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Flsun i3 (2017) 3 Wheel X Carriage

by lembasbrot Sep 7, 2017
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don't getting why i need magnet?

please read the description. bullet point "Magnets".

would pla work for this, because it is next to the hotend?

PLA works fine, the only part close to the hotend is the bottom of the heatsink shroud. this can easily be shielded with some kapton tape.

For anyone who is using this carriage -- I modified the great Direct Drive extuder from ajibcj for our FLSun i3 (2017) to fit flush with this X-Carriage (as I'm using it and I didn't have any desire to switch).

I'm currently running it with a e3d v6 direct-drive hotend -- works great!


Direct Drive Extruder for Lembasbrot's 3-wheel X-Carriage (FLSUN i3 2017)

What is the Strain Relief piece for? I guess it connects to one of the carriage wheel spacers, but where does the other end go?


strain relief for the cables. attached on top of one of the front facing bolts. obviously it needs a longer bolt.

I printed this and I am printing my first print, the fan shroud. I decided on a multi-colored theme. The fan shroud is in silver and the connectors are in black. Everything is hooked up temporarily to see if any changes have to be made.

This looks like a very nice project. One question, why use this over the original carriage? Is it stiffer? Does it actually make the printer print better? I was thinking of converting to the Prusa style X carriage, but if this works better than stock, I'll try this.


the main problem is that getting even pressure across 4 wheels is almost impossible (without concentric nuts/or adjustable wheel tensioning).

if you scroll down to the custom section i wrote in detail how the issue translated into the prints.

it improved my print quality quite a bit. few images below and in my "makes". i've since moved on to my own MGN12 conversion, because i think it outperforms wheels and smooth rods by a long shot.

Will you ever publish it?

no. i no longer publish flsun i3 upgrades on thingiverse.

As in keeping it to yourself or just not on thingieverse?

Thanks for the response. Actually, I started to print this about an hour ago, so I'm ahead of the game.


The print has shifted during the print. I'm using S3D and I don't usually have this problem. I printed a second print slowing the print speed down (I print pretty slow anyway), but it happened again. I am trying it now in Repetier.


I am looking to use this carriage but I don' see the extension mount for the fan. It is the little blue part. Is this piece also available?

thanks for pointing it out. the part got mixed up on the last re-upload. it should be there now.

alternatively this remixed frontend can be used. it's to be used without magnets: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2821842

FLsun x slider upgrade (2018)
by Adam_86

Hi! where did u get those aluminum brackets holding the z axis?

hi, they were custom machined

Thank you... ;)

Not related to the part itself, which looks great and is in the queue for printing for me, but are you using the proximity sensor with glass? How thick is the glass and did you do anything to aluminum plate to get it to pick it up better? I have glass on my other printers, but both are manually leveled. Be nice to have my glass and autolevel it too :)

i use PEI and Lexan between 1 and 3mm. if you're having trouble with thicker glass just increase the sensors input voltage to 12V. might wanna do some research before doing that mod though.

Great work! i liked the design so i made new carriers for the z to match! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2800948 And made a remix using the original E3DV5 hotend https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2800992

Flsun i3 Z carriage and screw upgrade
by Swejper
X carriage with microswitch
by Swejper

nice work! thanks for sharing

Your stuff looks very nice, I think I will print it. I have also problems with the weak plate, comes with the printer. My plate is bented when installed, so that the hotend is not 90° to the hot bed.
I have to modify this to ED3V5 and to the chimera nozzles. See what I can...
Greetings from Germany, sorry for my english ;-)

What would be needed to make this fit a ED3 V5 please

it would need a modified hot end mount (fan shroud and counterpart) because of the different dimensions of the V5 heat sink.

Thank you so much for this! I just finished swapping out the stock X-carriage and I'm running my first 20x20 test cube. So far it looks great!

Wish i could modify this to fit chimera

Printed out and installed, enjoying it so far. The only issue I'm seeing so far is the linked part fan. I'm using 40x20mm fans. and I think that's restricting me from positioning the part fan close enough to be entirely effective.

Printed this carriage.

Didn't have magnets available so I made some simple plugs and used them to align the parts to glue them.

Auto-level is working very nicely.
Part fan in pictures is working very nicely.

Great design!

Thank you for sharing!

Wow Nice, it is on my list

thanks, looking forward to some feedback if you get the chance to print it.

looks awesome Lembasbrot!

thank you Tom!