, the error seems to be in the multi-material model of the sails too.

Thank you, no worries, don't push yourself too much. :-)

Its going to be a quick fix and I'm half done :)

So on aliexpress the 1 pack contains 500 right, when I go to add it to cart it asks me about color which I assume it’s trying to say quantity.

Are you on mobile? I noticed on mobile it said color, but on my desktop it said a quantity. The sizes are 200/500//2000/5000/20000. The 500 piece pack is currently $52.98.

Thank you, yes I was on mobile just waiting on those and a new roll of white to finish it off, just have the water and the bases

Looks great in 3d! :) thx a lot for making the video :)

I got my first 3D printer a couple of weeks ago.
It's a Sculpto+. It's a single filament printer but seems to work well.
My first project is to print a full Catan set.
I've printed the ore tiles and they have come out really well.
Thank you.

I am a bit confused on Prusa's website. Do I buy the Original Prusa i3 MK2S kit for $599, Original Prusa i3 MK2S 3D printer for $899, Original Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer for $999, or Original Prusa i3 MK3 kit for $749.

I know that if I wanted to print multicolor I would have to buy Original Prusa i3 MK2/S Multi Material upgrade kit for $299.

So which of the 4 above would I need to buy to print this game, as well as the carrying box?

Best to ask them within the chat option they have on their site :-)

I thought you printed this with the Prusa?

Yes but I had the prusa mk2 and upgraded it with the MMU. So I dont know how it works with the mk2s for example :)

Haha, alright. Thanks for all the replies!

The board is fantastic and I'm pretty close to completing the entire set plus 5-6 player expansion, but there's a major issue with the water tile as it only slices from 2.95 to 3.20 in Slic3r, Pronterface, and PrusaControl. On top of this, it doesn't seem to show up properly at all, even after importing it into 3ds Max, and Fusion 360 and then re-exporting.

Hy I checked the files an indead both, the water and the harbor (single color version), caused problems in sli3r. Thx for pointing that out :-) I fixed them now so let me know if it should still not be working. A little hint... use 3D-Builder (freeware) from Microsoft to open, import and then repair parts that cause problems in sli3r. It always did a great job when I had models that were not manifold :-)

Hy, going to check that. Can you tell me if you mean the mulicolor- or the singlecolor-version of the water tiles?

Comments deleted.

that is impressive.

Hy, I'm actually working on the city & knights-expansion and the seafarer one will be next. My goal is not to use the old tiles for the new version because I want to create an entire new set of a game :-)

If you use tinkercad it should be quiet easy to do this modification. :-)

Heres just a quick and dirty cut out from the gold-tile. Hope it works for you. If not, try out tinkering :-)

That look great thanks! I will print it soon and see how it looks.
When your new seafarer edition is ready i will probably print that one as well :) Also i will look into tinkercad, thanks for the tip!

Great work! I'm almost done printing all the land tiles but I would like to have a complete Seafarers edition so I need the Gold tile :)

Could you possibly convert one of the gold tiles in the old version to this version so it fits the new base? I tried myself but I could not get it correct... :(

These look amazing! Were these printed with a standard 0.4mm nozzle or something smaller?

With a standard nozzle of 0.4 mm :)

Perfect! Thank you for all of your work

so awesome! i only have a 3d printer for 2 weeks now, so still practising for this project! (the reason why i purchased a 3d printer) Are you planning to bring the expansions and variation tiles to the v2 ?

Or is it better to print v1 since i don't have a multicolour printer? Thanks for the beautiful project!

Hy, I feel honored that you bought a printer especially for this project :) actually I plan to make all the expansions with the new version as well. Starting with the city & knights expansion. Just cant tell yet, when it will be finished, because I do have some other projects on the table :)

Good news! Keep up the amazing work ;) Starting my first tiles soon

I love your paint scheme. Any chance you could post some closeups to get a better look at the tiles?

Hy those tiles are not painted put printed in multiple colors :)

I know! That's so cool. I would still like to see some close-ups as I can always match the colors. Such a cool project you've given us.

If you read the description you do find the links to all separate models and close ups :)

Awesome, I never clicked those because I don't have a multi-color printer. Thanks for the tip...

I am working through printing these and something occurred to me. I noticed you have a water tile for the harbor, harbor Base and then the actual harbor. So there are three pieces that make up the one tile. Is there a reason that all three are separate? Couldn't you just have the harbor base (the tile with the boat and wood piers) be part of the actual water tile, then the harbors themselves could be moved on top. Eliminating that extra harbor base for each harbor?

Is there a reason you set it up this way that I am not seeing?

Hy, the reason for this lies in the multimaterial version, where you want to be able to print a variety of different colors. More parts mean more colors :) For the single colord version youre right. But even in my original game the resources for the harbor were separated from the water-tiles. One of the reasons is that you need less water tiles if you print some of the expansions. One other reason why the harbors are separated from the water-tiles is the storage I'm building and that the harbors themself are easier to paint if separated. Feel free to change the files as you like :)

I was thinking it had to do with the multicolor print. I think i get what you are saying about the expansions. I think what you are getting at is that if you print the boat on the water tile you can't use that as a plain water tile if you wanted. Right?

Ultimately its not a huge deal to print them separate since it only takes a couple hours to print all the harbor bases. in the grand scheme of things printing a few extra harbor bases is a drop in the bucket for how long this will take :) I'd defiantly spend more time redesigning the tile than it would take to just print them.


I literally just had this conversation with a friend. I'm thinking about remixing the harbor tile to have the harbor base as part of it. I wonder if it's a storage thing

Man, I'm about 20% into printing v1!! Are these setup to print faster than the v1 tiles? Also, it looks like we need a base printed for each tile instead of them being all one piece?

They dont print much faster. Patience is the mother of 3d-printing projects like this :)

So it looks like you need to print a base for each of these as well? Where do the magnets go? An assembly video would be awesome. I wonder if you could do these without magnets and just set them next to each other like the original game did...

I finally added the video for the assembling in the description :)

Yes you need a base for all of them and the magnets go inside the bases. Just dont put magnets in ore scale the models up and dont use the bases, there you go :)

Figured. Was just looking for justification on abandoning v1 and start over with this.

I love this set, but as I'm preparing it for print, I see some corruption/rendering issues for the wheat and ore ports stl files. I'm using Slic3r 1.31.6 with the Prusa enhancements. This is for printing on a Prusa i3 MK2 printer.

Hy I fixed the files. Its just Slic3r that makes a lot of problem with things. If you tried it with the new PrusaControl there are no errors visible and in Cura as well. I could repair them verry easy with 3D-Builder.

I love this too, but the ore tiles are still having some corruption or rendering issues for me. I`m using simplify3D

I love the new board! I'm almost done printing all of the files but would like to make one suggestion:
Using diametric magnets, rather than axial as your instructions suggest makes assembly much easier as the magnets can be placed in the slots in any orientation so long as you do not put the cover on so tight as to pinch the magnet. This way the magnets can rotate as they please to get the attracting sides to mate.

The magnets I purchased: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/500-pcs-NdFeB-Thin-Magnet-Rod-Dia-3x6-mm-Diametrically-Precision-Magnet-Neodymium-Magnets-Sensor-Rare/32770059462.html

I've attached the image from the above listing to this message to illustrate my suggestion.

I just updated the description thx to your input :-)

Hy, thx for the hint. Of course those magnets work as well and you dont have to take care of the direction you insert them in the pieces. Actually the reason why I did take mine was because I had lying around a bunch of those :) Going to put that in the description as well. Im also planing to do a video about the assembling where I gonna explain this.

So the magnets you used in or v2 are axially magnetized? I was trying to buy some like John suggested but didn't realize I bought axially magnetized until I got them in the mail. It would be great to see how you assembled yours. Can you let me know when the video is up? Any thoughts on when you will do it?

Assembling video is finally in the description :)

Hy, yes the magnets I used for my set were axial ones. So it definitely works with those :-) You find a part for that in the description as well. It's really not that difficult but a video would help I guess. Just don't know yet when I will be able to do that :-) I'll try to describe the procedure in some words. Hope it helps :-) The most important thing is, that all the magnets in the first base you put them in are all oriented clock- or counter-clockwise in the same direction. The first finished landscape will be you reference piece and if there's an error with the alignment of the magnets, nothing will work! After you finished the first 6 landscapes, everything get very easy, just be cautious with those first 6 parts and double-check if the orientation is always correct.

Proceed like this:

  1. Put several magnets together until you get a line of magnets that you can hold easily in your hand (maybe 20 magnets or so). Now all the axial magnets have the same orientation
  2. Take one of the bases and the small parts you printed with it
  3. Enter one of the magnets from the "magnet-stick" inside one of the cavities an remember the direction you put it in. That should be easy if you use the "magnet-stick" by always taking the top magnet from one side of the stick. Put the stick beside and remember from which end you took the first magnet.
  4. close in the first magnet in with one of the small parts. Make sure the magnet is secured and wont fall out.
  5. go ahead to the next cavity clock- or counter-clockwise and put in the next magnet from the same end of the magnet-stick you took the first one from. Close it and so on...
  6. If you have filled all the magnets in an closed them, put one of the landscapes on top to close everything (don't use any glue yet)
  7. Take one other magnet and go around the base from the outside to check, if all the magnets inside are oriented correctly. If so, glue the base together with the landscape
  8. after you got your first landscape ready, everything gets easier :-). Take a second base and put it beside the already finished one. then put a magnet inside one of the cavities and put it close to the finished piece. If they attract each other, orientation is fine. Close in the magnet.
  9. Turn the base clock- or counter-clockwise and put in the next magnet get it close to the finished landscape, check if orientation is correct and close it and so on. Go on with this procedure until you finished 6 of the landscapes.
  10. Now it gets really easy. Just put the next base you want to fill with magnets in the centre of those 6 landscapes. Now all the magnets you enter will automatically been attracted by the surrounding landscapes. Close them in and glue the landscape on top of it.
  11. Repeat that procedure for all other landscapes

I just finished my print. I ordered my magnets from AliExpress so probably at least a month until they arrive in the mail. I'm a little confused about how to insert the small plastic pieces to hold the magnet. I can't figure out how to insert them without obstructing the top piece. If anyone has a picture of how they inserted those pieces I'd appreciate it.

Assembling video is finally in the description :)

Amazing! I was doing it completely wrong. Thanks for the update! I finished painting on my set. I should have some pictures to post soon.

Hy, I uploaded a picture on the page. Maybe it helps :-)

Im going to upload a picture in the description. The bottom where the parts touch the printbed goes in first with the long side on the bottom and the short one on the top :) depending on your printer I can be a tight fit. If yes use a tool to bush it inside the cavity

Sorry I've been having issues with my comments. I didn't mean to double post and I didn't realize mine actually worked last night. I also didn't realize i posted on the old board style.

Thanks for the description. That makes sense. Not sure why I was so confused, it's not that hard!

Thanks again for the awesome board. I'm super excited to finish this. I have a monoprice select mini and each tile takes about 2-3 hours to print. I've got a long ways to go. I might try and cast the tiles to see if I can speed up production, but if I do that I have to modify them a little bit. We'll see!

Comments deleted.

Wow. Beautiful design! I love the tiles. Too bad I am already half through printing V1.0.
On question, your multicolour means a 4-colour printer, right?
I have a 2 colour Robox. I there any way to make use of these tiles with that?
Or is it simply 1 or 4 colours?

Hy, unfortunately I dont know the printer your using and the slicer. Depending on the slicer you may have the possibility to print the tiles in two colors by selecting two parts for one color and two for the other. But to use only two colors wont look verry pritty I guess. So you have to decide for yourself what result you want to play with :)

I have no idea if that is possible in the tool. Normally you import 2 stls simultaneously and it recognises a dualprint model. With 4 colours, it will be a neat experiment.
But I am already very happy with the 2 colour numbers. That will save time, as I was planning to create them myself.
And I guess the rest will be a painting excersize. Enough time in the dark wintermonths..

Btw, where do you get your filament from? I have trouble finding a good source for the beige..

Hy an option could be to open two files in tinkercad and the to group those and export them. Like this you get your two files. For the beige I ordered mine here: https://colorfabb.com/greenish-beige

Can you tell me why the ports are 3 parts in total (water, base with ship, buildings)? If I recall correctly, in the cardboard game the ports were printed on the tiles, and even if there is an option to switch ports in some extension/scenario, would not separate water tile and harbor be enough? Just asking before I glue the wrong pieces together :-)
Your designs, this included obviously, are AWESOME by the way.

Hy, I guess youre not trying to print the multicolor version but the one that has to be painted? Actually the reason why there are two different parts for the harbor is the multimaterial version. I wanted to have more than 4 colors on this model so I splitted it into two parts and was just to lasy to combine them for the one color printed parts :) I left it like this because I thaught its easier to paint like this and then to glue it together.

Yes, no budget yet for a multicolor printer :-)
OK that makes sense, thanks! Just finished painting all the landscape tiles and ports (the ship's masts on the inside of the sails were a bi**h to paint, by the way), only water tiles still to print... Will post a Make here once it's all finished and the parents have received it as their christmas gift!
How you have the time and patience to create all those detailed thought-trough models... incredible.

That sounds like a verry nice present! :) wish you good luck with the rest :)

Hey Dakanzla!
First of all great job!!! I have all but the tokens and the case

I have two questions ...

Where I can find the numbers and tokens for one color version? I only see the 4 parts of numbers and I dont know how make them one piece with the CURA.

and how is going the new case? I know people made split parts for small bed and also you have one for reduced bed but I cannot build it for a prusa i3, it fix too much and I cannot print it correctly ...

Hy, number tokens can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1238980. I also printed my storrage pox on a i3. Have you checked out this version: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1482713 ? There should be no problems with printing with those files...

settlers catan style (magnetic)
storage settlers

So there's no way to assemble this without glue, is that correct?

As I wrote it in the description, yes ;)

Do the tiles have to be placed in the same spot every time?

How do you mean “in the same spot“? For printing or during the game? :)

When setting up the game to play do you have to put the tiles in the same spot or can you mix them up like in the real game.

Like in the real game, they can be arranged as you like :)

Hi. Great job! I love the results.
I'm printing this new version , but I found out that in the 'settler catan style interlocking tiles' version you did some cool variations for each terrain type while in this new magnetic version you have just one model for each terrain, is it? Have you think about getting those variations without the interlocking parts to fit this ones? I really would like to use those cool terrains before.
Thanks and regards.

Hy, as I do have quiet a lot of other projects like the expansions on the table, I wont have time to make the tiles more versityle soon. What you could do until then is to mirror the tiles in your slicer-software. That should help a litle that the tiles do not look exactely the same :)

I understand. Yes, you are right, that's a quick option, I'll do that. Thanks!

Comments deleted.

Do you have a rough estimate of how much filament is needed?

For the multicolor version or do you want to paint it?

I plan on painting it.

Then I would say 1 kg of filament should be enough more or less :)

is this board compatible with the expansions that you have made in the past? (Cities and Knights)

Yes but you need to use these bases: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2562026

Base downward compatible

Hi Dakanzia, I really like the new harbor model you have here but are they backwards compatible with the previous harbor tiles from the 1.0 version? If not, would you happen to have the previous models before an executed cut was made? I might be able to make a new cut with the new port profile.

Personally, I like the water tiles of the first version with the added touch of the lighthouse. The other harbor tiles might look just as nice too, if the cut were updated.

Hy, they are not compatible. Can you explain what you mean by “cut“ and what would be your goal? :)

Of course, so the "harbor_base.stl" you have in this package has a unique profile to it which would sit into the grove seen in the new harbor tile "harbor_water.stl".

If you happen to still have, and are willing to share, the four "catan_mainharbor.stl" before the pocket was cut into them in order to fit the old harbor pieces "catan_mainportmarker.stl", we could make them compatible with the new harbor base design.

I can think of a way to do this in blender, but it would be best to have models before the pockets were created. Thanks for the great work here too!

Hy, thx now I understand. Im going to check the files. If its not a lot of effort I can make the cuts for you :)

Thanks, Dakanzla!

If it is too much work, I wouldn't mind doing it. This can then be added as a remix to both v1.0 and v2.0 of your kits, that way others could use it too if they so desire. I would just need the base models, if you would be willing to share them.

Hy, Im sorry but I checked all my models and couldnt find one without the cut... Didnt save this state. :(

Hi Dakanzla, not a problem. I think I might be able to do a little tweaking work with the models you have already provided. The base water tile should be a good one to work off of, as well as the sea tiles you have provided in the seafarers expansion kit.

Thanks again for checking. I really appreciate it!

Comments deleted.

Is this a 4 or 6 people version? Never played this before.

The pictures you see are for a 4 player version. By adding tiles you can easely get a 6 player version

Awesome project. I made V1.0 already and love it. What programs do you use for modeling? I am interested in doing some similar projects and usually do my modelling in Fusion 360. But then I try to add some organic shapes/details to the base features in a program like mudbox and it always messes up the nice Crisp lines that I originally had from the fusion file.

Hy, I used blender and tinkercad for those. Blenders really a great program for modelling and for free. But you need to invest some time into it, but thats really worth it. There are tons of good tutorials on youtube. Start with those. Good luck :)

you project was the last thing to decide ordering the MM-Update for my mk2s. It look's so cool.
Can you tell me how many colors you had used for printing all the things and which one?

Sorry, I'm from germany and my english is horrible.

I used quiet a lot of different colors :) I have to check first and write you back :)

Sent you an E-Mail that should help :-)

Hello Dakanzla,

really great work! I'm from Germany, too, and I also ordered directly at Prusa (MK3 plus MMU for MK3). Would you be so kind to send me the material email, too? I also wondered where you got all the colors from...


Hy nice to hear :) I think Im going to post a pdf in the thingfiles that shows those information. Just easyier than writing mails to everybody :)

Ok, that would be great!

I posted a pdf-file with a composition of the used colors in the description :-)

That's great, thank you very much!

Thank You, I will buy many colors an print it in the winter. :-)

Hi thank you for this work, it´s awesome.
Can you explain a little bit about the bases?, I have a monocolor 3D printer and I´ve printed 4 forest tiles with 4 base_landscape.stl. The forest tile fits in the base but the base has some cavities and pieces that I don´t know how to use. I also see that this version is not magnetic right?

Hy, those parts are magnetic. I wrote a little manual how to put everything together in the description here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2525047. Try to follow these stepps. If you have any further questions just ask. Im trying to do a video about the assembling as soon as possible :)

catan-style boardgame 2.0 (magnetic & multicolor)

Do you think 3mmx5mm magnets will work?

I dont have any at disposal to try but as they are smaller than the needed 3x6mm ones they sould work as well :)

First of all Thanks for this great 3d print project!

I have a question regarding the expansions:
Do you plan to release the tiles of the expansions (Golden river,..) with the new updated base?

I do plan to remodel all expansions for multimaterial printing but it will take a while :)

That will be great Dakanzla, gonna print for sure.

Thanks for the fast reply!

And now I have a huge load of parts to print... ;-)

One of the best projects here in Thingiverse let me say, for shure. Started to print mine, one color version. Wood and Brick tiles look’s very nice. Will took some days to finish the printing. Water tiles is easy to print multicolored, just add some script to change the filament at defined layer and you get the same results. I will share photos soon the tiles get painted. Dakanzla are a genius ;)

Good luck :) Im curious about the result and let me know if there are any troubles.

I could not find the STL file for piece "harbortop-_21". Can you upload it please?

Hy it is there but the name is harbor 31. It was not name correctly by 21 because you get 3 ressources for one and not 2 for one and I did change it :)

Printed and painted all tiles from the main board (wood, wheet, ore, brick, wool and desert) started to print the landscapes frame. Need much more colors to finish the pieces. No trouble, pieces fit perfectly! Not used yet magnet´s.

Are the bases also usable for the standard tiles found in the gamebox? The magnetic locking and roads/settlement/cities could be a start to the printing while holding off on the terrain for a while.

Unfortunately not because there size (bottom) is the same as the 2d-tiles, so they wont fit in

That unfortunate, but thanks for the answer, then we'll just have to print the whole lot :D

Or you start with the settlements and the robber :)

Yes, I think I will, btw, THANKS! I'm really loving these sets and the work you put in.

I know this comment dont go here, but I think you could see it easier, I was printing some expansions modes for Catan and the rules of your expansions weren´t availible, the page gives a 404 error.

Thx :) Could you post the corresponding page?

ok thx. Here´s the link for the new version I just found: https://kelvsyc.wordpress.com/catan-scenario-and-variant-guide/

I´m going to update my pages with it and thanks a lot for mentioning it :-)

Absolutely fantastic! Icing on the cake would be an adapter/frame part to make the parts "downward compatible" to the "old" magnetic catan parts.

there isn't a way to 'Up-grade' the old tiles right? Or try to cut the borders of the old ones? For variatio purposes

Yes there is... With tinkercad for example :)

I'll give it a try! Will you be ok with me trying to remix it? If i succees should i post it as a remix?

(The first prints allready look amazing! )

No problem, remix is ok :)

Good idea, it was also the reason for splitting the landscapes and the bases in two parts so people can create there own bases depending on the magnets they want to use. I'll try to make one soon. As far as i tested it, the new bases also stick to the old ones allready quiet well...

Are you aware of anyone splitting the original (1.0) landscapes away from the bases?

No but I guess that would be a pretty easy job with tinkercad for example :)

Still weighing my options but if I do make em, I'll be sure to post them as a remix :)

That would be awesome! Please share the link over here if you did that. I was thinking about this but have no experience with any modelling tools yet so it would take me a lot of time i guess :-)

Comments deleted.

OMG they all look so good!! amazing designs Dakanzla! Half tempted to redo my tiles :) very well done!