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Mountain Bike MTB Mudguard

by swholmstead Aug 16, 2017
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hello can i contact u somehow? i would like to send u my minimalistic logo for it if thaht is possible. i cant do with cad programs just yet thank you :)

Hi, thank you for your work so far. Is it possible for you to add one with the Ghost logo?
Or, if possible, to add the Bike Name "Kato"?

That would be amazing!

it is for print in pla or TPU please?


It was designed to be printed with PLA for best results.
TPU would be way too flexible.
ABS would be too stiff and brittle.

wahoo great !! is it possible to have the same with the liv by giant's logo?

I'm from Poland and yout thing is amazing can you mek mi one thing?

Comments deleted.

Mountain Bike Cube Tip Top!!!! ;)

Thank You Med4 Schweizerland,

Could you hook me up with a Knolly rear guard? I've attached the vector file for it.

could you make a raleigh one thx also could you make a HUCK IT one plz thx also my brother wants one that says FULL SEND

Can you sketch out how you would like those logos placed on the mud guard?

you can make them how ever you wand mabey big font

Comments deleted.

How about a modified fender for front coverage (pic added).

I uploaded a 1st attempt design but have not had a chance to test it. I haven't been on my bike for the last 5 months because of wrist surgery. It is quite large (263mm x 215mm) so you better have a large format 3D printer.

I made 2 versions with alternating sections raised. I didn't know which one you wanted.

thank you so so much! this print honestly made me so damn happy when it came out

Could you make a Cannondale one

Sorry for the delayed response. I have been tied up with jury duty. I just uploaded a Cannondale logo version.

Hello swholmstead, could you add a SWorks logo? Thank you man! :-)

Which is the right material to printing this?

I use PLA. You want something that is somewhat flexible.

Any way you could do a Merida logo in wide?

It looks like there are several versions of the Merida logo. Can you post a link to the version you would like?

You also want this in "wide"? What does that mean? What is the size of your tires? I didn't see any Merida bikes with tires wider than 2.4". Those work fine with the standard mudguard.

The logo here seems to be the best one for the Mudgaurd. Just the mountain would be fine as well. I have the eOnesixty 800. It has 2.8" tires in the front and back.

I uploaded one with the Merida logo. It works for my 2.4" tires. I was going to make it wider, but it is already 215mm wide by 185mm long. It barely fits on a 200mm x 200mm plate if you rotate it by 45 degrees.

Do you have a 3D printer that can go bigger than 200mm x 200mm? If so, I will make it bigger for you. I am guessing 235mm wide by 200mm long would work fine for 3.0" tires.

I have 270mm x 200mm. I can try the smaller one first and see how it fits. Thanks a lot!

Hi There.

Can I request 2 more logos please.
Scott & Momsen.

Thank You

Can you post links to the specific logos you would like? It appears that there are several variations of each one.

Hi! i would like a BMC logo! will be possible ?

great job

Absolutely. Which BMC logo? It looks like there are several different variations. Something like this one, but without the Switzerland at the bottom since that will probably be too narrow to print on the 3D printer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BMC_logo.svg

I uploaded a model with that BMC logo. Let me know if it is not the one you wanted.

Thanks, dude your amazing and you did it so quickly. What filament do you recommend I should print in ABS or PLA? Once again Thank you.

I print them in PLA for flexibility. They are designed for a 0.4 mm nozzle at 0.28 mm layer height. Just make sure your bed is very level because they are only 3 layers thick.

hi i am a beginner mountain biker and i ride a bike from Giant and it has been raining for weeks and all my clothes are getting wet and muddy. can you please make a Giant logo mudflap.

thank you i love your work.

Done. The Giant Bicycle version has been uploaded.

Comments deleted.

Hello, this is popular, and rightly so, pretty please, if you've the time and can be arsed, I've an old set of marzocchi junior t forks, any chance you could add the logo please, and one for my little boys strider bike

Your awesome

I updated one with the Marzocchi logo. I don't know if it is the one you wanted. Let me know if you would like a different logo.

A quick google search showed many different versions of the Marzocchi logo. Is there a specific one that you would like? Maybe this one (with or without the words): https://cdn.freebiesupply.com/logos/large/2x/marzocchi-1-logo-black-and-white.png

Let me know and I will make it for you.

That would be perfect thank you, dude you rock

That would be perfect thank you, dude you rock

is it Possible too creat on with a cube logo?

can u make one that looks like the marsh guard one please

I can, but I won't. The other logos were okay because those companies don't make a mud guard. Marsh guard DOES make a mud guard. If I did, it would be in direct competition with their product and could become a legal problem.

Could you make one with a Haro or Manitou logo?

It looks like there are several different versions of Haro and Manitou logos. Can you tell me which ones you want?

The Haro logo similar to the one attached. I made the star wars flap last night for my son which is awesome. Don't worry about the Manitou logo. The arch is reversed so the holes don't work for that style of fork. Thanks for helping all of us out!

Uploaded. Sorry for the delay.

Could you upload one wide Fox mudguard but empty?

I've made several but in 3 layers of 0.2mm and it's more flexible and strong too. With 2 layers of 0.2mm left too soft....

Thanks for all.

I don't have the design for the wide one anymore. It was just an experiment. Sorry.

Uploaded. Let me know if this prints okay. The lettering may be too small to print well. If that is the case, let me know and I will make one with just the logo.

Good point. Would you be willing to do that for me?

Thank you.

Done. I uploaded both versions. The Bontrager_Logo_Mudguard_v2 is the one with only the Bontrager logo (no words).

is this for every bike are just yours

because i have a diamond back

This will work for any mountain bike with front suspension. It just zip-ties to the front fork brace just below the stanchion tubes.

Is it possible to add another layer to the Specialized version? The second layer color does not look that great on my print, as it is only one layer.

Hi Nick_V,

I can add a second layer for the 2nd color, but I don't know how much it will help. It looks like your slicer extrusion multiplier is set too high and then you had some underextrusion happening during that layer for some reason. Looking at your print, I don't think a second layer will make it look better. For reference, here is a picture of a mudguard I printed this week. It only has a single layer for the RockShox logo.

I am attaching the custom mudguard as requested. I am interested to see how it comes out.

Thank you very much, I'm new to 3D printing, and do not know to use Simplify3D very well yet. So it might be the settings that is wrong, I will see if I can find the settings you mention and adjust them a bit. I will try to print the new version you have made.

How do you clean the nozzle at filament change? cause I use a CR-10 and the nozzle is so close to the print bed, that I cannot manually push very much of the remaining old filament out by pushing the new filament in, without it clogging up against the bed.

At the color layer change, I move the print head out of the way to the edge of the plate. I use this command and it gives me enough room.

G28 X0 Y0

I have calibrated the origin on the plate to be exactly the edge of the plate. But you could add any move command. For example, to move off the edge to the right if your plate was 400mm wide, you could use

G1 X402

This would move it 2mm past the plate edge to the right, assuming that you do not have end stops on that side.

I redid the RockShox model and it looks much better now. You should download the newer one.

can you please do the rockshox logo

can u make rockshoks

Awesome print! I printed the fox logo in pla and it looked sick! It felt pretty sturdy until a branch got caught in my wheel and tore it in half :( But I am shore a regular mudgaurd would've broken to.

Glad it helped. I know that biking in the spring can often be messy.

Does it work with PLA?

Absolutely. It is designed to be only 3 layers thick at 0.28 mm (or 0.3mm) layer height, so that it is still flexible but strong. It should be printed without a raft and make sure your bed is level.

Awesome, that pic looks great, thanks!

Uploaded. The logo is too wide and not very tall, so I don't know how well it will print. Let me know if you would like it rotated 90 degrees.

Can you make one with the norco logo, thanks

Absolutely. I see there are several different logos. Can you send me a URL to the image that you have in mind?

Love it! Would you be able to make one with either a star wars logo or one with some lines on it i can change colour to give it a bit more.

Done. Star Wars logo model has been uploaded. Printing the letters in yellow will make it look very cool.

I love your design, some way to make it a little smaller, why do not I go into my bed.

Try rotating it 45 degrees. You can also scale it in your slicer software.

thanks!! i scale to 97% and work perffect!!

How are these attached to the fork?

They are attached with zip ties. Here is a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rXTV8fxGfo

Hi, this is nice mudguard (I have print it), but I will prefer if you will make it quite wider....I mean something like that https://www.google.cz/search?q=mudguard&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj7gKSSw7nWAhXpIJoKHcAkDrQQ_AUICigB&biw=1280&bih=918#imgrc=k1mRrY0y-wt1zM:
Can you upgrade it, please? :)

The link you provided shows a bunch of different mudguards. What are the exact dimensions you want?

I started with a design like that, but it is too wide for my 2.3" tires. The extra width make it so it doesn't bend in the correct place and it just looked bad. That's why I made it narrower. So you must have wider tires than mine.

I uploaded a wider version with the Fox logo.

I have 2.25 tires. I haven´t tried it yet, but it looks it is really narrow.
So do you think it is ok?

Yes, I have 29" wheels with 2.3" wide tires. My model was tuned for mountain bikes. You can see a picture of the mud guard on my bike in the pictures above. I think it looks great.

My buddy has 27.5" wheels with 2.2" wide tires. It looks great on his bike also.

Unless you have a fat bike (with 3"+ tires), The original models work great. Try it and see how it looks.