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Anycubic Kossel Fan Adapter

by Caverntwo Aug 13, 2017
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The original tiny fan is simply too weak. This is the simplest way to get decent part cooling for Anycubic Kossel. Im using it with dual nozzle http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2671635
Thanks alot!

Part Cooling Nozzle for Anycubic Kossel
by GER776

You're welcome!

Thanks for showing me the dual-nozzle upgrade, I'm going to give it try soon, as the currently installed nozzle (replica of the original one) starts to warp again!

After installing the fan anytime it turns on during a print I get a thermal runaway error. When I just heat it up with the fan on it gives me a heating failed error.

Hi, sorry for my late reply, but I didn't get any notification...

It seems like your fan is blowing to the nozzle and cooling it down. Try to adjust it in a way that it cools the material and not the nozzle itself.
A thermal-runaway means that the target temperature cannot be reached anymore, even if the printer is using full power. You might also want to change the thermal-runaway settings if a better physical adjustment isn't possible.

If you have any questions about how to do it, just leave them here. If I get a notification, I'll reply right away, if not, feel free to contact me on my other channels.

What size screws are needed please, I have to order new 5015 fan since mine is .18 amps and will not work so want to order screws and fan all at once. Thanks.

Just like DieZijner said, you can reuse the screws.
In theory, try it out with the 0.18A fan and if it doesn't work, you can still just put a small resistor in series to limit the current to 0.15A or something.
Let me know if it works for you!

Hey Joe, You can just reuse the screws of the fanduct, so you don't have to order screws ;-).

But why wouldn't an 0.18A fan not work?

Good luck anyways... :-)

did you have to change anything in firmware? i just tried this with a 5015 12v 0.18a, but it doesnt move, even though i checked that the pin has power. :/ (orignial fan only draws 0.08a... could mine be too much already?!

Well, my fan also draws 0.18a@12VDC, so it should theoretically work. Did you check the wires and the fan itself?

jea.. fan works fine if directly attached to powersupply. i really think it might be the power draw. Are you sure yours also takes 0.18a? cause on your pictures it says 0.15. Thinking of attaching it to the secondary heater mount or one of the heated bed plugs. Remap that in firmware then.

This would correspond if its just a higher voltage arudino pin: regular 5V Pins can do max 0.2A = 1W so this would give our 12V pin max 0.08A = 1W. But i would have expected this pin to be of the Ramps board and not the Arduino, since its 12V. Will have to digg in i guess.

I don't know if I'm to late to answer your question now, but you should try to turn it on in your 3d-printer itself. Even though my slicer said the fan would be on, it wasn't on for me either. I just had to manually turn it on via menu-> and then the first option from above (not back to menu, and only in the latest anycubic firmware) Then you'll have to set the fan speed to 255. Did you already try that? I have no idea how that slightly higher current draw could keep the fan from working... Good luck, but I hope you fixed it already anways :-)

Yeah, you are right. The one that I installed was a 0.15A model while the second batch I received recently were 0.18A each (although I thought that I ordered the same...). It might really be a problem that the blower is drawing too much current. Did you already think about just adding an external MOSFET to the fan pin, which would bypass the 0.2A needed for the radial fan from the board? Well, of course, you could just remap the pin, that might even be the better and cheaper solution. Keep me updated.

Comments deleted.

Do you have the link for the part that goes under the adapter?

Well, everything is default on the images except the orange fan adapter (this thing). If you want to reprint the hot-end mount, there might be some designs out there as well. Try searching for "Anycubic Kossel Effector". However, they could be incompatible with this thing... Let me know if that helped you.


How do you connect the new fan? Do you need to mod anything in the filmware/wire it differently?

No, I just cut the old one and soldered the wires accordingly. The rest should work just fine.