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by muzz64 Sep 4, 2017
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Hey there.
While searching for a good snap fit design, this seems the best.
I was wondering would this design be water tight, or even air tight? to what pressure you ask, at least 1 bar (~15psi)

I'm also thinking of printing in ABS, and wondered would this snap fit still work ok?
The part i'm making will need to come apart in the middle to clean ect so not that often really.
perhaps by any hope of luck there is a better connection type that might fix better!? any help of comments are greatly welcome

Thanks for your message. Whilst this is a really good snap fit design it will never be water tight for a number of reasons. In particular note the slots in the Male part that are necessary for flex. These alone make achieving a seal near impossible.

The next issue with achieving a seal is the way a 3D print is layered. If you look at a print through a magnifying glass you'll see what I mean... and most prints also have fine gaps in their layer even though they aren't visible unless magnified. The bottom line is that getting any 3D print to seal and against pressure will be a challenge.

However, a threaded connection is more likely to seal best. I have a few container designs posted here that screw together tightly. In addition to that, although extra work, sanding and painting your print should help as the paint will fill gaps and surface imperfections. That's probably your best bet.

I hope this helps

Thanks for the quick response :)
Yes this has been helpful. I hadn't considered painting after finishing the pieces.
This I'm sure will help the overall seal in general.
I will definitely look at some of your other designs too see how the connection working :)

Side note: From reading online it mentions annual joins can be water tight, however I didn't specify what type or what material used. It's good to know most or all 3d prints are not sealable or air-tight.

It's interesting to me that you recommend PLA over PETG or some more flexible material. Do they crack easy if dropped or say accidentally got sat on?

Thanks for your comment / query. The reason that is stated is that far more users run PLA than PETG so the point is more that it is fine with PLA. Yes PLA is far harder and more brittle but it can be surprisingly flexible when used in some things in the right way. In this instance this helps make the capsules snap together. I've never had one break yet... and remember that because they are round / circular in shape that helps distribute the forces better than in the joints were along a straight edge.

All the best

Well I printed the small/short one in PLA and they fit super loosely together. Might scale one side up or down and see if I can get a better fit.

how beautiful your objects are,
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

Saw these featured on Solidsmack.

Thanks for letting me know... it links back to Thingiverse so I'm okay with the additional publicity for my designs!

All the best

Will a short, female side fit on to a long, male side, of the same diameter? Basically, a short "cap" on a long body?

Yes... that will work fine.

I am quite surprised such an adjustable model as this isn't set up to be used in the customizer :P

I do need to look into that for future designs. I just haven't spent the time testing how well (accurately) the files are produced as small vaiances in clearances can determine whether something like this will or won't work as it should.

WOW - really nice indeed. I wonder if we could print them upside-down and use the "vase" mode... perhaps the capsule would need to be flatten on the ends a little to allow this. Thoughts?

The ends could be cut to have a flat in order to print them inverted (open end up)... happy to send a version like this if you want.

Hey, I'm interested in a vase mode version. I tried to print it in vase mode but it failed at the end, interestingly enough the PLA had a nice flex to it. Which I think would be interesting to experiment with.

I sliced it as a vase in Slic3r. It generated two walls. The model would need to be filled in. It does not like the "slits" of the "-a" parts either.
Overall, not a quick change...

That is a slicer issue as you say... if you want me to create exactly what you are after message me more details and I'll have a look at it...

Why not release the source files so WE can modify them?