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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

T-slot V-slot Universal camera mount :CR10, tevo tornado, ender 3 logitech c270 c920, picamera, gopro, action camera , prusa mk3, others UPDATE14/08

by RaffoSan Aug 10, 2017
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Hey. Can you add a description to the page about what all the files are? I've read through the comments about this and it's still totally overwhelming. A simple "What to print" section that describes what parts we need to print to have a full mount and how to put it together would be really helpful.

Hi, I'm trying to figure out what the numbers mean. You said "the number indicates just the model" but does that mean I should always print the higher number (newer?) version of each part?

HI, I know is a bit of a mess, the parts should be all different, the new are just updated , and I have deleted the old models.
the numbers indicate a type of part and.
exemple : part 02 has 3 models, one 1cm long, another 6cm and another 10cm.
if u open the rar or unpack in a folder u can notice the numerical order

Yep I'm trying to slice now. Lets say I have a Prusa and I want to hook it to the bed's frame. Would these be the proper files

  • prusaNew-mk3 (to clip on the bed frame extrusion?)
  • 02-ARM-new10cm
  • 03-arm-new1cm

Then i have files for a swivel mount and a camera adaptor from remixes

If u plan to hook a base on an aluminium extrusion with a tnut I think, 06 08 and 09 bases will work without problems, sorry at the moment I'near to go sleeping can check the file only from the preview on my phone

The prusa mount was a request, if I'm not wrong works on the upper frame. Also if I remember the MK3 has extrusion on the bed so other bases can work with tnuts, about the arms, they clip all together if u need a long arm and then a short to adjust for your camera it can work

Oh i get the clip now - the upper frame is actually a better spot I think. If the versions I listed sound good then I will do that, thanks!

Where is the mount for the Logitech C920?

Check in the remix section, mine wasn't working right so I've removed it

is there any way to mount a Wyzecam? maybe even just a round flat vertical disc at the camera end to mount the wyzecam with magnets or something?

hi, in the remixes there is this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3069540 maybe can go, I have never seen a wyzecam

Wyze Mount for RaffoSan's T-slot camera mounting system
by bharner

This looks great and I want to give it a shot! However, I am a little overwhelmed with the part list. The base and Arm files has numbers in front of them. What do the numbers signify?

hi, sorry for the late reply, the number indicates just the model, made too many so needed a way to order them

Absolutely love this kit. Odd question - any plans to add a mount for the pi cam w wide angle lens?

hi, have u maybe checked the remixes if another user have made it? , in any case, I think I need a cad file of the cam model and I can make something, maybe check on grabcad, and link it to me, I'll work on it

https://grabcad.com/library/arducam-uc-231-rev-c-1 this is the camera in question. doesn't fit your existing pi cam mount. but i'm super anxious to use them. though, i will admit.. my attempts at editing your pi cam mount have been nothing shy of disastrous lol

hi, I have added the arducam1 and arducam2 , if the model is right it will fit, I've seend there are many online, so if doesnt fit look for another and we will make another try

arent sure it is this? https://grabcad.com/library/raspberry-pi-camera-g-160-1 cose I started having few doubts douring the make

oh crap.... you're right. idk how i missed that. i'm sorry! yes, you have the correct one. the 160-1 link above.

added raspberrycam160wide, waiting for feedbacks

That is almost perfect. I had to slightly finagle the camera into it.. but changes had to be made w flush cutters. The lip at the rear had to be removed. There was no fitting this or a ribbon cable w the lip in place. After that it mostly fit. I feel as though a .5mm cut to allow the corners to rest into the lid at the marked edges would allow it to close completely and make this a perfect fit. See attached. Without this, the lid can still close but it puts some pressure on the pcb which makes me worry. Also, the small standoffs which go through the holes on the pcb - I had to cut those away as well. Overall though, I’m very impressed.

maybe these will work better, I'm thinking there are few different versions of the camere with slightly little differences

Thanks for the feedback,I'll make the changes tomorrow, probably the cad model is slightly different. Probably I'll remove the lip and add other two bolts :)

no problem, i think I'll post them in about 12hours, I'll update when ready

Comments deleted.

Can be used on the vertical frame ? In example, attaching it to the Ender3 Z axis and pointing to the bed

hi, thecically there are few points to use on the Z axis, the upper part and di psu side of the ender3 , but yes it can be used on any extrusion side that doesent interfere with the movements

What's the name of the part from the ARM with can hold the flatcable of an Pi Cam?

it's a remix, should be this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2778549
not sure if there are others, this project keep growing ;:D

CR-10(S) Raspberry Pi Camera mount (remix)

Thank you! That was the part I'm looking for :D

will you be publishing the step files for fusion 360 - for the pi camera pieces? I have a pi cam noir w/o the added lights.. and your start on the pi cam mount is very good.. but it does need some small adjustments. adjustments which would be easiest made if working from a step file than having to reverse engineer a stl.

added: c270mount UPDATED 2019.step
u should find anything there

Any tip/trick to reduce vibration on the camera ? I could slow down the print and play with jerk control but I'm curious if someone found a clever way to fix this issue.

I run 2x10cm + 1x 6cm + 2x short arm + swivel + c920 (updated since my initial make)

See complete make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:624768

T-slot V-slot Universal camera mount :CR10, tevo tornado, ender 3 logitech c270 c920, picamera, gopro, action camera , prusa mk3, others UPDATE14/08
by hetile

I don't suppose you have an update planned for the pi cam noir without the additional side lights, do you?

Any idea on how to use this with the Z axis vslot and still have the cam on the front of the bad, in the lower right corner ?

Thank you! It worked but it wasn’t strong enough - I would have liked to add supports.

Could you post the .step file for the C920 mount?

hi, the c920 was a test, that if I'm not wrong it doesent work, but from the community in the remixes there is this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3013280 that sure it works

Logitech C920 Adapter for RaffoSan's Camera Arm
by Felwat

I can confirm that the linked mount fit like a glove.

See my make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:624766

Logitech C920 Adapter for RaffoSan's Camera Arm
by hetile

I can confirm that the c920 test does not work due to the wat the C920 connects to its base (see picture). The link RaffoSan shared above does work well though!

Comments deleted.

Will the hinged part for the Logitech C920/930 work for the C615?

Did you ever determine if it did? Have a C615 im trying to mount up myself.

Sorry if it is a silly question, but the short arms have some edge circles if turned one side for print. Can you recommend how to print them, on which orientation?

Thank you.

Just remixed https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2991026 to hold a raspberry pi camera cable and clip into the cable holder on the arms.

Raspberry Pi Camera Cable Holder
by MrPeter
Raspberry Pi Camera Cable Holder remix
by KenNox

Just to let you know: The smaller camera mount for the C270 also fits my Creative Live! Cam Sync HD. ;-) <3 (y)

Hi. What printer settings do you recommend?

I am attaching a pic of a new c270. It appears as though it may have changed since you originally created it and, with the current version, I am unable to get it to lock in place due to the gap where the screw runs through it. The width does match the ledge on the lower part of the pivot, just needs to be extended the full length.

Hope this makes sense.

sorry for the delay, have been busy, if I have understood the problem, these file should work better, if u can confirm it , thanks

Works perfect! Thank you!

Comments deleted.

Could you possibly make a shorter version of that female to female arm? Even a 1mm version would work for me. I would greatly appreciate it as I have all the other parts printed and the mount on my C270. Everything looks great. Thank you very much!

Hi Navin , yes there are no problems, but I'll be able to make it on Thursday, code I'm not at home these days, if you could wait , I'll upload it that day

Perfect. That's no problem at all. Thanks again!

sorry for one day late, added short arms, let me know if they are ok :) , distance should be 27mm from centers, and 6-7mm from arms

Comments deleted.

Hey RaffoSan,
This is indeed the best and most complete camera mount. Also, the design is beautiful.
I was wondering if you could make a female version of the arms. For example 02-ARM-new6cm but with female clips on both sides.
This part 03-ARM-new6cm is all male so it would be nice to have parts that are all female.
Many thanks!

added 05-arm femalefemale, starting to think these names are confusing but anyway the files are there

Woot!? Already? You, Sir, are the best!
Printing it right away!
Please make the 10cm version also, when you have some spare time.

added, u are welcome, today I'm relaxing so I have time

Much appreciated!

thanks for the Tip mate :D

You deserve it ;)

sure, i'll upload it in a few minutes, probably i forgot few combinations duriong the update

Many, many thanks!

How these arms are supposed to be oriented during print?

seems I havent changed the orientation during the last update, just lay them on a side

I love your excellent design. I found your T-mount system while looking for a camera mount for my CNC router. This will also work on my CR10. I might mount it with T-slot nuts. I suggest you call it something like “T-slot Camera Mount for...” because it is hard to find on your Thingiverse page; the title only lists to “...logitech c270...” Thank you.

I know, this project started with a simple idea than expanded , also with the support of other users, maybe one on the most complete camera holder for different devices, I've added all the searchtags needed, but yes the title creates more search results, i'll see what I can come up with :)

Does this have a housing for the Pi V2? I think it's shape is a little larger?

I need this too

Love the design! is there any chance you could make a case for the Pi cam with the infrared?

I think I need the 3d model files of the cam , not owning it

Comments deleted.

Absolutely love the mount! I am having difficulty however with the C270 attachment. The pin that connects the camera to the original support has ridges on it, these ridges prevent the original pin going into your bracket as it holes don't match the ridge pattern.

Did you use a new pin to connect it? Or have I just got a different model?

I have used what I've posted, anyway I'm aware thare are 2 or 3 different models, tought not on the pin, maybe if u can send me few picture to understand I'll arrange somethin

Don't know if it shows it well, but there are two flat edges either side and a rounded edge on the others.

oh that, I ahvent intended, I've used an m3 bolt, with a not big head, it's the easier solution i think

I really like this mounting system.
The picam mount is too snug. I would add a half-mm to each side of the 'square' so that it fits in easier. The pegs are pointless and I just snapped them off, it fits so tight now. You could also add 0.2 in depth or so.
Second, if you included hex-shaped openings for all of the hinges we could use standard nuts and not worry about slippage on the other side. Just a thought.

Really like the design. Might take a crack at doing one of my own soon, cheers

Can someone post the screws and tnuts they bought from Lowes or Home Depot? I hate having to go there and find them and like doing the store pickup.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for this! I'm going to print it out today.

One suggestion I might add is a mount for a light strip too. It would be great to have lighting along with the camera.

I'll mind on that, but doesnt them heat too much for pritned parts?

sorry I were busy these days, I cant open the page from my country, can u just give me an image, and i'll work on it :)

Hi, I printed the MK3-2 part, but do not see how to attach it to my i3. Does it clip into the Y-axis extrusion somehow?

hi, check on the makes , there are few, the mk3 part was a request from another user

Thanks! I was able to figure it out from that, the mount clips on to the top of the printer. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:523375

T-slot V-slot Universal camera mount :CR10, tevo tornado, ender 3 logitech c270 c920, picamera, gopro, action camera , prusa mk3, others UPDATE14/08
by ctag

glat to ear, hope it works well, I've never tried XD

Could you make a base2 version that would mount to the side of the MK3 extrusions?

i think I need informations on the exstrusion types, I dont have a prusa mk3, if u know something that can attach to it post it and I'll try to modify to make a base

I think the extrusions are 3030.

Thanks for the fast reply. Nothing to be sorry about. The models you have made are great. I'm pretty new to 3D printing and wish I could build one of my designs using a CAD program. It's a steep learning curve when you try to teach yourself.

Raffo San, thanks so much for these camera mounting parts! Was wondering if you ever made the Tripod Mount with a hole for a 1/4-20 bolt to attach the Logitech C920 camera?

to be frank, I forgot about making it, these days I had to give myself in my new job, seems I dont have time left thinkering much :/ , the last uplads where all old designs, sorry for that

1) You say "a bunch of 30/25mm m4 bolts" I'm not familiar with 30/25mm bolts. Or do you just mean 25mm or 30mm?

both will work, use what u find :)

Any suggestions on the best way to orient the c270 part for printing? I'm pretty new and am still learning the best way to lay things out. I've attached a file with some possibilities.

Also, will these parts print without support?

i think the best would be the C , just a bit of support

Wonderful project! Any chance you have a base that fits the Prusa i3 MK3Frame?

if it has some kind of profiles maybe something can work, whtout the printer i cant test much, does it has any aluminum profile? maybe i can arrange something to use with a tnut

It has a metal Frame here are some arms that fit perfect to the frame https://www.thingiverse.com/download:3772338. Just a idea, Thanks for the Reply

added 2 mk3 files, choose the wone that suits most for u, u ahve to rotate it I'm a bit busy atm , any feedback would be appreciated also a make if it works

Worked perfect thanks !

Nice, if u can share a photo or two would be perfect, so I'll update the description :)

What parts do I need to print out for the 270? There are a million .stl files

one base, one c270 and as many arms u need

How are people liking this design? Are you guys liking it for mounting the camera?

Hi Raffaele,

I've printed one and found it very well designed. I would suggest a little improvement. An hexagonal groove on one side of the arm (and other parts as well) to prevent rotation from the head of the bolt.

Ciao Raffaele,
ho stampato questo supporto e mi sembra veramente ben fatto. Suggerire un piccolo miglioramento. Una rientranza esagonale sul lato del braccio (e anche di altri pezzi) per alloggiare la testa del bullone in modo da non farla ruotare.


dire che è un ottima idea, probabilmente quando l'ho progettato ho pensato la cosa ma il lavoro non mi ha permesso di aggiungela, per il finesettimana vedo di fare le opportune modifiche, ancheperchè sto comunque valutando un riadattamento per la ender 2 di questo supporto

Ho già provato a modificare il tuo design su tinkercad. Se riesco stasera lo stampo e ti dico come funziona (sono i miei primi esperimenti, spero non ti offenda)

ricorda per i fori esagonali e cerchi dai sempre un 2 decimi in piu per comdità nell'inserirli, non vorrei che ti ritrovi una stampa che non va

in media se rilascio file f3d o step vuol dire che do piena libertà di modifica, mi basta viene linkato il progetto come remix , inoltre apprezzo la partecipazione di altri utenti

Made a mount for a Microsoft Lifecam Studio.

Microsoft Lifecam Studio Camera Mount

Hello and thank you for your design. I see that you have used Fusion 360 to design this bracket assembly. Any chance you would consider sharing your step files as I would be keen on customizing your design to fit my needs. I too use Fusion 360.

Many thanks.


Gianluca Greco
Los Angeles, CA

Can you please rotate the arm2rev1.stl to lay down to the back? arm2rev1.stl is just a short arm, right?

I think I have understood, making one as soon as I finish another work, in the next our i'll upload something

yes is just shorter, maybe witha little bit of useful angle, I'm not sure on the lay down on the back, sorry my english isn't great

Wonderful project! Any chance to get a C920 adapter?

I made a fast remash of one on thingiverse, just added , c920test , not sure without testing it, if u can leave me afeedback would be perfect :)

I'd like to provide some feedback on the c920 mount. The c920 doesn't have a pin or screw for the hinge. The hinges are actually flat mounted on the front side around the lens (silver parts in attachment). Could you make a tripod style arm that will accept a 1/4-20 bolt? It seems like the arms will hold the weight easily.

my english isnt good , and with technical words gets worse, do u intend something like this?

Yes. The hole needs to be 0.25 inches.

The base of the c920 doesn't come off, it would need a screw type mount like a tripod.

Found a video on how to remove the base. NVM unless you want to make a tripod type mount for it

+1 on that tripod mount. :) I would do it myself if I had the nerves to learn modeling.

I just posted a simple adapter to use any camera with a standard M6 or 1/4 thread (like tripod mounts). I use it for my C930e, but it should work just the same with the C920:

C930e mount for RaffoSan's camera arm
by gyscos

im going to try this one out. I am in the process of printing the base right now and will print out a couple of arms in the morning. Thanks for sharing wether it works for me or not. I think I will eventually make something that mounts to the bed but in the mean time this should be perfect.

CR 10 BED camera mount , c270,action cam, gopro, picam

Awesome thank you

tomorrow I'll also upload a bed mount , if u are interested :)

Good Morning RaffoSan,

Great parts list, I have used almost all of them. One thing i thought maybe you could add would be a base that clamps down on the bed some how. I have printed a couple different types that mount to the bed screw adjustment before. Problem with that for me is the bed leveling isn't as good and it puts the camera to close. If you could make a base that you can attach the other parts to but tightened to the lip of the bed i think it would be awesome.

The base that is in the 6th picture on your main page would be preferable.

Thanks so much for the effort.


so far, I still havent come to a good design for the bed,I dont find convenient to use the level screws for a base of the webcam, I know it would be better for timlapses and get a better focus, the best way would be a clamp on the bed and not underneath it, I'll try tonight to work on something in case u want to test it :)

Heck yeah I will try it out. I was thinking if you used some blue tape top and bottom, the base would have something to grip against. And on the base there could be a top fixed plate and a movable bottom plate with a thread to make it tighten or loosen. At least that is what i was envisioning. But i am far from a designer. I am just starting out. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

CR 10 BED camera mount , c270,action cam, gopro, picam

so far I got few ideas, I have just to wait my cr10 finish the last print in order to measure few parts :)

How do you connect the C270 camera to connector?

U have just to unscrew the original one, there is a little screw covered, than I used an M3 bolt