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SpaceX Falcon Heavy Expansion Kit for Falcon 9 Model

by chemteacher628 Aug 11, 2017
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hi what is the overall size off this and can I print it on a creality 3. I'm new to 3d printing this will be my first project. thank you

This this prints in parts, so it will fit the Ender 3.

Hi Chemteacher,

I adjusted your Crew Dragon Trunk piece to fit JRads model. I hope it usefull for others.

SpaceX Falcon Dragon Crew Capsule Trunk Threaded

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2804270 at what size do you think i would have to print this to fit ? :D

SpaceX's Starman desk toy

Scaling down to about 45% should work.

I have started building the Heavy. Thanks a bunch for creating this Thing. I will post again in the Made section once I have completed the model, and I will send you a tip when I'm done.

Thanks! Your print is looking good.

Beginning a build of this scaled down to 1:110 to go alongside my Lego Saturn V. Also making a little roadster for inside, excited to see how it turns out.

The distance between the boosters is a little bit much by the looks of it, right? Is there a reason for this?

The spacing is to prevent the landing legs from bumping into each other. It could probably be decreased a little bit though.

Comments deleted.

Any way to hide seams between pieces better? looks great

If you are planning to paint the print, you can fill the gaps and layer lines with Bondo and then sand it smooth before you prime and paint it. There are many youtube videos describing the process in detail.

Would it be possible to get the Dragon Capsule in a non STL file type? Im looking for a good model of the crew capsule for a university project, but lack the skills to CAD one my self.

Elon musk mentioned spacex will elongate the second stage and make the fairing bigger, are you planning to change these when they do do that?

At this point, probably not, unless they are significantly different.

Perhaps a dumb question, but how are people getting the pieces to stay together? I assume people are gluing them? What type of glue is recommended?

I use a combination of Weld Bond and super glue.

Will you please make a tesla roadster and star man to go inside?

This is exactly what I'm thinking https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2744089, however I want one that fits your model.

Matchbox Roadster Falcon Heavy Fairings
by psync

If you scale the model you shared down to 60% of its normal size, it should fit well inside the fairings of my model. I will put the roadster and Starman on my list of models to build, but it may take a while. If someone else gets to it first, please share it here as I would love to see it.

I'm I missing the engines or something?

All of the other rocket components can be found in the Falcon 9 model linked in the description as this is an expansion for that model.

Just about to start this, gonna try and get it done by the 6th! Looks like an amazing model :D

aand? are you done?

We are a makers space in Atlanta and we have a hangprinter would you be interested in helping use with a single file so it can be printed in one piece we have a buld plate 42*42 inches and 15 feet tall

Here is the Falcon Heavy as a single model. I can't wait to see the finished print!

Cool will send pics as we progress

Comments deleted.

is the BFR also in the plans?
i want to print all rockets


Printing the BFR would be awesome. Since the only things that have been released so far are early concept videos, I am holding off until the design is closer to finalized.

It looks awesome! Just was wondering if you would ever add the struts? Would make it look SO MUCH COOLER

I have just uploaded a file for the struts for this model.

Hahaha nice! After all the falcon heavy hype they r essential XD. best FH and F9 models on here by far. Will print when I upgrade my hotend!

Do you mean the landing struts? If so, they are included on my original Falcon 9 model which is linked to in the description.

I meant the struts that connect the cores on the actual FH, the thin ones on the top and near the engines, which I believe there are a total of 8.

I meant the struts that connect the cores on the actual falcon heavy, the thin ones on the top and near the engines, which I believe there are a total of 8.

I know the ones you mean. I will put it on my list of things to make. Thanks!

I would love to have the Struts as well! ;-)

I'm currently printing it in 136% scale and the whole 3D model is a dream!

Thanks for that!

have you finished?

Currently I'm printing the Grid Fins and then It has do be Painted :-P

Please share a photo of your finished print. I would love to see what it looks like at that scale!