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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Core XY cube

by Unknown Feb 17, 2014
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Any idea on sourcing for the Z-stage hardware? I don't have a spare makerbot laying around to steal from :-D.

Thank you very much for help. I understood your point. I am obliged to go with Ramps as I have checked the price of Mighty Board and it seems to be a fortune for me. I would like to ask you if you have any advice from building this printer you would like to share with me? I am also curious why do you consider this type of printer one of the best? I built only Mendel and Rostock types printers, and just for my pleasure and hobby, and mainly from salvage parts - old printers, not for business, so I was not really concerned/aware about the differences in performance of different printer construction type. I do not want abuse on your time but if you could tell me your considerations about this type of printer I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Correct, Sailfish ONLY runs on MakerBot based controllers. Kind of a KNOWN thing. Marlin, Repetier, most other Reprap firmware support CORE XY and H-bot motion. Read the notes on the firmware of your choice and see what it says. Point behind this was a demonstation that an existing design (Sakura Cube) could be slightly modified- use existing firmware and controller boards and build an exceptional printer. How far you want to deviate from the instructions and basic design is up to you. That said, the further out you go, the less I can help. Basically, I know that Sailfish + Mightyboard Rev E (modded with a 2560 processor)+ MK7 extruder+ this frame works well. When you stray from that, you are on your own.

Thank you. Sailfish does not work on RAMPS isn't it? Do you know what branch of Marlin supports Core XY?

No, I don't have igs files because I didn't create the design. This is simply a derivative of the Sakura Core Cube. All I did was take some parts and use them in a different way than originally expected. Sailfish firmware now supports core XY. You could also use Marlin or other variants on RAMPS than support Core XY motion.

Do you have the full set of igs file? If yes are you willing to share with me? Could you tell me what setup did you use for firmware and from where I can download it?

Just a couple of follow-up questions: Is it possible to use the sakura x-carriage with corexy system? Or that is why you switched to a laser-cut carriage? How did you tie the belt ends to the laser cut carriage and tensioned them? Also, what is the reason behind using the "z-axis frame" part upside down?

The Z stage is however you think you need to build it to get your build volume and based on whatever Z screw you use. The top and bottom brackets can go either way but NOTE, they will interfere with the build area in some placements if on the inside the frame rail. The belts are tensioned using a zip tie and the picture clearly show that attachment. While in therory you could use the original carriage, you loose a TON of space, it's printed, it warps when printed in ABS and needs to be because you bolt to it a HOT extruder motor and hotend. So in short, NO, it doesn't work well and that's why I used a MK7 clone extruder and the laser cut carrriage- BOTH because it is lighter and more ridgid than that rather large printed carriage. The other factor here was that we use a Mightyboard and therfore we use a STOCK replicator 1 profile. If you start changing the extruder, then you also have to tweek the profiles and so forth. The reason for this is it's tested and proven in this configuration, If you stray from that, all bets are off.

Nice design! I want to build a printer with a corexy gantry and your design seems good. Are you going to upload the stl's for the printed parts soon? Thanks.

It's a derived design. Print the original parts from the original design "This is based off the CoreCube SAKURA Rev.2 by ichibey. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:161000http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... ". The difference is that on the belt idlers you use 2 stacked pulleys/bearings and the belts are arranged differently than he did with H-bot. It's just reusing the exact same parts in a better way. More importantly, the Sailfish Firmware is rapidly advancing in the Core XY motion because Dan Newman of the Sailfish team now also has one of these. So again, print the corner brackets, the X axis ends, the Z stage parts (upper, lower, and carriage), the 2 left and right motor mounts, and the 2 front idlers. The main difference is I no longer use the center X carriage or extruder parts from the original design and instead, replaced with a much lighter laser cut part.

CoreCube SAKURA Rev.2
by ichibey

Thanks for the answer and the help. CoreXY seems to have very long belts. What are your XY belt lenghts approximately? I may have to buy new ones, I dont think belts from a prusa i3 will be enough.

Roughly 1.5 meters each. I used 2 of the longest belts SDP-SI sells and simple cut the loops to length, 2 each of these https://sdp-si.com/eStore/Catalog/PartNumber/A%206R51MB09060https://sdp-si.com/eStore/Cata...

Sorry, just to clarify: Are there 4 or 2 belts with lenghts of 1.5 meters?

Core XY require 2 separate belt loops. That's what makes it CORE XY rather than H bot. Review this site for belt diagrams http://joshuavasquez.com/docs/jVasquez/Projects/coreXY.htmlhttp://joshuavasquez.com/docs/...

Great machine! I'm happy to have corexy support in sailfish!!
I have some question about that:
-Is this implementetion putting new limit into velocity or stepper signal generation? We have
-The firmware compiled i see is 7.6, so pstop feature has been left?

Keep in mind here the alternatives that move the motors off of the moving axis.
You have the Ultimaker cross system that that is subject to using bushing that both slide and take rotational load.
You have the H-bot design which is described in the previous link and it's torqueing problem
You could keep straight Cartesian but then always are hit with a mass and wiring penalty.
You could go a Reprap style system where the X motor is moving in Z but then the hit there is the platform moves in Y axis so the bot takes up physically more space for the given build area, not to mention shaking a tall part.

This design seem very complex which could open the door to issues and failures. What is the benefit to the core XY belt design over more standard loop belt designs like Mendel?

Core XY offers a massively lighter moving assembly due to the fact the axis motors are NOT on the gantry.
The motion system lends itself to higher speed and greater precision because of the above.
Core XY is actually simpler and cheaper to implement than other solutions.
Core XY reduces the stresses caused by H-bot on the linear bearings.
FYI many commercial systems use H-bot and this is a modification to correct issues found in H-bot.