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by neoprenox Aug 15, 2017
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Would someone be so kind as to make an US version. I have been pulling my hair out for hours trying to resize and move the holes in the sorting ramp, but I only have so many hours left in my life. Please Please Please!!! LOL.

Here are the coins and sizes in order from small to large:
10 cents - 18.0mm
1 cent - 19.0mm
5 cents - 21.25mm
25 cents - 24.25mm

Thank you in advance.

Anyone? Please?

Awe...Come on. PLEASE!

Did anybody find a Remix or a US coin version for this?

I have the same question.

can you please add instructions to connect the parts. Dont know where to put small ring

Comments deleted.

As I understand it goes between "Monedero_V2_Rampa_inicial_2" and the bigger gear "Monedero_V2_Bevel_Gear11_5"
But still printing and assembling, so not sure. =D

can you add a photo please?

Like this! (Parts1,jpg) =D
Parts2 shows whats behind.

thank you - i will try

can you please add instructions to connect the parts. Dont know where to put small ring

Where does the small washer go?

instruction for assembling?

Great job, I hope it will work for a long time

can u put up the.step files so i can easily edit the files/

love the design/function. why not design it so the coins dont fall out?
also why not make one for u.s. currency?

Lot of jams and parts not tight, this need to be remixed with use of screws

Ik heb alles kunnen 3D-printen behalve Mondero_V2_bandja1-2.stl. Deze ligt niet echt vlak en na een 10 min. printen komt ie los. Is er iemand die voor mij een vlakke rug kan maken van deze file. Hartelijk dank

Does it work when this was print with 0.4 mm and not 0.2
I have no 0.2 mm nozzel and don't know how to adjust the settings

You have to set the layer height to 0.2 mm.

Would be nice to have a list what to print and how many to get a functional machine.


Please consider make this parametric so user can tell how many coins and what size each coins is

Excelente! me encanta! podrías subir los archivos originales de la pieza por donde ruedan y caen las monedas? así podemos editarla para monedas de diferentes países. Gracias!

Fantastico,proyecto,va a las mil maravillas.Mi enhorabuena y gracias.

I really want to see a US version of this.

Me too! Neoprenox said they'd make one, but I think the project has gone dormant...

US version please. Please, Please, Please. :)

Looks great! I was wondering though if the speed at which the coins leave the collection chamber is important. Could this also be made with just the sorting mechanism?

Comments deleted.

What's up with the strange STL orientations? I have to manually rotate a lot of parts to get them level to the bed. Please upload an updated version where all the parts are orientated properly, it will save a lot of headaches.

EDIT: I've made a remix with correct orientation for easy printing. You can find it here.

Euro coin sorter, 100% printable (fixed orientation)

Una duda, estoy imprimiéndola, tiene una pinta increíble y si va bien, no dudes que te pongo un like y te mando la foto. Al montarla, las dos piezas en las que viene la "bandeja" hay que pegarlas? porque es lo que llevo impreso y no veo como van cogidas.

No, no van pegadas.
Entre ellas no se sujetan las dos partes (son dos por que en una sola pieza no entraba en mi cama), Las dos van sujetas a lo que se llama rampa colectora. Se sujetan con unos "clips" y queda bastante firme.
Animo que ya no te queda nada, lo mas duro y lleva mas tiempo de imprimir son las bandejas.
Espero ver tus fotos.

Great model ! Thanks =)

Can someone help me, I need to change the rotation of the object Monedero_V2_Bandeja_1-2 and Monedero_V2_Bandeja_2-2 but I don't know how to do, what software allows me to do this?

Thank you =)

Repetier-host is the software i use in my prusa. you can rotate or just auto-flat parts.

Hi there, what slicer are you using? for Cura you have an extension called auto-orientation/ calculate extended optimal printing orientation.
That will put the best rotation to be printed.

Thank you ! It's perfect ! =)

Can someone split the Monedero_V2_Rampa_Selectora_3 file in two please? It is too big for my printer. Thanks!
Alguém pode dividir o ficheiro Monedero_V2_Rampa_Selectora_3 em dois por favor? É demasiado grande para a minha impressora. Obrigado!

You can cut it with 3d builder.

An amazing piece of engineering! I have been cracking my head on how to make a mechanism to pick one coin at a time from a bunch.
Please help me understand a few things? I wish to make modifications and use it for coins of Singapore.

  1. Are the holes on Atrapa_Modenas the size of the largest coin or slightly larger?
  2. Is the thickness of of the coin important and which component is the control?
  3. What is the purpose of the Separador?

Thank you. :)

1- 27mm is the max coin diameter.
2- the thickness must be between 1.5mm and 2.5mm.
thin is controlled by "atrapa_monedas" and fat by the depth of "rampa_inicial"
3 "Separador" is placed on the shaft, between the gear and the "Rampa_inicial" so that there is no slack

Really great work!!!

But was is the reason for the one tapped blind hole at the part "Monedero_V2_Embudo_8.stl"? Is this a mistake?

Oooooppsss.. Sorry about that. It's a mistake but just solved and re-uploaded.

Hello, right now I'm printing it and if it works as it looks in the video I think it's the best coin sorter I've seen for printing, but I've tried the ramp of the coins (where it sorts) and in the Euro coins gets coins of 50 centimos. Because it can be?

Hello, it should work correctly. It is true that it works well and without adjustments or corrections (at least with my prusa).
You have to notice that the order of the euro coins are:
1 €
2 €
This is the order of the ramp selector.

I have almost finished but the problem I see is that in the hole that enters the 1 euro coin enters the 50 centimos, anyway when I have it finished if I make a video and I show it to you.

Pues no deberia. El agujero del euro es menor que el de 50 centimos. Asi que la moneda de 50 deberia seguir por la rampa hasta llegar a la penultima posicion.

I look forward to having this for US currency, really only pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins.

En que posiciones has impreso las piezas para no usar soportes? Gracias!

A ver... La unica pieza que creo que da alguna duda son las bandejas donde se depositan las monedas y se imprimen en la posicion natural. Me explico, en la impresora tiene que estar tal y como se ven montadas. Intentare poner alguna captura del slicer.
Todas la demas piezas yo creo que no tienen duda de como imprimirlas. Siempre la maxima superficie sobre la cama.

El problema viene cuando no usas Cura, con Simplify tienes que ir "tumbando" las piezas una a una.

This needs to be printed with supports.

No. Supports not needed.

Every single part was designed to be printed whitout supports. Maybe you can use it for better results in the coin tray, but really not.

Do you think the English GBP version will be coming out soon?

Bad news,,, the 50p is bigger than the max coin size in the original dessing. So i need to resize every single part not just the ramp. And the same for US $. Big coins.

50 cent pieces are uncommon to the point that most US citizens wouldn't recognize them as money. In seven years of running a cash business, I have seen maybe six 50 cent coins. Dollar coins are also uncommon, but I might see a few dollar coins a month. I wouldn't resize anything for 50 cent coins.

Quarters are around 24mm.
Dollar coins are 26.5.

Ok, i will for 8 coins like euros, but i just read in gbp there are more than 8. Can you help me with that? Which coins are the most usefuls?

I would say, 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p

Will the size or design of the feeder change? Or is it only the sizes of the holes that will change?

Can anyone tell me a good site to have size references of a the normal GBP coins? Are not all the coins round? This can be a problem for the ramp.

I'd say the royal mint website or wiki. Yeh the 20p has 7 sides

coin/ Dimension / thickness
2017+ one pound 23.43 2.8
Fifty pence 27.3 1.78
Twenty pence 21.4 1.7
Ten pence 24.5 1.85
Five pence 18.0 1.7
Two pence 25.9 2.03
One penny 20.3 1.65

Did you have any luck with this?
there's not much point worrying about the old £1 as its gone in October and the two pound isn't as common as others for sorting

Can it be customised to my country, Malaysia? Would love to print this!

I will try to make some pieces that are customizable. But I do not know how to do it

maybe you can share the Monedero_V2_Rampa_Selectora_3 source file? i guess this is part that requires modification?

Se imprime sin supports? ¿Podríamos ver un video de este trabajo? Estoy listo para imprimir y ensamblar, pero sólo no quiero cintura cualquier prueba de material. ¿Lo has probado para imprimir? Y también probado trabajando con las monedas?
does it print without supports? could we see a video maybe of this working? i am ready to print and assemble but only i dont want to waist any material testing. have you tested it for printing? and also tested working with the coins?

Ya tienes el video!!

Vi el video Funciona muy bien Imprimiré uno pero lo necesito para ser nosotros dinero. Gracias

Si, sin supports. Cuando pueda subo video. Funciona muy bien y muy rapido

do you think you would be able to do one for english ££££

Yes... i will do in a few days, and US $

If you need any help with coin sizes for USD, let me know, I will gladly put my calipers on every single coin. Mainly for USD, the most useful are Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters. I will give you exact measurements of each coin if you need. Because I am dying to print this for USD haha

Muy buena pinta. Pero están todas las piezas? Esta listo para imprimir y montar?

Si, esta listo, ayer cuando subi los archivos los servidores iban un poco mal. pero ya están todas las piezas.