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Extrusion multiplier calibration cube

by hrishib Aug 19, 2017
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anyone knows if cura has the multiplier thing?

how is it called?

its useless since its not a solid cube. You should be printing 1 perimeter solid cube with no top for extrusion multiplier because you cannot account for any overlap/extra space between 2 walls with cube like that.

I can get this to print exactly 0.8 along 3 sides, but one side is always 0.7. If I take the average of 8 measurements around the entire cube and adjust my extrusion multiplier (increase), I end up with 0.9 on 3 sides, and 1 side is 0.8. Any idea how to calibrate along a single side? Thank You.

I think your machine may not be properly square. Which is why two opposite sides print fine but of the other two only one is printing right. Can't think of anything else.

Printed 4 of these out and they worked brilliantly!

My Dremel 3D20 is now printing wall thickness of EXACTLY 0.8, down from about 0.86 with the default settings.


Glad this helped! :)

i'm using cura but i'm having some strange results, settings:

  • wall line width 0.4
  • wall thickness 0.8
  • wall line count 2
    i have printed some test cube but i'm having the wall of 1.6mm exactly double the desired wall thickness.
    any sudgestions?

That shouldn't happen. I have never used Cura so don't really know how it computes wall thickness. What was the current extrusion multiplier set to?

My wall thickness is about double 0.8mm unless I set the multiplier to a crazy low number in S3D. Using bare Gcode my extruder moves the exact amount of filament I specify, so my steps per mm seem correct. I don't know if it's micro stepping or something really messed up in S3D, but I'm extruding about double the filament I should be. With extrusion mult. at 0.6 I get a 1mm wall thickness. I have a E3Dv6 with 0.4 nozzle, Bondtech BMG geared extruder, 1.8 deg pancake stepper, and a Duet Maestro board.

I'm assuming the micro stepping is active for all moves, including the extruder at all times. Values of 0.6 and 0.4 are way too low. What is the value of extrusion width in S3D? That should be the same as your nozzle diameter. Also, you sure your models are not scaled in any way in S3D?

Extrusion width is set to manual at 0.4mm. The model prints at 20mm square so it's not likely any scaling is going on.

Does the Bondtech extruder need some special calibration? Since you say that its geared, would those gear ratios need to be accounted for while calculating the extruder steps/mm? If you print any other regular part, do the wall thicknesses for those come okay with the multiplier set to 1?

Bondtech says use 415 steps/mm, which is what I used. They don't say that presumes a 1.8 deg stepper or what micro stepping they are assuming. My other printer has a Bondtech so I had that pretty well understood already. When I move the extruder stepper 10mm with basic Gcode I get exactly 10mm of filament movement with those steps/mm and 8 micro stepping. But printing your model with a 1.x multiplier appears to give me exactly double the expected extrusion. I have printed no other models or looked at the gcode yet. It's probably a glitch in S3D or some basic error I missed in S3D setup. Since the filament movement is right bypassing S3D I suppose it's not in the firmware? Is there a place to tell S3D what micro stepping the firmware is using? My XYZ are 16 and the extruder is 8. All movement seems to be correct with basic gcode commands.

Yeah its probably a silly setting somewhere that you missed. I was just looking at my S3D settings again. Whats the Outline/Perimeter shells under Layers? Mine is set to 2 and this usually suffices. Under Infill, what is the Infill Extrusion Width set to? Mine is 100%. Setting the correct filament diameter also plays a huge role in getting dimensionally accurate parts. I usually take 10 diameter measurements over 1 foot distances, and enter their average value. Seems like a lot of work, but it really dials in the thickness. Under the Advanced tab, there seem to a Single Extrusions settings. I don't recall tinkering with this in mine so the defaults here should work.

My S3D PLA profile is visible here: https://pastebin.com/7FerZuYM. You might need to tweak the retraction settings and start and end scripts.

My start script is blank at the moment. I know that for sure. I set my perimeter shells to two. Infill should not affect the walls, and S3D preview shows two perimeters only. My filament diameter is set at 1.75. I measured my PLA and it's very close to that. My other printer has a .9mm/step stepper and I can't shake the feeling that S3D inherited something related to that.

If thats the case, you should go over your Duet config line by line. I've never used one but if its something similar to the Smoothie config, then there is just so much that can go wrong with a simple extra character.

Interestingly, the config starts out really basic, and grows as you enable features. So I don't really think it's in there. I'm going to try changing extruder micro stepping and the related steps/mm to see how S3D reacts. While making sure I still have calibrated filament movement. It could be I'm stuck with one particular combination for things to work right. ???

Are these settings for another printer?

i imported the file into S3D, but it is printing next to building plate..

i changed the settings : Gcode : X Y and Z axis to ender 3.. but still, i think it is in Gcode self....

or maybe im doing it wrong

These are for the D-Bot. You will need to change them as per your printer. Also can you use a single comment thread instead of starting a new one everytime? Its difficult to keep track.

so all i need to do is download the file, and load it into S3D ?

Do you have your S3D settings?

I don't find them

That still doesn’t sound right. Changing the infill wouldn’t have any effect on the walls because it basically two outlines. Here are the PLA settings https://pastebin.com/7FerZuYM. Look for my reply to Keshan and you’ll find the PETG settings too. In your layers settings page how many walls have you specified?

i found it, i had to set infill to 0

but walls are not all same.

0.86 ,0.84, 0.81

Using S3D, on ender 3

Multiplier 0.90

But i printed the cube, my wall is 1.60, not 0.8

What do i need to fill in, in spreadsheet?

That can't be right. What are you slicer layer settings and your nozzle diameter?

what if my wall thickness is 1.60 ?

The cube's wall thickness is 0.8mm and if you get that right, the wall thickness of whatever part you have should also be within tolerances.

Do i have to do this with every nozzle i own? I'm currently using a 1.0mm... i have no idea what the math is for all of this... what are the items that matter here? layer height... extrusion multiplier to 1.0... what else?

You'll need a cube with a 1mm or more wall thickness. This one has 0.8mm cause most printers including mine use a 0.4mm nozzle and hence the wall thickness is a multiple of that. I think the math is there in the comment trail below.

great idea, I was going to print these out at different percentages then find the most accurate one. duh, use math!

this same process applies for slicers/printers that show the value as a percentage 100% = 1.00. (for people who this isn't obvious to)

Hi, got this results on my printer, so all the sides looks ok but on one side I have some gaps is it related to retraction or its another issue? Thank you

Since you’ve gotten good results on the other sides I doubt this is a retraction issue. I think it might be a bed levelling issue. Does this happen with other parts that are being printed as well?

It is a good point, I will try to level the bed again and check if it fixes the issue, one thing I have observed is increasing travel speed reduces this gaps, but I already set the speed high enough, also this is the spot where the printer starts the new layer, this is why I was thinking it has to do something with retraction, I will update later when I've done the tests.

Sounds good. Sometimes simply erasing the EEPROM of your electronics and re-flashing the firmware clears out most small issues.

so I fixed the problem, for anyone who may come across the same issue, I'm using Maker Select Plus, and in regards to this problem there were actually 2 issue:
1st - over retraction
2nd - flow rate

I increased the flow and lowered the retraction and the problem was gone, the cube is super smooth now, it took me a dozen of printed cubes but finally got it right. thanks for the help

what if Im using a .5mm nozzle?
I set the nozzle diameter to .5 and the extrusion with to manual at .5mm
I printed the box and the sides are 1.1mm

More than the nozzle its the extrusion width that you've set that matters. Also the cube is designed for the common 0.4mm nozzles and hence the walls are made of multiples of 0.4 i.e. 0.8mm. I guess you could change the scaling in your slicer but I'm not sure how that would work. Since you have set it to 0.5mm and seen 1.1 your multiplier should be 0.9.

Okay.. so I set my multiplier to 1.0..
printed the cube and all 4 walls measured .08..
So that means my extrusion multiplier should be at 1.0 then?

You mean they measured 0.8mm? Yes if the initial multiplier was set at 1 and the walls measured 0.8, then the final multiplier is 1.0. I've noticed that over time the nozzle gets clogged slightly and this reduces the extrusion width from what it was set. I usually run this test every time I change filaments or clean the nozzle.

thanks for the cube
I used it on my d-bot, and the problem is now I have to lower the multiplier to 0.9 and extrusion width to 0.35 but I still get 1.0 thickness.
any value below this the two passes of shell will be separate.....
I am testing it on my d-bot with MKS sbase v1.3 board.

on my delta, I have to use 0.9 and 0.31 to get the wall thickness about right, if I only adjust the multiplier it will be 0.6 something......

any config I should adjust to improve the printing? thanks.

On my D-Bot the extrusion width is set to the default 0.41 and I use the MKS Gen 1.4. The idea is to keep one parameter fixed and then vary just the extrusion multiplier to get the layer thickness right. If you have a 0.4 nozzle and are getting 1.0 thickness with 90% and 0.35 then I suspect the issue maybe with your nozzle itself and that its not 0.4 in reality. It could also be the firmware is corrupted somehow. More often than not I have re-flashed the firmware and all these annoying little issues disappeared. If you'd like I can share my PLA and PETG profiles for S3D.

thanks for the reply, last night I set everything back to default value in S3D and the cube came out one side 0.9 thickness and the other 3 sides are around 1.2, interesting......
today I will try to re-level my bed and I also load a newer version of firmware and will see what will happen this time, but it's also interesting that although the wall thickness is way off, but the overall dimension is dead on 20x20........

UPDTAE: after play with parameters I finally keep the width @ 0.4mm and reduced the multiplier to 0.6xx to get the wall thickness right.
now I realize one thing when sometimes people say you need to print something with 3 outlines and I never fill necessary, because my extrusion is way off and by default my 2 outlines print are actually 3 outlines thickness.....

Glad you got it working but I feel that 0.6xx multiplier is way too little. Here are my PLA (https://pastebin.com/7FerZuYM) and PETG (https://pastebin.com/FB7KeLMG) settings for S3D.

That's exactly what I thought, I haven't printed anything big after this adjustmet, I will give it a try today, have to rebuild my delta printer, thanks for the files I will give a try.

I am not sure.. My walls are thinner towards the top and fatter towards the bottom. I can measure 0,84 - 0,89 - 0,88 - 0,9
average is 08775
So i should set 0,91 as multiplier. Except when i use 0,9 i get top layers with holes and "disconnected lines".

I attach a photo of a clamp where you can se the disconnected lines of its top layer. I printed this using 0.9

I also attach photos of the sides of the cube printed with multiplier set to 1.
3 sides on 4 have those little imperfections while one side is almost perfect. Do you know what causes that ?

I am using i3 mega printer and I am trying to set up simplify 3d. Before I was using cura and never noticed those strange things. It could be something new my printer started doing lately.

Thank you.

I'm guessing you are trying to print with PLA? When you first printed the cube was the multiplier set to 1? Also what is your default extrusion width set to? For e.g. my extrusion width is set to 0.41. This means that my wall thickness should be 0.82. So the formula = 0.82/whatever avg value you get. This assumes that you had set the multiplier to 1 before you printed the cube.

0.9 is too low. Anywhere between 0.95 to 0.98 works well. I don't see any photos but from what you describe it looks like there may be an issue with the Z-axis of your printer. The disconnected lines means that when firmware places the nozzle 0.4mm from the bed (hypothetically depending on your first layer settings), it is actually a little higher than 0.4mm.

I'm out right now but I'll post my PLA settings for S3D soon. Usually it is not enough to simply enter the filament diameter as 1.75 (if you are using 1.75). I take approx. 10 readings of diameter about a meter apart and then average that number. That's the number I enter as the filament diameter in S3D.

I measured the wall thickness and the width. I was happy to see that mine measured 20.01 mm. I used to over-extrude and things wouldn't mesh right, but with this test I can set the flow and see that I am no longer over-extruding.

Glad this helped :)

do i measure the thickness or the width?

You have to measure the wall thickness.