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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

ABSDBS-8" ver. 0.71b

by Fatalik Aug 20, 2017
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Can you adjust/align the mirrors for collimation?

Comments deleted.

How do you mount camera on it?
Which camera can you recommend?

Withe NEW07b mount support there is no feet under the ring. Normal or not?
I can't find feet on the file list.

What about the designer to give us the proper part numbers or details of what he used to achieve such a wonderful telescope? I'm desperate to build one but the thing about the mirrors is a deterrent.

which technical parts do you have to buy extra, see mirror, lens, etc?
how much did it cost ?
how long was the printing time for everything?
how well does the telescope compare to the original?

It's a good question, I'm interested too :)

Astonishing!!! : O maybe I,ll make one :)

At the moment I finished my scope,and now you are thinking about a different version !

But.... I am verry happy with these version,an it works really good .I made it with PLA and
there are no problems about the temperature.

Please excuse my not so good english !

Many thanks ,and kind regards from Switzerland,Georg

print it in Amazon Basics PETG. On an Ender 3 it's 235 and 80 on the bed with Capricorn tubing for the hot end. Prints wonderfully.

Very nice design. I especially like the doors you added to protect the primary mirror during transportation and setup.

A couple of suggestions for improvement. Either paint all of the interior surfaces with flat black paint, including the support rods, or print with black ABS and dull the finish. This will minimize internal reflections that cause a loss of contrast. Second, make a fitted black stretch fabric sock to fit over the scope to keep out stray light, dust and protect the mirror while in use

One more idea - don't just screw the subassemblies together. Glue them or fuse with acetone as they will be much more rigid.

I posted the basic version ;) everyone is doing the rest himself ;) honestly big ears exposed to vibration. and worse glide than. now thinking about a different version of the telescope ; a) 0.9 b

I have been thinking about making one of your scopes but I also would like it very compact and portable. Maybe if you are redesigning, you could incorporate some ideas from here:



Ultraportable Dob
by geyes30

any way to make poles telescopic for fast setup/take down and back pack stow-able? there was one sold like that in the 80s a short time.

Крутейший телескоп! Поздравляю, он пользуется популярностью

Any notice about the spider of the secondary mirror?

what counterweight do you use?
Thanks a lot.

Could you maybe tell me a bit more about your print settings?

I'm at:
top-solid-layers: 3
bottom-solid-layers: 3
outline-shells: 2
infill: 20% fast-honeycomb

and will end up at: ~4KG


BTW: I joined the parts in the slicer now, and can do it in 4 prints and will also use less nuts and bolts. :0

I'm curious about the stiffness of the design with PLA or ABS. How much collimation shift is there when moving from zenith to horizon?

Hi, thanks for the awesome model. I'll be trying to print it in a BigRep One which has a 1000x1000x1000 volume. I'd be trying to join the parts together, because I can print them as whole pieces. Do you maybe have an uncut version? :) Thanks already!

Uncut version has not survived, but if I find some time I will try to draw a new one :)

Wow, that would be great! Thanks again.

Boa tarde, gostaria de detalhes sobre os espelhos, seria um de 160 mm o principal? Côncavo.

Please, how can I change the design to a 12 " telescope?

I would imagine you would just print at 150% (8x1.5=12). That being said, you are going to run out of print area for some pints considering the original is made for a 200mm square beds

would you have a parts list to finalize the project?

Could you please post a link to a fcouser that you advise? Thanks

it is not cheap, but very light and durable

Thanks, ok, the same I was thinking about

Brilliant! I have a 380mm f4.5 mirror, do you think there design would scale? ;D

large telescope, plastic will not work :)

Comments deleted.

Hello, I always dreamt about building a telescope, maybe thanks to you it is the right time! ;-)
I'm reading about building a newtonian but I still didn't understand what will change if I buy a different secondary mirror, i.e. a 52mm instead of the 50mm you are using.

Thanks a lot!

If you add some servos and a mount for a Phone where the eyepiece is, you would have achieved what it took the open space agency more than a coupe of years to do (and they are still not done).

Awsome work

Yeah i was always wondering what happened to that one...

Comments deleted.

Could you break the large parts into smaller pieces that can fit on a 150x150x150?

Very nice design! Can tell me what you used for a counterweight and how much it weighs?

А можно создать монтировку типа Sky-Watcher EQ5? Есть очень интересный проект системы наведения !

Great project, having built several scopes the dob design is my favorite. I would like to help you with your views some, the contrast of your views will be greatly enhanced by blacking out overtaking in the light path. the inside of the mirror housing, the truss tubes and the inside of the secondary mirror housing. Also, with the mirror that close to the ground it will dew and get dirty very quickly with out a fabric shroud. A couple of yards of black spandex sewed and fitted over the scope will make a world of difference in the quality of the view.

Wishing you clear skies,


This is fantastic and would love to print.

I'm having a little trouble finding a US Based supplier that would have these mirrors at a reasonable price. :) Anyone have any luck?

I am in the process of printing one right now. The only thing I changed so far is the tube clamps. I increased the size to 1/2" because I have an easy source for anodized aluminium tubing in 1/2" I assuming that I need a f/5 primary mirror with a focal length of 1000mm correct? I will update the page with a Made One and a remix for the 1/2" tube clamp when I am complete. Thanks for a fantastic design! I have been wanting to build my own telescope for a long time and now I'm doing it!

focal length can be greater.
the main thing that diameter of not more than 200-204mm

it is a fantastic design!and could you design one can fit the equatorial instrument?5.5kg is very light many small equatorial could hang it.

I don't know if this helps but this guy has parabolic mirrors
Also he has ways of making them

I don't believe those are for astronomy. The focal point for a Newtonian is much farther away than a solar mirror.
This is more what you need.

Woooooooooow, I'm a passionate amateur astronomer/space guy, and I was just wandering how much plastic did you use to print this? This thing is huge when talking about 3D printed stuff! I am truly amazed

Yes, only two or three coils of 1 kg ;)

Great work, I still hesitate to do it.

I have some questions :

1) Is it possible to have blueprint / diagram if i want to make some parts in wood ?
2) Is it possible to print / created a 3d focuser to remplace the hc-1 ?
3) Is it possible to print / created a 3d spider ?
4) Is it good to print with PLA ?
5) The first mirror must be parabolic and the second Elliptical, it that right ?

Thank you!

dont have blueprint / diagramm, I have model in solidworks format =)
focuser and spider you can search on this website from other designers.
Better ABS, PLA becomes soft in the heat.
Yes, the main mirror is parabolic, the secondary mirror elliptical

the focuser and spider I might draw a little later... the focuser I try to print from this website and just adapt to your telescope.. (a link to the focuser I wrote in the description)

i love it.
will be replacing my 12inch telescope with this one this summer after i get all my other 3d printing stuff done.
Nice Job.
This might even be easier to print on my Mega EX Delta with out piecing or gluing together.

12" of plastic may be will not work =) there is the weight of a 12" mirror is already large and the load on the plastic big =)

Do you think 10" would work? I have a mirror just sitting in a box, waiting for a mirror cell to randomly pop into existence!

Respect. All I've designed is a polar scope cover for my vixen new tripod hinges and a dust cover for the focusing tube when there is no eyepiece.
Yours is impressive.

Great design! what tool did you used to design the parts?

Thanks. i'm use SolidWorks

Comments deleted.

If someone needs parts for this made on cnc (wood/plastic/aluminum), I can make and ship that to you, not going to be free, but going to be nicer than 3D printed and will save huge amount of time and material :)

Great project, but won't it be easier to do this on CNC/Cutter out of wood or some plastic? Could be done of aluminum as well. Large parts are pain to print on 3D printer.

I have 10" and 16" telescopes projects for the manufacture of plywood )

but if you do of wood the weight of the telescope, it was important to me

That's a great design - do you have plans for it? I am looking for something for my 15" f4.5 mirror.

This is a really awesome project, great work!

Since this has been focused on the front page, this is going to get a lot of attention from people who are new to telescopes. These folks may need more advice when it comes to selecting optical parts (i.e. the main mirror, secondary mirror, focuser, eyepiece, etc).

For example, for the current telescope's geometry, I believe the main mirror requires an aperture of 200mm, focal length of 1000mm, and must be parabolic rather than spherical. Is that correct? Any advice on the specifications for the other parts?

In the comments ask a question what kind of mirror will do. Only parabolic not spherical, on Ali Express often sell spherical mirror , it is necessary to clarify this point
I'm not very well versed in trading platforms but I think on eBay you can buy the right mirror =)
I just did - I bought a used tube Newtonian without a mount (OTA) and took out of it :)
I have a set of 203mm primary mirror with a focal length of 1000mm and the secondary mirror 52mm small axis. You can take the mirror with a large (or smaller) focal length, this will require to add a length of pipe and add another counterweight. The size of the required secondary mirror can count "calculator telescope Newton" or that it is easier to ask there where you will take a main mirror which is secondary to his suit.
Also on this site there are many variants of pointer holders, focuser and other details. I'll try to print them out and add in the description links to them =) why make a new version of what already is there.
My text can be write errors i'm using an automatic translator
And duplicate the answer in the description =)

Hi. I'm reading this comment too late. I've bought a spherical mirror. What changes do I have to do? Thansks!

Comments deleted.

Amazing project!
Congrats on getting to the front page!

Comments deleted.

This is great! Congratulations on being featured!

That's amazing well done mate!

Combining this with a multispectral camera sounds interesting

How much weight in filament is used?

I do not know very many details were printed and changed =) I think about 2 kg

probably much more, bud! :)

filling large parts of 20% =)

Man... I just got back from seeing the eclipse in Rexburg Idaho.... I wish I had known about this telescope.... Got some awesome picks..

I'm zero in -astrology- astronomy, you have picture what I can see through this tool?

man, my $1200 Celestron is nowhere near this in image quality. Great job!

How much does it all in all cost?

see written comments below a little =)

where can we find the mirrors ?

e bay ? =)

I can give a link to the store there is a lot of optics and total (but not the lowest price, even expensive. I for the price of the finished telescope bought slightly used) http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/cat/c91_Telescope-Making---Optical-parts.html

here is the link it's a pretty stable company produces mirror medium quality http://www.gs-telescope.com/content.asp?id=142

do you think the mirror can be printed, sanded and cover with a layer of silver ?

You can make your own mirror. There are tons of guides on how to do it all over the interwebs. I've made a 28" and 36" mirror by hand before. After you shape the glass to the properly you will still have to mail it off to be vacuum chamber coated for optical reflectiveness. This is only recommended if you're trying to make a really really big mirror though. It costs way less to just buy an orion XT10 or XT12 than it does just to do your own 10" mirror.

What are the esitimated cost for all the parts (mirror's optics and other stuff)?
nice design

depends on the price of the optics and focuser =) the rest is 2kg plastic and two slides bolts and nuts

can you show us what you can see with this telescope? can we see orion nebula?

in such a telescope the Orion nebula is visible very well! ring nebula too. and other bright objects of Messier catalogue. stellar globular clusters

In 8" my Jupiter https://vk.com/video134643753_456239092 (3hours rotate, filmed through a telescope 200/1000 newton with clock drive, camera QHY5-2-LC)

That is Great! I am very eager to start printing this telescope now. the only thing I have not figured out before printing is from where to get the Optical parts required for this assembly. Can you give us global links (ebay, amazon, aliexpress etc.) from where we can buy the mirror and finder scope etc.? It will be great if you can give us full Bill of Material with links from where to purchase all parts apart from the printed ones. It will help many others to source parts.

by the way thanks a lot for this great project it inspires everyone to look at night sky with this great tool which is otherwise very costly to buy and not everyone can afford the professional ones for just hobby purpose.

i disassemble the telescope which I had, and took the optics out of it =) wanted to do a lighter option for travel =)
I'll try to compile a parts list and where to buy them =) but I find it hard I do not know the sites of Amazon and ebey =) Main mirror only buy Parabolic not spherical !!

Thanks. I think without the proper links to buy the parts it will be hard for the people to print this telescope. because the mirrors are one of very important element and they are also little expensive. so please help us with links. where did you buy your mirror?

also what about the secondary mirror and eye piece? any technical specification for it will be great.

I wrote I got the mirror from a telescope ready =) (for the main mirror 8" f/5 secondary in need 52mm minor axis
the eyepiece I use the zoom from Baader..

I can give a link to the store there is a lot of optics and total (but not the lowest price, even expensive. I for the price of the finished telescope bought slightly used) http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/index.php/cat/c91_Telescope-Making---Optical-parts.html

here is the link it's a pretty stable company produces mirror medium quality http://www.gs-telescope.com/content.asp?id=142

5.5kg is fucking heavy

There's a reason why 8" and bigger dobsonians have suitcase handles.

how many grams/pounds do I need of plastic ?

need parts list and suppliers. then make a black thick nylon shade to slip over and keep stray light out. there was a company in the 80s made a 6" telescopic pack version of this for a couple months. I own a 3" 1200mm FL 600 power Tasco I paid over $400 for in 74 which I used yesterday for eclipse. would love to have a larger objective lite weight easy stow scope for travel that dont take so much space and weight like 90 lbs plus use 2" eye pieces instead of just under 1" as those are obsolete to find now. still needs to be sturdy to support optics etc and not jiggle plus have clock drive optional hookup. getting close to the ultimate back pack scope here. only thing is Mirrors flake/fade every few years which can be disappointing if stored long between use. My Tasco only had the White paint on one side of projection screen flake off the past 45 years. everything else like new still plus I made silicone bead seal on case lid when new and keep descant in it to keep dry and store indoors climate controlled.

a list of all the not printed parts will be later. but briefly described in the description )
a light-proof cover will make a little later
... focuser, 2" eyepieces have a lot of weight so I opted for the 1.25", I plan to use during the journey, one zoom eyepiece
the total weight of the telescope with a counterweight 6.5 kg (counterweight 1kg)
hour drive for Alt-azimuth mounts make it difficult for me ) but I'm working on it

(the text may be obscure i used automatic translation)

1.25" is fine. at least still available at most suppliers. I have hard time finding anything for my old scope with just under an inch dia plus the high power ones are very tiny to look through. and impossible to use even at 600x as it was sold to do due to only 3" objective limits light too much for anything dimmer than the Sun and hard to track objects that close up manually lol. takes a while to learn limits and what type scope will fit your needs and budget. cheap scopes under a couple thousand are not for magnification over 400x at best and Solar system viewing only for view-able field. so Barlow multiplier also needs reconsidered as to worth buying and what power for eyepieces used. the Zoom is best option as you stated so no need for carrying extras or swapping mid viewing. Dobsobians are tricky to track with manually also making high power less likely to use well. but Sun (with filter on outside) and Moon viewing bright enough in 6-8 inch Mirror and digital camera use possible. I have used My refractor for all types of inner Solar system use at up to 400x but need clock drive for camera use when all settings are exact which takes time and practice. but I never regreted my purchase and shared use with many over the years. find a local Astronomy club if possible to fully enjoy the hobby and pass it on to your kids too.

Thanks so much for this project shared with us!

This is impressive. Outstanding job !

Very cool - I already have a 10" homemade dobs, with a big heavy plywood base. Will have to take a closer look at this and see if I can mod the base to work with the dobs.

This is very cool thanks for sharing.

Is there a way to use a camera to take pictures?

to photograph nebulae and galaxies you need to do long exposure =) and for that you need tracking in Equatorial mode. ABSDBS visual tool =) it is certainly possible to try very hard to remove and the Planets videos (don't need a long shutter speed, but you need a lot of frames for a short time to remove) to lay down the footage in a special program and get a Beautiful picture of the world =) but also need the monitoring.. the hands are hard to monitor and remove the video =) In this optics (but not the telescope) I took this Jupiter https://vk.com/videos134643753?z=video134643753_456239089

I can't see the image i'm not a member.

"In this optics (but not the ABSDBS) " * (sorry I don't know the language, and writing through an automatic translator =) )

What material / length are the tubes?

aluminum tube 12mm diameter, approximately 870мм long, long depends on the focuser and mirrors

Anyone recommend a good quality, but reasonably priced 203mm f/5 mirror for this project (something low priced, considering the nature of this project). I see several on Ebay .. but, there is no way to verify the quality/performance .. so, could use a referral from an experience "telescope person".

you can use a mirror with a longer focal length, but you will need to take the longer tubes and counterweight add =)

How about something like this?


This is what you are using for the focuser? http://www.kineoptics.com/HC-1.html ???

Any suggestions for a spider and secondary holder?

Did you make provisions for a fan on the primary?

Where is the viewing scope?

On the top. You can see the black ring where the eye piece is inserted. Next to that is the mount for the finder.

do u mean a finderscope?)) I don't know the language, and not always correctly understand the question =) instead of the finder using a laser pointer (I will add photos of her)

if I correctly understand the question =)

Amazing! How many time take to print it?

I'll folow this proyect, I love it!! ;D

Ohh even I do not know =) I was printing at the same time drawing the details.... sometimes changing, but I think long 3-4 days =)
(50-75 hours of printing) ( One friend counted 50-75 hours of printing, I do not know whether he believed )

(automatic translation!)

Ill follow this project.. Looks very interesting, great job so far

What size mirror do you use?

Where did you buy the main mirror and the spider with second mirror?

I disassemble the tube of the telescope, which I had =)

Hello, do you have a list of screws and nuts needed?

hmm not ready yet =) I had them with a stock bought. a lot of M4 and M5 =) I will try to make a list for a couple of days =)

(automatic translation!)

That would be nice... it will take some time to print... :-) How many spools?

видео с распечатаным ABSDBS-8" ver 0.7b