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Monoprice Mini Delta Sliders & Belt Clip

by jmpinc Sep 9, 2017
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I am considering replacing my 4mm belt with a standard 6mm
I see you posted your slider frame as a fusion file. Do you also have the belt clip in a fusion file so I can see if I can alter it for the different belt size?

Sure thing. I just uploaded it.

Thanks sooooooo much


i have printed your sliders for the mini delta, i have found that they are 2mm bigger than the genuin ones and there is no room for error when lining up the slider with the optical sensor the end stop hits the cover on the optical sensor i will try reducing the the measurement of the slider front to back by 2mm to see if that will fix the problem i am printing with a cr10 which i have found to be spot on with these type of prints but if it is my printer that is the problem i will apolagize for making it look like something you have done.

It's entirely possible that the dimensions are wrong. I did line up mine with the original and they looked good, but I could have made an error. It's also possible that Monoprice made adjustments to the sliders in the meantime to improve performance (I haven't touched the design in almost 2 years). I can upload the Fusion360 file if you want to make some modifications.
UPDATE: I checked my slider against the one that came with my printer and it's spot on, so I'm guessing they've changed the design since the Kickstarter edition. Could explain why it gave us early adopters such trouble..

Is it just me or is the clip mount portion 1mm or so too thick? If I line up the bearings, the printed bearing is taller in that area than the stock plastic, and I'm having a problem with it hitting the optical sensor on the way up.

It looks like it's mostly because it's missing the groove the clip assembly sits in on the stock piece, yours is smooth across rather than inset.

The orientation of the slider and/or the clip can affect that. I accidentally put it wrong side up and hit the endstop sensor. It should work if the slider and clip are oriented like the stock ones.

I've tried it both ways. The clip part itself is sitting too high. Hopefully this picture will make it clear, the bearings are in the holes of both pieces so they're aligned, printed piece in the back.

It's making the top of the clip (not the flag bit) hit the top of the sensor, at least on mine. I can't lower the sensor any.

The tab is what's supposed to trigger the sensor. It passes between the U-shape and triggers the endstop. There should be a small notch on the bottom left of the slider. The belt end of the clip should touch it, so the tab will be up. Then it should pass through the endstop sensor.

It apparently broke off, you can see where the edge dips down a little on the left hand side of the printed piece. It's assembled correctly, copying off my stock 2 carriages and everything. Replacing this one because when I installed the igus bearings, turns out stock one had a little bit of a warp to the bearing mounts. With this thicker carriage, the clip is hitting the sensor, not even letting the flag get close.

I don't know then. It worked on mine. Perhaps they changed the sensor since the Kickstarter edition.

This is the one on mine. Could be that they got a taller sensor and revised the carriage.

Just checking in, did this work out?

I've got bad bearings in mine (loud squeaking when printing and black dust on the rails) so... i'm looking at either the Igus bushings or Misumi bearings. Would feel better knowing that if i break something i can print a replacement part.

They do work. The noise was improved, though it's by no means quiet. I think it's the all metal frame; it amplifies noise.

I wish I had more delta printers so I could compare noise levels. I wonder if deltas are just inherently noisier? I also suspect the motor drivers in the MPMD might not be the quietest. My comparison is a Flashforge Creator Pro which has Trinamic TMC2100s. Trinamic is of course known for making very quiet drivers, and that printer just sings happily.

Short of braining the thing, (which i don't want to do because I really like my MPMD) i'm thinking bearing replacement and maybe cutting some little cork dampening pads for the motors to help decouple them from the frame. Hopefully I won't have to replace the rods, but the black dust would suggest that they've probably already ground them a bit.

I really have to get the noise level down because it's been deemed inappropriately loud for the office environment.

If I had to guess I would suspect adding a thin layer of cork on the top and bottom of the frame where the rods connect would reduce a lot of noise too. Part of the problem I think is that the rods transmit all their vibrations (i.e. noise) to the metal plate on the top, which basically acts as a resonator. I haven't had a chance to try it on mine yet, but the theory is sound (no pun intended). I'll probably get to it in a few days and I'll let you know what I find.

"Part of the problem I think is that the rods transmit all their vibrations (i.e. noise) to the metal plate on the top"
That's definitely not the entirety of the problem as I've run the printer quite a lot with that plate off.

I think we would actually have to design new endcaps because the way the rods fit into the plastic putting a pad on the end of the rod won't help because the vibrations will just transfer through the sides of the "cup" that the rod fits into. We would need more space so that a TPU endcap could be placed around the entire end of the rod. As far as padding the motor, I think the place to put the pad would be where the motor mount connects to the rail.

I'm starting to wonder if i should have just focused my efforts on making a soundproof enclosure for the MPMD, but I have faith that we can rebuild it... better... quieter... mostly quieter... ;-)

Ok, next question. I have the axis completely off the printer, how do I extract the sliders? I can't seem to get the endcaps off the end of the aluminum profiles.

Looking at your picture, I think you have your slider upside down. The bar where the effectors are supposed to mount are supposed to be down toward the NEMA 17, not up. At least, that's how mine is mounted.

Answered my own question. Very careful prying with a flat object.

Intriguing. Have you noticed any change in performance or radiated noise?

I was having trouble with the belt clip, so I haven't tested it in an actual print, but the sliders move much smoother and quieter, so I'm anticipating an improvement. I should have it running later today and will be able to give a better answer. I'll attach video of the test prints.