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Nintendo Switch Joy-con Grip (store the strap)

by manabun Sep 8, 2017
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My inaccurate printer required a bit of sanding/filing to get the joycons and straps to slide gently. Well worth it however, I just spent about 90 minutes in Skyrim with no wrist cramping :) I also have the silicon gel grips still in place, which give a bit of extra size toward the base. Great job on the design.

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I dont need it but very big like for idea and design

I just can't print it ... every time i try in every ways it fails ... it's kind of desepointing because the parts of the prints or good but it's not all the piece ... i'm sad of it

Did you print as suggested? Raft, supports, 30% infill? Make sure you have good adhesion on your buildplate. I put down a layer of glue and heated the bed to 60 degrees C after 3 failed starts.

Maybe a dumb question (I haven't had my Switch for very long) but I printed this up and started using it...how is everyone compensating for the fact that, with the controllers angled like this, getting the analog sticks to register as "up" actually means you're pushing them up/right or up/left, for example? That feels very unnatural to me and I keep pushing the sticks according to their overall orientation as a unit, and not their individual joycon orientation.

See picture for illustration, since my explanation probably sucks.

doesn't seem like a big problem just take this concept and make it parallel should take like 5 mins in autocad or calibrate it on the switch to compensate for your style

Yeah but then you end up with the "original" gear that comes from Nintendo. Where the joycons are parallel and that is so bad. We want this angled setup, but i completly understand the point of saxmankk

Your brains will adapt to the movement, just try some game and you'll see :^)

The print comes out very snug. Printing at 103% made a much more reasonable fit for the joycons, but the rear strap holders will be unusable. Consider using this modified design that has the rear strap holders removed.

I scaled the x axis to 99.8% (but kept the z and y at 100%), and it fit perfectly. Although this might be a year too late, thank you for the post!

Original fits perfectly for me at 100% scale using esun PLA+

does the stl file you linked also need to be scaled 103%?

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another great design by you!

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can you upload one without the strap holder on the back. it's a little uncomfortable when using it on it

Single Joycon removed strap mount

this design is excellent! Both the Joy-cons and wrist straps fit snugly and release smoothly.

printed it at 0.15mm layer height on my Prusa i3 MK2 using some cheap (Inland) Black PLA.

Printed with support and a wide brim (IIRC 5mm width). Printed with the top (narrowest part) flat on the print bed.

There will be support down inside of where the tail of the joy con slide goes into the grip. If you don't remove this you could damage your nice Joy-Cons!

Well. I should have know better. While I can't blame your design for having me force it into place. I do want to warn everyone that you might damage your controller if you force it.... So my brand new 70 dollar controller is pretty messed up. The pins weren't damaged but it cracked and tor off the plate covering the pins....But they are working for now.

Whats the best orientation to print this? Flat on the bed or standing on its end? Supports or no?

Print this standing up. Should look like a "V". I used a raft and supports.

I wouldn't want to clean the support structure out of this catastrophe.... sidewaysnono.png

This design is great. It printed flawlessly on my Prusa MK2 and the additional grip that you get from adding the parts to the bottom is great. I find it more comfortable than the piece that came with the system.

I always have to file mine just a bit, but next time I'll try scaling to 105%. However, they are very nice and my favorite grips for ergonomics! I have made a bunch of these.

It has a nice feel in the hand, thanks!
The only issue I found was the rails at the back - they'd need to small grooves on the very upper end, because the two-buttoned-black-joycon-thingy (no idea how that's called... xD) has small rubber inlays which prevent the things to slide fully onto the rails...

Any one else having issues with a very tight fit on joycons and straps? Printed perfect but I dont want to damage the joycons using this thing.

I wish I had more more cautious.

I am also having this issues it looks great but even after sanding it the joycons are still not any where close to fitting.

Try to zoom in on model 0.05, or just polish it. Maybe you should try to print it with TPU, TPU softer than PLA/ABS

So you mean 105 % in Cura? Is 105% really enough?

Best looking one so far :)