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Duplicator 7 - Better IncrediVat D7

by M600 Aug 14, 2017
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My first attempt at this vat failed.... The inner lips where the fep film get stretched broke under the quite important load from film. Also little or none room to accomodate for film thickness between the screw frame and the vat body. That also caused inward forces to the inner lips.
Need to somehow rework the design.

i just printed this at 25% infill, turns out the inner walls are really thin, paper thin and i dnt think it's waterproof...i know i got some crap filament at the moment, but even so...anybody had this problem? + also, has anybody tried epoxy coating?

What you're refering to is not related to the model but on your print settings...

The "wall" of the model are 15mm in thickness and 2mm for the lip which is still something controlled by your perimeter/infill/thin wall settings... You should change your perimeters to 4 or 5.

actually...I'm not convinced it that. This was actually my second attempt....first ran out of filament when it was like 90% done....that one doesn't have the problem with the flimsy walls. Went back to my 'dodgy' roll of pla as it's all i got atm....so i do think it's that that is the problem now tbh :-( need to order more filament.....

ah, ok thanks! i shall have another look at it then....still learning the s/w and it is a new profile i found for simplify3d...had no idea on that!

ok, changed it from 3 to 5....and it's added couple of hours to the build time! i just can't get my head around how that can be so....but i'll give it another print and see! ;-)

Anyone know if this will work with the Anycubic Photon? Nice design by the way!

Possibly Raptor Carbon Fiber PLA for dimensional stability? Possibly thinner FEP will distort the vat less over time. How do you plan where to cut and push holes in the FEP sheets? Is there a .stl for a template? Thank you.

I've Colorfabb XT-Carbon but didn't go to the hassle to make one with it.
I use flexVAT FEP (roll) which is 0,127mm thick and it's working fine (plus cheapest available FEP in bulk). Cutted to Wanhao size.

Same procedure than standard sheet, you shouldnt precut it exactly to size since you'll have issue with the VAT lips that seal the assembly. Just press fit it, poc hole and screw your way, then cut the excess FEP.

Thank you for your better design. When you epoxy-in the long nuts, do you fill the screw holes with teflon tape, since it sounds like there will be a lose fit and lots of epoxy?

Comments deleted.

Tough PLA from Tactink might work at about 50% infill to resist warping. PLA is not sensitive to resin?

PLA is also sensitive to some resins, but it's the only option if you print the vat at home with a FDM printer. ABS is too flexible to resist the FEP tension and PETG is porous so that the resin gets inside the printed vat in no time.

Do you have the source files? The standoffs that I have are much smaller than the "holes" in your wonderful design. I can fill them with epoxy but would like to remix this to work with smaller (narrower) standoff nuts. Thank you for this awesome design! Once I get my FDM enclosure built hopefully the giant print will not crack and warp. I read VATs should not be made of PLA, so I am trying to get the ABS to work in this size.

Deffinitely don't use ABS, it's not compatible with resins.

You can directly import them in Sketchup and rework. I just tryed with the Standard version and it's imported correctly, no error and manifold object. Providing you an SKP is exactly what I would do to you...
Regarding your interrogation on which material would fit the job better, I'm not sure ABS would work correctly since it's a softer plastic than PLA (tendency to bend rather than break). But prove me wrong, I'll be glad to have your test result.

Hey, i just got the standoffs you linked in the description and they are way smaller too.... they are like 6mm in diameter and in the design the holes are more like 7.5mm across...

Then they might have changed since I posted it 6 month ago... I'll just remove the link in the description. Thank you for the information.

Same for me, the spacers I can find are 7mm in their widest point, not from side to side: https://imgs.inkfrog.com/pix/hengkundianzi/QQ______20150922170702.jpg

Oh, did you use PLA? I would rather print in PLA to be honest, I just heard that the Resin might "leak" into the plastic.

I printed one enhanced version in Colorfabb PLA (the one in the picture). Since then, I put a FEP sheet and it's been sitting like that for 4 months.
There's already a slight warp toward the middle (tension from the FEP) but it's still usable. The VAT doesn't leak or cause issue with printing.

But the PLA is already not stiff enough so I wouldn't recommand ABS plastic for the job.
No magic here, plastic can't be as strong as aluminum like the original VAT.

Perfect, I will print this again using the Raptor PLA from Makergeeks. It can be heat treated after printing to make is harder. Thanks again M600!

PETG might be the better choice over PLA as it is even more chemically stable.
PA (nylon) should be even better but requires a high temperature hotend. But, most PLA should be sufficient, I guess. ;)

PETG is more chemically stable, but it's porous and resin is easily infiltrated into the PETG print. PLA would be only option among PLA, ABS, , and PETG.

I only encountered this porousity, if the PETG was not stored in low huminity before printing. I use big color indicator silica gel bags in paint buckets for storage of filaments.
Another approach would be thin coating the PETG vat with resin with a brush and uv curing it before applying the FEP foil. Should result in a water tight PETG vat.
Of course, PLA can be coated as well. ;)

I also read a similar result by other users regarding PETG's porous surfaces. You may coat the surface, but I doubt the resin film firmly stick there reliably. I tried epoxy resin to cover PLA printed vat before, it worked fine for 5-10 times printing, but eventually they are peeled off. You may try different approaches, but I'd recommend PLA (maybe 2-3 wall perimeters and 50% or higher infill) for the best and least time consuming solution. :-)

Agreed, PLA is causing the least trouble.

Hi! How do you secure the nuts in the VAT? Glue?

Yes, use glue or epoxy for a stronger bond

Thank you :) Great design as well!

Ok.. nobody will make billions off this design so calm down haha.. its a 5min desigh its not that hard to make so you are not re inventing the wheel... btw technicly you are stealing wanhows designand making inprovements ....

You copied my IncrediVAT D7 and posted on Cgtrader for the same price. You are such an idiot! I never told i created the FlexVAT or something like that. You copied my design, not the original stock design.
You made different versions with metal spacers and smoothed corners, just like mine. Same price, same site. And you still think you are not a stupid thief?
Learn to use your brain instead of copying other models and sell them to the same site too. My god!

It doesn't even look the same. I'm glad we have both versions. More to choose from! :)

So you invented metal hardware or smoothed corners? I'm confused.

You bought my model with an offer 2 days ago and now here we are. Do you think i'm stupid or others are?
Everyone can see the fuck you did so stop telling bullshit. Thank you

What?! Lol? You're saying I did buy your model? Hahahaha.

Please give me more infos like my email or something cause I never bought it. Telling bullshit to give you right is not wise. xD
Plus the fact it's far away from being in the same sizing, bevel, screws spacing or any other feature that you INVENTED from what I can tell.

I have my source file. You have yours. End of the story.
CC BY-NC 3.0